Best Buffet Day: 100+ Wishes, Quotes, Captions, Messages, Greetings

Best Buffet Day Messages: National Buffet Day is one of the best days of the year. It’s a day to celebrate food and get together with friends, family members, or coworkers for some good old-fashioned gorging. 

The holiday was started in 2020 by an entrepreneur named Mark Watson, who wanted to create a day that celebrated his favorite pastime: eating at buffets. National Buffet Day occurs on November 27th every year, but this date can change depending on which month has the 27th in it; for example, if December has the 27th (as it does in 2022), then National Buffet Day would be December 26th instead.

History Of National Buffet Day

Buffet tables are not a modern invention. The buffet system was used as an alternative way of dining in 16th century Sweden and then again during the early 19th century when it became popularized by Queen Charlotte’s Weddings at Brighton Palace on England’s shores!

The Brannvinsbord is typically considered to be one type within this tradition-forward trend – but there have been many others throughout history that deserve mention here…

Buffets have been around for centuries and were originally used in France, where they would serve food to men who came into the home of a woman. 

The word “buffet” itself originates from this type of French sideboard that was just another piece of furniture at first – until it became more than meets the eye!

The 1939 World’s Fair in New York City was a turning point for Swedish visitors to take their folder-sony abroad. They set up shop as one of the few countries with an exhibit at this time, and they made sure that everyone could taste what makes Sweden so special: meatballs and lingonberries!

The Luisa Schegelmann Exhibition Hall housed tons of other nations’ booths but it also served as a home base where Swedes could showcase everything we know how to do best – like good ol’ fashioned smorgasbord or reindeer sausages wrapped around mashed potatoes topped off by smoked salmon filets cooked just right over wood fires seasoned only with the finest of sea salt!

This was all thanks to King Gustav V, who put his best effort forward in making sure that people outside Sweden could experience a part of what it means to be Swedish. His efforts paid off and would help create one of the most successful trade shows America has ever seen: the New York World’s Fair!

The American buffet began in Las Vegas, Nevada as a money-saving ploy to keep people inside casinos for longer. In 1948 the first “Buckaroo” Buffet opened its doors under Herb McDonald who had been gaming since 1931 and saw this new idea benefiting him greatly with fewer turnover costs on food items such as desserts or sides dishes which could be ordered from outside restaurants instead of being stocked by waiters at each table service time interval – it was all self-service!

Best Buffet Day Messages

-Today is Buffet Day. Friend, here I come. Happy buffet day.

-I bet my friends are gonna live it up at work today.

– I can’t get over this tailgate. Unbelievable food items on Buffet Day at my place.

– I only regret that I have just one stomach to fill on National Buffet day.

– Today is Buffet Day. What’s your favorite food? Party hard. Best wishes.

– Every day can be Buffet Day if you have a chef wife at home!

– National Buffet Day. It is time to pick your favorite one and relish it.

– Relish your favorite cuisine at great buffets at the best places on the occasion of National buffet day.

– It’s buffet day today so I will hold on my weight loss resolution of New Year until tomorrow.

 Today is National Buffet Day! I am eating at my favorite restaurant, where will you be eating today?

– Reporting live! I am ready to feed our guests a diet of good movies and good food at Buffet day.

– So it’s Buffet Day today.Two days into the New Year and already a failed resolution. Happy buffet day.

– Yum! Yum! Today is National Buffet Day! The attack on tables.

– Happy Buffet Day! What a perfect day to enjoy at the grand buffet table.

– Treat yourself & celebrate the Buffet Day! Pizza, pasta, chicken, Mojos, & much more.

– Today is Buffet Day! Let me check out what I have in store for me at home.

– Happy National Buffet Day. A perfect chance to get rid of all that Christmas party food.

– This buffet day will be an adventure for food lovers.

Best Buffet Day Greetings

– Buffet day at work, wanted to keep it as healthy as possible since i want to take some empty stomachs for a buffet dinner today.

– Buffet Day! Because I deserve a party today.

– Whenever you eat a buffet, it should always be your only meal of that day. Stuff yourself nicely.

– It’s that time of the week again! Happy Buffet day.

– Today is a holiday because it is Buffet Day. Satisfy your craving and appetite.

– Buffet is the way to go! Buffet loves ready at tables. Happy Buffet day.

– Let’s follow the culture of Buffet day so that we can be connected with every continental style foods. Happy buffet day.

– The buffet is open, we are here to be a part of the buffet day. Have a great foodie day.

– Buffet day!! It’s beautiful outside, take a break from work and join us on buffet table.

– The table looks colorful. Let’s add some colors to my stomach. Happy Buffet day.

– Today is buffet day! I’m gonna make you feel at restaurant today. Have a heavy stomach tonight.

– What are you looking at? It’s all you can eat tonight. Great buffet day.

– And because any day can be a buffet day. Happy buffet day.

– Today is buffet day! I bet you can’t wait to join us! Did I mention, a new menu added as well?

– The chef’s artistic ability can be seen on buffet day. Seriously! Happy buffet day.

– Have a buffet lunch today and add some sunshine to your day! Happy buffet day.

– Buffet day! What was there on the buffet today? We can’t decide which one to eat! It was all so delicious!

– Busy but productive morning today. Preparing for a buffet day. Variety of food on one table! So colorful!

– Serve yourself with ‘all-you-can-eat’ foods, have a heavy dinner. Great buffet day.

– Before starting your New Years’ resolution of eating less, give an excuse, go for buffet today. wishing all a happy buffet day.

– Today is Buffet Day, something perfect to keep our guests fueled by Healthy Food!

– Happy National Buffet Day! From us to you!

– I’m starving just for having a buffet dinner!

– After the holidays surprise your family and friends with a lavish buffet. Happy buffet day!

– Today is Buffet Day. And I wondered why my New Years’ Resolutions failed?

– Give your wallets a break and invite friends over for a fun-style buffet!

– The only thing well balanced at a buffet is the plate you carry!

– A buffet spread to feed all your senses. National buffet day.

– Be Happy, Live Healthy. Choose Organic! Happy buffet day.

-National Buffet Day! It is clearly made to challenge the New Years resolutions!

-It’s no wonder we are full today! Great food featuring on the buffet!

-Happy Buffet Day! Ignore your new year’s resolutions at least for today. Support the buffet day.

World Buffet Day Wishes

-People who like eating are always the best. Happy World buffet day.

-Before seeking anything to eat and drink, you must seek for somebody to sit and eat with.

-Food and people have always been my downfalls, in that order.

-Food is a universal experience that brings us all together.

-The loaf is the most intrinsically fulfilling of all foods, and the finest of feasts is delicious bread with fresh butter!

-There is no more genuine affection than a passion for food. Best wishes on world buffet day.

-I always use wine while I cook. I will even put it in my dinner now and again.

-You can’t appreciate the importance of food until you have been hungry for a long time. — Have a wonderful World Buffet Day!

-We have all been given the chance to eat, but we should also be responsible enough not to waste what we have. – Happy World Buffet Day everyone!

-Fortunate are those who are able to eat three meals a day, let us praise God for his providing food. Greetings on World buffet Day!

-Food on our plates is the result of a tremendous amount of effort put in at various stages.

-Treat food items with the highest care. Warm greetings on World Buffet Day.

-On this World buffet Day, we must commit to never wasting food again as a gift and initiative to spare food for people who are hungry.

-Let us not fail to commemorate FOOD, since it is the most vital lifeline. Greetings on world buffet day.

-The food on our plates is the result of a tremendous lot of effort poured in at various stages, and it should be treated with the highest care.

-We must always appreciate the nourishment we receive from food.

-Food is a gift from God and a gift of love from somebody who loves us. Happy World buffet Day, everyone!

-Fortunate are those who are able to eat three meals a day. Warm greetings on the world buffet day.

– Let us praise God for his provision of food. Happy World buffet Day, everyone!

-We must always appreciate the nourishment we receive because it is a gift from God and a gift of love from somebody who cares about us.

-If you haven’t eaten well, you won’t be able to think clearly. Happy World Buffet Day.

World Buffet Day Status.

-Love deeply, sleep well and eat food well. Happy World Buffet Day, everyone.

-When phrases fail to adequately express affection, food serves as a metaphor. Greetings on World Buffet Day.

-On this World Buffet Day, we must commit to never wasting food as a means of saving food for those who are hungry.

-We must give food to the ones who are in need of it. Greetings on World Buffet Day.

-Eating is more than just a pleasurable experience. Warm wishes on World Buffet Day.

-Eating correctly allows us to bring delight to others’ lives and adds significantly to goodwill and joyful companionship. It has a significant impact on morale.

-Food is not just about calories and nutrition it is also love.

-It’s all about giving and receiving. It’s all about being truthful. It’s all about who you are. Greetings on World Buffet Day.

-Before seeking for anything to eat and drink, we must look for anyone to drink and eat with. Best wishes on world Buffet Day.

-We must always appreciate the importance of food. Greetings on World Buffet Day.

-Food and Humans have always been my downfalls, in that order. Lovely wishes on World Buffet Day.

-Food is a universal experience that brings us all together. Have a happy World Buffet Day!

-The most fundamentally fulfilling of all dishes is good bread; wonderful bread with fresh butter is the most glorious of feasts!

-Your love of food is the purest kind of love. Greetings on World Buffet Day.

-A living being is basically a container for nourishment. Best wishes on World Buffet Day.

– We must dine, as it would be a shame to squander a good meal. Happy World Buffet Day.

-There is no truer affection than that of food.

-Birth, food, sleep, love, and death are the five most important facts in human life.

-You can only eat diet food while you are waiting for your steak to cook. Warmest wishes on the world buffet day.

-My sole desire is to consume as much food as possible.

-I enjoy eating. I enjoy eating. I also don’t want to throw away good food.

-The waiter is never insulted by a kind person. World Buffet Day.

World Buffet Day Captions.

-The finest moments are also those when you eat the tastiest meals. Have a lovely world Buffet Day. #loveforfood

-I enjoy eating. You enjoy eating. Let’s be friends on a world Buffet Day. #friendsandfood

-Treat individuals around you to a dash of spice by feeding them healthy food so that they can develop into happier and fitter people. #foodislove

– Let’s say no to junk food and stick to a healthy diet. I wish you a wonderful World Buffet Day. #happyworldbuffetday

– On World Buffet Day, everyone must commit to never wasting food as a means of saving food for those that are hungry.  #savefood

-Let us make a great impact with our tiny deeds. My beloved, I wish you a warm and happy World Buffet Day. #loveforfood

– It is our duty to find the right balance between being needy and those who are pampered to the finest cuisines. #happyworldbuffetday

-Let us be more ethical and feed those who are starving on this World Buffet Day. # WorldBuffetDay

Let us not neglect to commemorate FOOD, since it is the most vital lifeline. #foodislife

When language fails to express affection, food serves as a symbol. #foodisgood

On World Buffet Day, I am sending you my best wishes. Enjoy your meals with delight! #Ilovefood

We must always appreciate the food we are given because it is a gift from God and a gift of love from someone who loves us. I wish you a #happyWorldBuffet Day.

Food and drink It’s not just about calories and nutrition. It’s all about love and care. Greetings on #WorldBuffet day.

World Buffet Day Quotes

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

– Ernestine Ulmer

“Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food. Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story. It has relationships.”

– Winona LaDuke

“Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

– Alan D. Wolfelt

“My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.”

– Dolly Parton

“I watch cooking change the cook, just as it transforms the food.”

– Laura Esquivel

“I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back.”

– Alice Waters

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”

– W.C. Fields

“Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.”

– Giada De Laurentiis

“If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him… The people who give you their food give you their heart.”

– Cesar Chavez

“The best comfort food will always be greens, cornbread, and fried chicken.”

– Maya Angelou

National Buffet Day Activities

1. Go to your local buffet

In a world where the population is steadily increasing, it’s important to make sure everyone has access to not only affordable food but also to good nutritional options. That’s why buffets are one way in which many countries have found success when they need an increase in consumer demand for fresh produce at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or taste! When going out on your next family dinner date night consider heading overground-to these dining establishments offering something delicious from all around town—and do check with us before you go so we can give some tips about what might work best based on dietary restrictions and/or allergies!

National Buffet Day takes place on November 27th every year, but this date can change depending on which month has the 27th in it; for example, if December has the 27th (as it does in 2022), then National Buffet Day would be December 26th instead. 

2. Choose a style of buffet you like

Have you ever thought about what kind of food people like? If not, then it’s time that changed. When dining out with friends or family there are many options to choose from – Asian buffets for those who love spicy rice dishes and fried noodles; Italian pasta in tomato sauce from lasagna sheets up through manicotti shells made fresh daily at our kitchen just steps away! And don’t forget seafood: Queensland mussels steamed gently over firey coals until they open themselves wide enough so their sweet butter-milk can drip out into the hot broth below; sweet, plump Atlantic lobster tails glistening with butter and garlic – perfect for dipping! 

3. Prepare your buffet

Ever thought about making your buffet? You could host some friends and family, or just serve them on-site at home. It’s an easy way to save money!


1. Food gamble

In the 60s, a buffet cost around $1.50

In this era of steak and potatoes for dinner every night with an occasional trip to McDonald’s on weekends if you’re feeling daring; it can be difficult nowadays just thinking about what life was like back then! But before all those times at home cooking or going out became too mundane because there were no other options available–especially during the busy tourist season when everyone wants something different but still affordable… The Casino Buffets offered by hotels in 1960 had rates starting low enough where anyone could enjoy some good food without breaking their budget – which is why they quickly spread through town after becoming popular among locals!

2. Resolution terminated

Some see National Buffet Day as an opportunity to celebrate the new year by eating lavish and rich food.

3. Sport and spice

After a day of being active and protected from the sun, you can take a seat at your favorite buffet without worrying about making too much damage. National Buffet Day was created to celebrate all-you-can-eat buffets with minimum impact on our health!

4. Late dinner

In England, until the 1900s people ate a late dinner known as supper. It was generally eaten at 11 PM

The traditional British meal is traditionally enjoyed later in the evening than most other countries’ meals with many families starting around 8 pm and finishing by 10 pm or midnight on weekends when they return from their day jobs. These Socialist traditions likely had something to do with it; after all – one thing this country loves more than tea (or coffee!) is savings rates!

5. It’s not the same

In Sweden, pickled herring is a staple of the Smorgasbord. The sandwiches have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and they’re still being consumed today but it’s hard to find one without its complement that isn’t topped off with this tangy treat from Scandinavia!


1. We love to share our food

What are you waiting for? Share your buffet photos on social media. Your friends and family will be so impressed with the food that it’s hard not to share!

2. Buffets are delicious

If you’re going to cheat on your diet or healthy eating plan, it might as well be with the big players.

3. Buffets bring us together

Eating is one of life’s most enjoyable activities. The smells, tastes, and textures that come together to create an exquisite dining experience should not be taken for granted!

A meal can bring people together like no other form of entertainment or shared interest could ever hope to match it; conversations flow more freely when eating meals becomes partaken in regularly – you might even find yourself laughing at something your friend said because he sobered up his expression while telling the story again only moments before (or vice versa).


The time is now to start planning your own National Buffet Day! What type of food will you serve? How many people are coming over? When should they arrive? Where’s the best place for all this delicious goodness going down?! These questions will guide your success.

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