Best Hangover Day Messages, Hangover Quotes and Status 2023

Best Hangover Day Messages: National Hangover Day is a day that celebrates the end of the year and excitement for what’s to come. It also marks the beginning of New Year’s resolutions, holidays, travel plans, parties, and more! This article will talk about National Hangover Day in detail.

You’ll learn how it came about, who made up the holiday (or at least tried), why it exists and when this day falls on each calendar year. We will also give you some tips on how to avoid feeling like crap tomorrow morning after celebrating with friends last night.

History Of National Hangover Day

Not all National Days are created equal. What day on the calendar has little or no national significance? The answer, surprisingly enough: November 2nd!

This lack of any “important” anniversary can make it hard to come up with an appropriate celebration for such an important holiday and people often forget about these days altogether until they’re preparing their menus at Christmas time when families start looking through photos from years past in search beautiful dishes which remind them why we celebrate this particular seasonal occasion each year.

At a get-together hosted by Oven & Tap restaurant last October – during events specifically intended as an opportunity to socialize over food (and drink) – guests began talking shop not just amongst ourselves but also concerning various anniversaries throughout United States’ history.

As we got to talking about the Revolutionary War, we came across an interesting period that seemed like it could be a perfect fit for our party: November 1777. While this date does not mark any major victories or losses during the war, it marks one specific event: George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and victory over Hessian forces at the Battle of Trenton.

The initial conversations about National Hangover Day stemmed from this specific date. The following day, Oven & Tap posted a status update on Facebook asking for people’s thoughts and opinions on the matter because we would be interested in doing something to commemorate it ourselves.

Initial responses were very positive but mostly just asked us if there was anything to do for this special holiday. We took back the idea of hosting a party and decided that we would instead try our hand at creating something more meaningful.

If National Hangover Day was going to become an actual thing, it would require us to do some research into its origins to understand why such a day existed originally before taking things into our own hands.

We reached out to a few people who have researched on the internet in hopes of finding some sort of proof that this holiday existed before we wanted it to exist.

A couple of different websites referenced an article published by The New York Times back in 2001 about National Hangover Day written by Sharon Kirkey, but there were no links to this article. We were able to find the original paper copy on microfiche at several libraries throughout town, including The New York Times office itself (that’s right; all of our diggings were done in person).


1. Have some hangover relief remedies ready

You might feel the need to build up your courage before heading out on a night of partying, so you must prepare. Stocking up with some essentials will help make sure there is no letdown when morning comes after one too many drinks or late-night dancing sessions!

2. Host a hangover brunch

It’s time to end your hangover! Bloody Marys and other drinks can be tailored specifically for those who have been drinking. After all, there is a lot of alcohol in our bodies; we need some help getting rid of it so that we don’t suffer any more than necessary from the side effects like headache or nausea that come along with excess consumption – not only will this make things better on an emotional level but also physically as well due to reduced dehydration risk factors such as vomiting (which many people do).

If you’re feeling ambitious why not throw another party? The cure may very well turn out to be one awesome B+ diffuser cocktail recipe after another…

3. Drink some…Pedialyte?

There’s a drink marketed to replace nutrients and electrolytes that your body might need when you suffer from hangovers. The company released this product specifically for children because they can’t handle alcohol as easily, but adults should give it a try too!


1. Why are you hitting me with that?

It’s tough to say no when somebody hits you with a birch branch in Russia.

The custom of beating one another dates back centuries ago and it only got more popular after the Soviets established communism as their government system during World War II-era Moscow Trials that resulted from Joseph Stalin’s purges against his countrymen following the 1945 Allied victory over Nazi Germany.

The idea is if someone wakes up on trial tomorrow, they’re going to want some time off first so what better way than by getting beaten until your bruises heal?

2. Only a “bird brain” would try this

The Ancient Romans used to eat fried canaries to recover from their hangovers. The birds were kept as pets and enjoyed being cooked in oil, so this was a great cure for them too!

3. We’ll Just Have Some Mint…Thank You

To combat hangovers, cowboys would add rabbit poop to their tea. It’s no wonder then that today you can find it in the form of supplements for those suffering from digestive issues or obesity!

4. We’d Probably Stick With The Hangover

In Mongolia, a drink called the Mongolian Mary is popular for treating hangovers. It’s made with pickled sheep eyes and comes complete with one bulbous garnish that resembles an eye socket!

National Hangover Day Messages

“Have a memorable and Happy Hangover Day. May you start your day with a hangover of your beautiful memories from the past.”

“Wishing a very Happy National Hangover Day to everyone. This day officially lets you celebrate hangover without feeling guilty for it.”

“Hangover on the first day of the year is the most perfect way to start the year because it says about the amazing party you had the last day of the last year. Happy Hangover Day.”

International Hangover Day Messages

“Warm wishes on International Hangover Day to you….. I wish you enjoy lots of drinking without any bad hangovers to regret later.”

“Drinking and not getting a hangover is the smartest way to party and have beautiful memories…. Wishing you a very Happy Hangover Day.”

“May you have a blast on International Hangover Day with lots of drinking and partying and no hangover to give you a bad start to your fresh day.”

“May you always party like there is no tomorrow and always get up like it is the freshest morning of your life…. Happy Hangover Day.”

“Wishing you lots of partying with your dear ones on Hangover Day…. May you create some special memories partying with no headaches and hangover!!!”

Funny Hangover Status

“The most perfect way to measure the thrill of your party is with your hangover the next morning…. Happy Hangover Day!!!”

“The funniest thing about a hangover is that every time you have it, you promise that you will not get drunk again…. Warm wishes on Hangover Day.”

“Wishing you a very Happy Hangover Day….. Cheers to the fact that you become you after you get drunk which is the best thing to happen to anyone.”

“The most unique thing about a hangover is that you become brave and honest which doesn’t happen all the time…. Have a memorable Hangover Day.”

Hilarious and Funny Hangover Jokes

“Wishing you a Hangover Day which you remember for your life…. Wishing you the happiest and the craziest party time with your loved ones.”

“It demands lots of drinking to get a good hangover….. Have a fun Hangover Day and a party night to remember for life.”

“The most perfect way to make even a regular day a memorable one is by having a hangover that registers strongly in your memories…. Happy Hangover Day.”

“Warm wishes on Hangover Day, the day which gives you all the reasons to drink hard,  party harder, and get some hangover!!!”

Alcohol Hangover Quotes

“Write when you are drunk but don’t forget to edit it when you are sober.”

“Everyone loves to drink and party but no one enjoys the hangover…. It is just like doing your deeds and not enjoying the results.”

“Hangover is something which you wake up and try all your home remedies to get back into your routine.”

“Hangover doesn’t come easy, you really have to drink a lot to wake up with a hangover!!!”

Hangover Captions for Instagram

“Drink like there is no tomorrow and wake up with a hangover that makes you commit to not drink again.”

“The intensity of your hangover is the measure of the amount of fun you had partying last night.”

“Drinks make you feel happiest at night but hangovers make you feel the worst in the mornings.”

“Drink responsibly to avoid bad hangovers.”

Funny Hangover Memes

“If you don’t wake up with a hangover on the first day of the year that means you haven’t partied enough to end your last year. Happy Hangover Day.”

“Today is the day when you can enjoy all the hangover without having to worry about anything. Wishing you a very Happy Hangover Day.”

“May the hangover doesn’t bother you much but leaves you feeling good about the celebrations last night. Warm wishes on Hangover Day.”

Funny Alcohol Hangover Quotes

“May you have the best of the parties to enjoy minus the hangovers the next day.”

“There is no better way to end your day than having a party and there is the worse way to start your day than with a hangover.”

“Experience at least one hangover in life to know what it actually feels like.”

“If you cannot handle hangovers then you are probably getting old.”

Love Hangover Quotes

“We all love hangovers because they tell us that we have partied just the right way. Happy Hangover Day.”

Be honest and be yourself because it is National Hangover Day. Love the hangover as it doesn’t really happen so often.”

“Love it or hate it, hangovers are the things we all bring back home after partying with all our hearts. Happy Hangover Day.”


1. It gives us a reason to stay in bed all-day

The morning after drinking too many fluids can be one of the most miserable times in your life.

I don’t know about you, but I try not to drink on an empty stomach and then feel like death when it kicks in later–it’s just never fun!

2. It makes us feel connected

It’s a new year, and if you’re lucky enough to have avoided the hangovers from your previous night of drinking then congratulations! But don’t get too excited yet.

National Hangover Day reminds us all that we are not alone in our suffering on January first—many people experience them as well each year because they choose those days for parties or alcohol-fueled celebrations instead of going straight home after work like sensible folk might do anyway.

3. It reminds us that we had fun the night before

A hangover doesn’t just come out of nowhere. If you’re suffering from a headache, dehydrated, and feeling like death warmed over then there’s an excellent chance that drinking was involved last night- which means this morning will be spent in the bathroom with coffee grounds stuffed up your nose as well

After too much fun at one event or another we tend to suffer dearly later on; those who don’t learn from their mistakes might find themselves waking up the next day feeling ill thanks largely due to not only alcohol consumption but also bad judgment calls made while under its influence For example: forgetting something important (like your phone), making decisions without thinking things through properly first etcetera So make sure nobody gets left behind!

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