Best Bad Poetry Day Messages and Quotes in English – 18 August, 2022

National Bad Poetry Day is celebrated on August 18 every year; Those who write as bad a poem as they do these days rejoice. There is no better day to get your hands on poetry. Poetry is a powerful form of human expression, but not everyone is a master of words. Not everyone can be that. Poetry, like other great weapons, can be used for good or evil. It depends on who runs it. There is a lot of pressure to compose good poetry, from sonnets to haikus, free verses, and limericks.

After all, if you don’t get it right, you have the perfect excuse!

What more could you possibly need? Bad Poetry Day is a perfect opportunity for newcomers to test the water, and even established poets can get rid of their smart use to create scary verses.

We have come up with a few amazing Bad Poetry Day messages in English which make a perfect share on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram with your near and dear ones.

Best Bad Poetry Day Messages in English

1). On Bad Poetry Day, I just want to remind you to never give up on writing, no matter how naïve you are at it.

2). Warm wishes on Bad Poetry Day to you…. Pick up a piece of paper and pen and put your thoughts into poems that touch every heart.

3). Not everyone is born as a poet but some become great poets with their great efforts… On Bad Poetry Day, I wish you all the luck to keep writing poetries.

4). Poems are a beautiful way to express your feelings and bad poetry is the next best way to go about it…. Wishing you a very Bad Poetry Day.

5). Bad Poetry Day reminds us that there is no harm in being a bad poet because you never know that you might end up becoming a good one with your constant efforts.

6). Let us celebrate the unique occasion of Bad Poetry Day by writing poetries without hesitation and by enjoying every bit of this experience.

7). Have a wonderful Bad Poetry Day….. Don’t ever give up on the hope that you can write a good poem because every bad poetry you write is a step towards a good one.

8). The most beautiful thing about Bad Poetry Day is that is encourages all of us to write poems, to help us come out of the fear of writing a bad poem.

9). Wishing a very Happy Bad Poetry Day to you my dear…. I know that you have the talent to write but just because you are scared to write a bad poem, not writing a poem at all is a bad idea.

10). On the occasion of Bad Poetry Day, I really wish that you give up on the hesitation of writing poetry and write simply what you like.

Below Is A List Of Quotes And Wishes For All The Bad Poetry Day Members To Celebrate The Bad Poetry Day-

_I’m a Poet, and I know it my feet show it. They are long fellows.

_Happy Bad Poetry day to someone who thinks there’s such a thing as good poetry.

_Five veggies a day and you will hip hip hooray, But if you eat nine your smile will shine!!

_Hey it’s Bad Poetry executed by people that can’t sing. that’s my definition or Rap for today.

_I tried to do a little plop, but when I started couldn’t stop now every toilet on this train is blocked with fluffy poop again.

_Arteries are red,

veins are blue

I know science

and now so do you

_Roses are red

Violets are blue

you are a handsome guy

and I got a poop

_Twitter tweets are quite a treat

They’re short and sweet.

And neat.

It’s such a blast

That they don’t last!  #badpoetryday

_As I like Bad Poetry day because it encourages all to write Poem.

_Bad Poetry day comes with happiness and full of craziness. Enjoy the day

_On the festival of Bad poetry day I want you all to write poetry without any hesitation.

_I wish you a happy Bad Poetry day I know you can write the best poetry of your life.

_Happy Bad Poetry day to all of today’s biggest pop stars.

_I can’t find my shoes oh wait, they are in the toaster bubble baths are cool.

_A Poem about me I’m prettier than you, The end.

_Roses are red

Bacon is red

Poems are hard


_ Chill it’s just a Bad Poetry day, Not a bad life.

_Roses are Red,

Violets are blue

I’m not good at poems

Nice tits.

_In honor of lousy poetry day

roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You are beautiful

I want to fuck you.

_Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

It’s already national bad poetry day,

So.. We don’t need to rhyme this line.

_I kissed your lips and broke your heart. You, you were acting like it was the end of the world.

_It’s unfair to celebrate the Bad poetry day without your best bad porter friend I miss you, buddy.

_Tasty treat,

cold to eat

smell my feet

Not as sweet.

_My dear friend you make me want to write bad poetry.

_I want to say something serious to you, please listen carefully you smell like you pissed in your jeans, and it’s normal for you to thank you.

_Not really everyone is born to the poet but may you this bad poetry day becomes the best poet.

_Let’s show our talent to this entire world at this bad poetry day.

_sorry but Shakespeare hates your emo poems.

_If ever a Bee could fly with elephants in the sky I should never see why they should operate at me unless it’s much later when I walk with a gator.

_It’s hard to listen to your poetry, but its lousy Poetry bad means your day go ahead show your talent.

_There’s a Bad Poetry day today you can participate ohh sorry, but you are already won this contest.

_Gaming is fun,

Creative is too!

Check them out on Mixer,

Or stream something new.


_ Don’t get cocky when you play hockey,

or else you’ll lose and get the blues,

Get into a routine,

And have Poutine.

_Roses are red

Violets are blue

this poem is bad

can you do one too?

_Roses are red

Avocados are green

if you’ve got an avocado,

please share it with me.

_Roses are dead; Violets are dead,

Vikings make dead, #BadNorth release date news next week.

_Roses are red,

my name is dave,

this makes no sense,


_I wish I can write as many as I want to write popular poetry let me try this Bad Poetry day.

_Roses are red

violets are blue

I like spaghetti

let’s go fuck.

_Warm wishes on Bad Poetry Day to you…. Pick up a piece of paper and pen and put your thoughts into poems that touch every heart.

_You are like a diamond for me, but this diamond is not Real and beautiful, Sorry.

_As I know Poems are the best way to express our feelings, and also it’s a lousy poetry day.

_Great poet never asks that he is a great poet as you said congratulations, that means you are not a great poet.

_Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to die,thank you.

_Roses are red

violets are blue

go to the gym

End of poem.

_All lousy poetry springs from genuine feeling.

_Roses are grey,

Violets are grey,

Enjoy some dog rhymes for bad poetry day.

_I want to say something you I feel like you are my world and you are everything for me I hate you.

_Few lines for you, please listen to it carefully

One fish, two fish, redfish,  you’re a moron.

_Books are not alive; they keep whispering to me. Then I have no friends.

_My oh my

I would like to try

a Belgian friend

that’s no lie

bye bye!!

_Roses are red,

so is my favorite wine,

Poems are too hard,

bring me wine.

_Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Poems are hard,

Buy a new house.

_We know you are born to mess around,

where all the messy fun can be found,

You can make the mess  without fuss

and leave the cleaning up to us!

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