Beautiful National Bird Day Messages, Quotes & Greetings 2023

Beautiful National Bird Day Messages: National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5th, 2022. It was established in 2018 by President Donald Trump to commemorate the first time he had seen a bird in person. He proclaimed this day as National Bird Day because of its importance to him and his family’s history.

This year will mark the fourth celebration of National Bird Day which is being commemorated with increased outreach efforts from White House staff members who are encouraging people across America to learn more about birds and consider adopting one as their new pet!

History Of National Bird Day

Birds have always been a fascination of mine. Whether they’re your backyard’s star cardinal or just common pigeons that flock to and fro in the park, I find myself drawn towards them every time we see one fly by!

There is something so captivating about watching an eagle soar as well-I feel like you can’t help but marvel at its gracefulness when up high – much like how humans often do with our kind on the ground level below us?

Whether it be from observing cardinals sitting atop telephone wires during winter months; seeing small birds hop along tree branches without ever touching down until wanting to (maybe after eating seed they collected from around the park?), or watching larger birds of prey fly low over the ocean waves, I feel like they always evoke a sense of peace and wonder within me.

It is important to celebrate National Bird Day because not only do our feathered friends deserve recognition for their beauty; but some are also on the brink of extinction due to human interference.

We as a nation must take action before it becomes too late and we lose these creatures for good! January is the perfect time to celebrate them because their beauty never fades regardless of whether there’s snow on the ground or not!

Not just living links to the past, but also keystone species that signify health and vitality in an ecosystem. Birds often serve as signifiers for their environments – warning us if something is wrong with them or identifying how healthy they are overall by looking at what kind of birdie lives there.

National Bird Day is a day that celebrates the many different birds we have in this country and their hardships. Many people may not know about National Birds Day, but it’s been around since 2002 as an effort to raise awareness for those who can’t fly because they fight adversity such as hunters or other environmental threats like habitat loss.


Read an Audubon book

The Birds of America is just as much a work of art and it’s not hard to see why. John James Audubon created this masterpiece for both entertainment value, but also so that the information could be documented in perfect detail with accurate illustrations to help him identify each bird he observed while on his journey throughout NorthAmerica

The beauty behind these magnificent sketches is unparalleled because not only do they show off some incredible wildlife landscapes-you get an inside look into how these animals would behave when released back onto their natural habitats!

Build a birdhouse

Birds need housing, just like every other animal. As we continue to deforest large swaths of the planet for development and construction corporations create buildings that dispense birdhouses as a way to make up – even if only slightly- some ground lost due to their habitat being destroyed every day by human activity.

Feed some birds

Nuts, seeds, and grapes are good for songbirds. If you have extra trail mix that doesn’t look appetizing or has spilled onto the ground then birds would love it! If your backyard contains chickens they can enjoy most foods including scraps from our table too- which is how I discovered this little tidbit about them in the first place!.

Catchy Save Birds Slogans

The skies will be so incomplete without birds. Let’s save birds!

Saving birds should be our priority.

Life of birds is very precious.

We can save our planet by saving birds.

Do not underestimate the power of birds. Save birds.

Birds complete our planet.

Without birds, it would be an incomplete world.

Save birds before it is too late.

Saving birds is our responsibility.

Protect and save birds!

Best National Bird Day Messages

“Cheers to Mother Nature….. Cheers to the beautiful birds created by them…… Wishing a very Happy National Bird Day!!!”

“Our mornings would not have been that lively and chirpy had the birds not been there to make them sound so sweet….. Let us save them on National Bird Day and every day.”

National Bird Day Greetings Wishes

“Dedicated to the sweet voice of birds and beautiful colours they exhibit….. Best wishes on National Bird Day to you.”

“It is the duty of the humans to save the birds and ensure that they live together….. Wishing a very Happy National Bird Day.”

Inspirational Short Bird Quotes

“Mornings were never so beautiful and dawns were never so mesmerizing, had birds not been there to paint them awesome….. Have a Happy National Bird Day!!!”

“Vibrant colours and soft feathers, they define their beauty in the most special way and are always a treat for eyes and ears….. Happy National Bird Day.”

Save Birds Quotes

“Let us save the birds to have a balance in the food chain.”

“Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem…. We must protect them!!!”

“Birds are beautiful, not only to eyes but also to ears….. Happy National Bird Day.”

National Bird Day Activities

  1.  Study some birds

If you are looking for an informative read, I would recommend the Sibley Guide to Birds. It contains detailed information about all sorts of birds including nesting habits and diet preferences. If it’s not too much trouble check out “H is For Hawk” by Helen MacDonald or even Maya Angelou’s book titled HONEYCUTTER!.

2. Watch some birds

What might be more interesting than birds? According to the U.S., Americans watch them for entertainment purposes more often than they play baseball or American football. This means that there is an entire subculture dedicated just to watching these feathered creatures! Join their ranks by joining one of many clubs across America today- it’ll be worth your time (and maybe even bring you peace).

3. Adopt a bird

A better way to get a pet bird is by adopting one that’s already been rescued. You’ll not only help out with the problems facing our winged friends but also make them happier and healthier than they’ve ever been before!


  1.  Because birds are much more than starlings and sparrows

The diversity of bird species in America is not as great a spectacle, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on the prospect entirely. Only 9800 different types exist and many more can be seen with some patience!

2. Because birds are under threat

National Bird Day will be celebrated on December 16th, the day that coincides with America’s annual Christmas bird count. This event has been called “the largest citizen science survey in the world and is responsible for keeping track of wild birds from all across our country – recording data such as number sightings or species composition within habitats they occupy.

3. Because birds have a unique place in our hearts

“When Doves Cry” by Prince is one of the most famous songs about birds, but it turns out not to be true. The artist lied in his lyrics and what he tells us are just random noises made up on the spot during recording sessions for inspiration’s sake! This song has been sampled countless times over – even used as an unlock code at location X where you’ll find…

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