Best Cousin Status for WhatsApp | Cousin Day Status

Celebrate Cousin Day with your brothers and sisters with Cousin Day messages in English and Hindi. Missing Cousin Day Status Messages and Greetings are important on this special day, which falls on July 24th. Cousin status and greetings on WhatsApp are a great way to let them know how important they are to you.

With the collection of Cousin Day Status 2020, you can find the best Cousin Status for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Greetings to your dearest cousins ​​with a nice status message.

Cousin Status for WhatsApp

Cheers to all the good days that we have lived together. Warm wishes on Cousin Day.

Together we are an insane bunch of cousins. Wishing you a very Happy Cousin Day.

Every summer was so good when we were children because we were together. Happy Cousin Day.

Life is more fun when you have a big gang of cousins to share every joy with. Happy Cousin Day.

May God always bless us and keep us together. Wishing you a very Happy Cousin Day.

Cousin Day Status Messages

The more is always merrier with us. Happy Cousin Day to all my adorable cousins.

Life would have been so boring with no cousins to share your chocolates with. Happy Cousin Day.

I never ever feel the need for any friends because I have my cousins. Happy Cousin Day.

Cousins are the most beautiful blessing and I have many blessings. Warm wishes on Cousin Day.

Alone we are nothing and together we are the biggest pain for our parents. Happy Cousin Day.

Missing Cousins Status for Whatsapp

The biggest disadvantage of growing up is losing touch with cousins. Happy Cousin Day.

To the cousins whom I miss the most, wishing you all a very Happy Cousin Day.

Every day I think of the good times we have shared together. Happy Cousin Day.

I miss my childhood because I miss being with my cousins who would make each day so special.

I would look forward to each day of the summer because it was to be spent with the best cousins. Miss you all.

Cousin Day Status 2022

We could make the best pranks because we make the most amazing cousins together.

No matter where we are, we will always stay connected to create many more memories.

Wishing a very Happy Cousin Day to all my cousins who have made this boring life so interesting.

I can make everyone jealous with the most fun gang of cousins I have. Happy Cousin Day.

I have nothing to fear as I always have my cousins by my side. Warm wishes on Cousin Day.

Cousins’ Status for Instagram

Happy Cousin Day to the cousins who have been the best people to grow up with.

Life would have been totally different with no cousins. Thanks for making it fun.

If you don’t have cousins to share your toys and chocolates with, you are missing a lot.

Warm wishes on Cousin Day to all those who make this day a super special one.

You know me the best because you have been with me through all the good and bad times. Happy Cousin Day.

Cousin Status for Facebook

Let us come together to celebrate Cousin Day like it is a beautiful day of summer.

On the occasion of Cousin Day, let us relive the good times with each other.

For all the weirdness I have, I have to thank my cousins. Happy Cousin Day.

Had you guys not been there, I would have been a simple, sensible person. Thanks for making me feel alive. Happy Cousin Day.

To the cousins who are like the chili flake to my pizza, wishing you Happy Cousin Day.

Funny Whatsapp Status for Cousins

I am trouble-proof as I have grown up with the biggest troubles. Happy Cousin Day.

Thank you to all my cousins who have nagged me so much that it no longer bothers me.

Cousins are the ones who would insult you really bad but will never let anyone else do so.

Cousins make each day of your life a better one with their craziness. Happy Cousin Day.

Growing up without cousins is not living your childhood. I am glad I have so many cousins.

Cousins ​​are always special and really close to our hearts. They are not just part of our family, they are part of our lives. We spent a lot of memorable time with them. They are both our family and our friends. Those who have a close relationship with their cousins ​​are the luckiest. July 24th is Cousin Day, so let your cousins ​​know how much you love them. Tell them how important they are to you and how much you love them all. We may not always be able to express our feelings to people close to us, but Cousin Day is probably the best opportunity to appreciate our cousins. Happy Cousin Day here will definitely help you to express your feelings towards your cousins. Greet them and tell them you love them.

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