Best American Touch Tag Day Greetings Messages and Wishes 2022

Best American Touch Tag Day Messages: American Touch Tag Day is a day when people across the United States celebrate touch tag. It was first celebrated in 1996 when it was established by the US Congress as a national observance to encourage children and adults alike to participate in physical activity, with an emphasis on sports such as touch tag.

The American Touch Tag Association (ATTA) has been encouraging Americans of all ages to participate in this fun tradition since its founding. This year, American Touch Tag Association encourages you and your family to get out there and play some games!

History Of American Touch Tag Day

You would be surprised to know that the Touch tag or simply “tag” game has been around since ancient times. The rules are simple and there’s no age requirement for players, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or an adult!

The earliest versions of this popular playground activity date back to over 2 thousand years ago in Rome when children played “touch-the-ground” as they ran across open areas without any structures close by.

About American Touch Tag Day

Every October, the American Touch Tag Association (ATTA) encourages everyone to play tag and other touch games. They also invite you to attend their annual convention in Las Vegas during this time.

It is a great opportunity for people who love playing tag or any of its variations such as freeze tag and hot potato! The gathering includes fans from all over the world. And, of course, there are lots of fun activities to keep everyone entertained!

American Touch Tag Day-Date is October 8th

So, mark your calendar for October the eighth. It is a special day that invites everyone to play tag! And it’s also a wonderful opportunity to get together with friends and family members who share this passion!

If you have children then they will absolutely love American Touch Tag Day-Date too. In fact, there are lots of schools across the country that celebrate it every year.

Not only that! At the convention, you can also enjoy a wide range of other games such as hide and seek or tag with your friends and family members. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to celebrate American Touch Tag Day-Date by organizing an event in your city/neighborhood with friends and family members.

Best American Touch Tag Day Greetings Messages and Wishes

1. Wishing a very Happy American Touch Tag Day to you…. This is the day to relive the old memories by playing the game we all loved.

2. A very Happy American Touch Tag Day…. This occasion reminds us of all the happy times we shared while we played that game.

3. Let us celebrate the occasion of American Touch Tag Day to forget all the stress in life and to have some good times together…. Warm wishes on American Touch Tag Day!!!

4. Happy American Touch Tag Day to you my dear….. have a fun-filled day full of the touch and tag games with your loved ones.

5. May you have a wonderful American Touch Tag Day with your family and friends to create memories that last forever.

6. Warm wishes on American Touch Tag Day to you….. this beautiful day always reminds us of the happy times we had in our childhood.

7. On the American Touch Tag Day, let us revive the happy times of our childhood by playing this game and taking a break from all the stress that surrounds us.

8. American Touch Tag Day is a reminder that we must always untune from the routine by playing this game which can charge us with higher energies.

9. For the high energies, for the love we have for each other, for some fun, for some good times, let us play some touch and tag on American Touch Tag Day.

10. Happy American Touch Tag Day…. Wishing you a day full of fun and smiles…. Wishing you a day to create memories with your loved ones.

How To Celebrate American Touch Tag Day?

There are many fun ways to celebrate this special day! First of all, you can plan a party by inviting your close friends or setting up an event in your community. Second of all, you could host a game night at home with some hot potato chips/popcorn and other snacks. You could also organize a game of tag or hide-and-seek with your friends, family members, colleagues at work, etc.

American Touch Tag Day Syndrome

Finally, there is one more thing that you can do on this special day: check for the symptoms of American Touch Tag Day Syndrome (ATTDS)! This syndrome affects children and adults alike who suffer from a lack of energy and motivation. Symptoms include depression, loss of appetite, etc.

It has been observed that ATTDS occurs mostly in September as people get ready to celebrate Halloween and their minds become obsessed with the upcoming holiday. So don’t let this happen! You can protect yourself from ATTDS by engaging in some fun activities such as playing tag etc. To conclude, it’s time for you to make a plan and follow through on your dreams!


American Touch Tag Day is observed on October the eighth. This year, American Touch Tag Association encourages everyone to play tag and other touch games!

Today in History: On this day in 1993, a federal holiday was first celebrated for National Good Neighbor Day. It has been held annually since then as a way of encouraging Americans to be good neighbors by reaching out to others in the community.

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