101 Funny Friendship Messages, Texts and Quotes

Funny Friendship Messages: A friend is a relationship that does not go with any relationship. It can be manipulated as desired. There is no excuse, anger, Ishan, baran of any kind. This relationship does not imply any kind of condition. And so send funny messages to increase this crazy mind of yours to another crazy mind madness. Which will make your friend laugh a lot. Because of this, his stomach will hurt. You are looking for such a message.


Friends who are like family, good friends, and even frenemies are cherished on International Day of Friendship on July 30. offensive valentines cards.

History Of International Day Of Friendship

We live in a tough world. Amidst miscommunication, mistreatment, lack of trust, discrimination, and cultural conflict, the seeming priority of peace has little presence in a global society. There is really no reason why the world should not exist in some harmonious form. We have the United Nations to thank for helping to remind us all that it is good in this world. We first introduced International Friendship Day in 2011; This special day goes beyond connecting people and builds bridges between cultures, countries, and even ideologies.

Friendships and connections are synonymous with bonds, and forming these common bonds goes beyond sharing a trait, trait or favorite pastime with another person or group, but also includes promoting a global commitment and understanding of diversity and inclusion. Even in our differences, we can find common ground. Physical appearance, differences in opinions, political views, tastes, music, and so on are not reasons to separate people. Relationships are bigger than that, and the United Nations works every July to promote generosity and unity.

Celebrating friendship with something as simple as a short note, hanging out for coffee, going to a concert, or a trip to the mall are all ways to find common ground. Again, we all have more in common than we realize. And any idea that reduces the amount of hatred and contempt spread around the world is the kind we want to share. We like to think we all have something in us.

Before the United Nations gave its title, the first World Friendship Day was proposed in 1958 by the World Friendship Crusade, an international civil society organization promoting a culture of peace through friendship.

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International Day Of Friendship Traditions

On International Friendship Day, those friends who are there for us, call us out on our stubbornness, sacrifice their time for us when everyone else is busy being adults, show up in the middle of the night to cheer us up, and even our long-distance friends whose friendships last across borders. There are, to be celebrated.

Friendship means something different to everyone. And the bond of friendship also changes. People we have known for a long time may not be close to us, however, we may consider someone we have only known for a short time as our best friend. This is why traditions and celebrations are different for everyone. There are less important ways to celebrate the day like hanging out with friends and doing our ‘things’ or more elaborate ways like hosting parties, exchanging gifts, and expressing how important they are in our lives. Another common tradition on International Friendship Day is to catch up and reconnect with friends we haven’t been in touch with for a while.

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  1. Meet a friend for lunch, dinner, or happy hour

    Have you not seen friends recently? Or, perhaps some with whom you do the same activities over and over again. Why not switch things up and plan a casual outing with friends for International Friendship Day, to make new memories and share some laughs.

  2. Attend a community cultural celebration

    Is there a community center near you that you’ve been wanting to check out but haven’t had a chance to yet? It’s the perfect opportunity to check out the schedule and attend any events held there, meet some new people, and learn about a new culture or lifestyle that already exists within your front door block.

  3. Send a greeting card

    Hallmark introduced us to the idea of celebrating friendship, so why not send a note to some of your friends on International Friendship Day to let them know how much they mean to you?


  1. Celebrating friendship started with Hallmark

    When Hallmark introduced greeting cards to us in the 1930s, the idea of reaching someone through the mail to let them know they crossed your mind or deserved a quick “hello” soon followed.

  2. Being a better friend

    Reflections are important for growth, and growing a community that reflects who you want to be is crucial—this is a great time to step back and reflect on the connections that already exist in your life.

  3. New friends

    All friendships begin with a conversation — this is the perfect day to reconnect with old friends or open yourself up to new connections.

  4. Some countries have earlier celebrations

    Although July 30 is the day designated by the United Nations, there are some countries that prefer to have earlier, extended celebrations in July, August, and/or April, such as South America, Bangladesh, India, and Malaysia.

  5. Anyone can celebrate

    Learning to overcome hate and accept people from different backgrounds early is a great way to teach kids how to accept others, be open to learning new things, and appreciate, as well as spread, kindness a great trait to start with.

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Funny Friendship Messages

True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together 😉

Being your best friend is no longer a choice for me; it has become a necessity! You know too much about me.

A good friend will pick you up when you fall, but a best friend will help you up, laugh, and trip you again.

Once a stupid person made a great decision in life, that is to become a friend with someone equally as stupid as him. Congratulations! funny birthday cards for a best friend.

If we’re on a plane that was about to crash and there was just one parachute. I promise to give the best speech at your funeral. funny boyfriend birthday cards.

A lovely star dropped on earth one night and asked me what I want: a million dollars or a good friend? I choose to have a million dollars. Because I already have you! funny cards for friends.

I have all the qualities of a great friend and more. You should really be feeling lucky everyday for having a friend like me in your life! My best friend birthday cards are funny.

It’s been so many years that I have remained a friend with you. I wish you knew how hard it was for me to put up with your stupidity all these years! reaper man quotes.

It’s hard not to be a friend with someone who already knows all the dark secrets of you. Being friends with you is not a choice for me anymore; it has become an obligation now!

Funny Friendship Messages

A good friend will come to bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, “That was awesome.”

Thank you for making me realize that I’m a loser. After all, who would choose to be a friend with someone so weird as you without a loser like me.

I heard that a true friend is someone who helps you hide a dead body. I will manage a friend like that but will you be that dead body for me?

I don’t ever want a friend better than you because I’m already fed up! You are a great friend but your craziness is beyond endurable! funny greeting cards.

Thank you for laughing at my jokes even when they are not funny. After all, it’s the only thing that makes you important to me. funny texts to send to friends.

I am a mess but you are messier, I guess that’s why we are best friends.

Funny Friendship Messages

You’re a traffic signal, my friend. Your antiques always stop me in my tracks.

Good friends are very important in life, so consider yourself extremely fortunate. crazy funny best friend quotes.

I have all the characteristics of a loyal person. You are so lucky but poor me!

I would take a bullet for you, not in my head, but maybe in my leg or shoulder.

True friends are like loud farts. They don’t smell as much, always make you laugh and life is impossible to live without them.

Real Friend care like a MOM, Scold like a DAD, Teas like a SISTER, Irritate like a BROTHER, Love more than a LOVER. funny best friend quotes.

A good friend is like a bra: hard to find one you’re comfortable with, always provides support, holds you tight and is always close to your heart.


I’m fortunate to have someone in my life who is not only my friend but also my personal babysitter. Thanks for being there. funny friend quotes.

There is no doubt that you are the most fortunate person as you have me in your life. You surely need no more blessings in your life.

Thank you for being there through all of the significant others I have mistakenly chosen over you in obvious moments of weakness. best friend quotes funny.

I don’t need a psychiatrist to prod into my personal life and make me tell them all my secrets, I have my friends for that.

I would have to kill you if you ever betrayed me, bestie because you know too many secrets about me.

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Funny Messages For Best Friends

Sometimes, I feel scared of dying and going to hell. But then I can’t help but smile because I know for a fact that my best friend will most certainly accompany me. funny bday cards for best friends.

A best friend is someone who drives you insane but makes sure that they don’t send you to the asylum. Thanks, bestie, for always being there for me.

Best Friend: A person in front of whom you can fart without the fear of being judged. funny gifts for best friends.

Friends stab you in the back, boyfriends stab you in the heart, but best friends don’t carry knives.

Best friend, you are undoubtedly the second most awesome person on the planet. The first is me.

People may believe that because you are my best friend, I would never let you go from my side, but I swear to God, I could trade you for a hamburger any day. funny boyfriend quotes.

Thank you for being a playground where I can feel safe and play. I hate you, bestie. Hugs and kisses.

A best friend would either stop you from committing a crime or join you in jail after you had committed one. There is no in-between. funny texts to send.

My friend, I was visiting the graveyard the other day. And it made me realize that should our friendship ever end; it would be the death of you. funny girlfriend birthday cards.

We’re not perfect, We laugh too hard, We’re way too loud and we make complete fools of ourselves but doing it together makes us Best friends forever!

I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends. Angels surround me but I call them my best friends.

Laughing is one of the best exercises, it’s like running inside your mind. You can do it almost anywhere and it’s even better with a friend. funny birthday cards for friends.

Fish said to water: you won’t see my tears because I am in the water. Water replied: But, I can feel your tears because you are in my heart. That’s FRIENDSHIP!

I used to be normal until I met those losers I call my BEST FRIENDS! busy quotes funny.

Thank you for being a friend of mine even though I’m the slowest person to enter a pool.

Ironically: thanks for being the one who is always beside me when you need something.

Your validity of being my friend will expire today; please recharge your friendship immediately by delivering 4-5 sweet, cool and funny friendship messages. So hurry!

The only reason I am your best friend is that I pity you, buddy; without me, you wouldn’t know how to live your life. funny friendship quotes.

The only reason you are my best friend is that no one knows which lipsticks go with which outfits better than you. funny friendship day wishes.

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Funny Messages for Friendship Day

I like you most because you are always there to join in my weirdness. Happy Friendship Day 2022!

I envy you because you got to meet such a wonderful person like me. Truly, God has blessed you a lot in life. Anyway,  funny messages for friends.

I love my crazy, goofy, stupid, gorgeous, weird, lame, socially challenged friends. Happy friendship day to all the losers whom I called my best friend.

Newton might have discovered gravity, but we have a stronger connection. Happy friendship day, my friend!

I often feel like the joker from Batman when I’m around you. It’s because you keep me smiling, bud. Happy friendship day! friendship texts.

I was surprised to meet someone as crazy as I am when I first met you. We’re destined to be best friends. Happy friendship day!

Happy friendship day! You are my friend because no one else will listen to my nonsense as you do.

Our friendship is like Timon and Pumba from Lion King. Nobody can break us apart. Happy friendship day, dear friend.

“Sugar, spice, and everything nice.” ~ It’s an iconic line from Powerpuff girls, but that’s exactly what I feel about you. Happy friendship day, bro!

There is an ongoing debate in football circles about whether Pele or Maradona is the best. But what they don’t know is that my friend is definitely the best. Happy friendship day, mate!

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Funny Friendship Quotes

“Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.” – Robert Bloch

“Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.” – Robert Brault

“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.” – Virginia Woolf

“If you have friends who are as weird as you, then you have everything.” – Unknown

“A good friend will help you move. But a best friend will help you move a dead body.” – Jim Hayes

“Real friends don’t get offended when you insult them. They smile and call you something even more offensive.” – Unknown

“I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell – you see, I have friends in both places.” – Mark Twain

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have nonsense respected.” – Charles Lamb

“Friends give you a shoulder to cry on. But best friends are ready with a shovel to hurt the person who made you cry.” – Unknown


“If you can survive 11 days in cramped quarters with a friend and come out laughing, your friendship is the real deal.” – Oprah Winfrey

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“You can always tell a real friend: when you’ve made a fool of yourself he doesn’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.” – Laurence J. Peter

“Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway.” – Greg Tamblyn

Most Funny Friendship Messages Which Are Too Cool

“True friends don’t judge each other, they judge other people together.” – Emilie Saint-Genis

“Friends: people who borrow my books and set wet glasses on them.” – Edwin Arlington Robinson

“The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend money.” – Mark Twain

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Funny Texts for Friends

My dear friend, you attract me more than gravity. I love you! Happy friendship day wishes to you!

I knew it was a friendship at first sight when I saw that we were the same kinda crazy.

Some people go to priests. Others to poetry. I’m to my friends.

Friendship must be built on a solid foundation of alcohol, sarcasm, inappropriateness, and shenanigans.

Finding Friends with Same Mental Disorder is PRICELESS.


I thought slavery was abolished. Still feel like being a slave to our friendship forever. Love you, man.

During school holidays, I often feel like a T-rex. It’s because I can’t reach you at that time.

Thanks for helping me out homework. Although you being this kind to me does make me kind of suspicious.

Getting to know a politician like you has been a scary experience. Thankfully we support the same party.

Having a friend is like having a general to defend you. Thanks for making me a part of your army.

Buddy, you’re like the grim reaper. You can see straight into my soul.

Friendship is like wine: it gets better as it grows older. Just like us… I get better, you get older.

My friend’s friend is my friend. My friend’s girlfriend is my friend. My friend’s boyfriend is just a scum.

You drink too much, you cuss too much also you have questionable morals, you’re everything I ever wanted in a friend!

Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean but the true ones stay, like an octopus on your face!

True friends are like Chinese takeout, they are; dependable, enjoyable, and just a phone call away.

“FRIENDSHIP” is a sim, which has no activation charges. Free incoming and outgoing with roaming worldwide and its validity “NEVER END.”

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Funny Friendship Captions

I saw a dog on the road. He was looking for his bitch. Fortunately, I got mine by my side.

You’re annoying. You’re weird. You’re crazy. You’re stupid. You’re clingy. You’re… just like me.

I adore the fact that you would die for me, but I can’t make any promises, best friend.

You are my personal therapist, but you are also the reason I need therapy.

I knew the moment I met you that we had to be best friends because no one else could match our level of awesomeness.

Do you know why I only have one best friend, and that is you? It’s not because you are enough; it’s because I have had enough.

Best friends do not stop you from doing crazy things; they join you and go to jail or hell.

If you ever fall, my friend, I will always pull you up, but I will definitely laugh for a while.

The only reason I am able to pass my class is that you are my friend; thank you for always doing my homework.

If anyone ever made a movie about our life, they should name it “Two Ugly Best Friends.”

I know you’re my true friend because you’ve seen me lose my mind when I’m hungry and you’re not afraid of me.

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