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Emergency Nurses Messages Day: There are a variety of different emergency nurses in the U.S., with the majority working in hospitals. Some also work in other healthcare settings or in the community.

This year on October 10, it’s the 50th Anniversary of the National Day of Honour for Nurses.

Celebrate this day by sending the best wishes to the emergency room nurses who work hard to help the sick and their loved ones feel better.

Here are a few warm wishes for the nurses who have become like angels. It was a pleasure speaking with you today. You’re very professional. Your smile is contagious.

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Happy Emergency Nurses Day Wishes Messages

1. Wishing a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to the nurse who took the best care when I was in the worst condition….. Thank you for being such a patient and dedicated nurse.

2. With a nurse like you, a patient has to recover faster because the amount of hard work and care you put in each patient is truly commendable….. Best wishes to you on Emergency Nurse Day.

3. We often tend to forget the contribution Nurses make in our treatment and we must remember that they may not be as good as doctors but they are their support system…. Happy Emergency Nurse Day to one such wonderful nurse.

4. The only reason that I could find myself getting better is you…. I thank God for giving me such an amazing nurse who worked so hard to make me feel better….. Best wishes on Emergency Nurse Day.

Funny Emergency Nurses Day Greeting Messages

5. A very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to all those nurses who have cheap friends who cannot afford to go to the doctor.

6. I was happy being a patient because you were my nurse…. No one ever pampered me so much, no one ever took such beautiful care of me, no one cared for my health more than you…. Happy Emergency Nurse Day.

7. A very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to the nurse who was as good as a doctor, teacher and warden…. I am so happy to find so many personalities in one….. You are an awesome nurse.

8. You know you are in safe hands when your nurse is well versed with her duties…. And I really thank God for giving me you as my nurse…. Wishing you a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day.

Slogans and Sayings for Emergency Nurses Day

9. To do nobody else would do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through, is to be a nurse- Rawsi Williams

10. Nurses are without whom doctors cannot work, hospitals cannot work and patients cannot get better.

11. All nurses are made equal but it is only the finest ones that become emergency room nurses.

12. They are called NURSE because Superhero is not yet an official title.

Thank you Message for Emergency Nurses Appreciation Week

13. Sending a warm thank you to the most efficient and hard-working nurse who puts her heart and soul in her work….. Happy Emergency Nurse Day to you.

14. Without you I couldn’t have recovered…. The credit goes to your dedication that so many patients leave the hospital smiling…. Best wishes on Emergency Nurse Day.

15. Good nurses may not be angels but they are definitely the next best thing that can happen to a patient….. Wishing a very warm Happy Emergency Nurse Day to one such nurse.

16. Wishing a wonderful nurse a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day and thanking you for all your support, patience and hard work that put every day in your job.

Emergency Nurses Week Messages to Staff

17. They are there when they are needed the most….. Warm wishes to the hardworking and dedicated staff on Emergency Nurses Week.

18. On the occasion of Emergency Nurses Week, we extend a warm thank you and best wishes to the staff who is dedicated towards their duties and responsibilities.

19. Wishing a very Happy Emergency Nurses Week to all the staff who has sacrificed to make their patients comfortable and happy.

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