Best Happy Australia Day Messages, Wishes and Whatsapp Status 2023

Best Happy Australia Day Messages: Australia Day is the 26th of January. The day celebrates the arrival of the first European settlers in Australia. It is a public holiday that falls on this day, and it has been celebrated since 1818. Several events are held to celebrate the date across Australia each year. This post will provide an overview of what you need to know about Australia Day Public Holiday 2022, including when it falls, where celebrations take place, what activities are available for visitors, and more!

When is Australia Day 2023?

This Tuesday, January 26 is a public holiday in Australia. Normally this day would be celebrated with various events and programs throughout the country but if it falls on Sunday then the next official Monday will be honored instead for commemorating Australia Day. A few states follow such rules to recognize proper observance.”

Why is Australia Day on 26 January?

When the First Fleet landed in 1788, Britain’s flag was raised on Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Phillips. It is said that he did so to symbolize how far our country has come since then and also mark an important day for us all!

The aboriginal community, therefore, does not observe this day. According to them, it is an ‘Invasion Day’ and National Mourning Day. For many protestors who lost their culture in the colonization of Canada; they see Nov-27th as reflecting how viciously colonial powers were able to plunder another people’s way of life despite any peaceful actions that may have been taken by communities against such invasions on native land rights or traditions during times before European contact occurred (for more information about why two holidays are dealing with these events read below).

There is a theory that 26 January was chosen to commemorate the date in 1824 when Lieutenant James Grant arrived with 19 settlers and their livestock at Port Jackson. Today it’s common for Australians everywhere, regardless of whether or not you celebrate this day as an opportunity for reconciliation between past generations and Indigenous peoples – to agree what happened here has been deeply affecting both individuals involved: we need each other now more than ever before!

Happy Australia Day Quotes 2022 Wishes Images

“Warm wishes on Australia Day to you. Let us celebrate this special day with special people to create some special memories for life.”

“Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to everyone. Today is a significant day for every Australian and we must make the most of it.”

“May the celebrations of Australia Day fill our hearts, souls and homes with happiness and smiles to enjoy forever and ever.”

Happy Australia National Day Wishes 2022 Messages

Warm greetings on Australia National Day to everyone. We all must work hard to always make Australia proud of us and the world proud of Australia.

On the occasion of Australia National Day, let us promise ourselves that we are going to do our bit to contribute towards the growth and success of Australia. Happy Australia National Day.

Wishing a very Happy Australia National Day to all. This day will always inspire us to be better citizens to our country and help our country prosper.

It is the duty of each and every citizen of Australia to help the nation move ahead in every aspect. Warm wishes on Australia National Day to all.

Let us celebrate the occasion of Australia National Day with high spirits and make this wonderful day a beautiful memory. Long live Australia and Happy Australia National Day to all.

Australia Day Messages for Facebook

“Wishing a blessed and memorable Australia Day to everyone. May you enjoy the parade and the feasts of this wonderful day.”

“As an Australian, it is truly a delight to celebrate Australia Day because it reminds us how blessed we are to be born in such a wonderful nation.”

“Australia Day is the celebration for the nation. Warm wishes on this special day to you. Enjoy this day with all your loved ones.”

2022 Happy Australia Day Wishes Images

“Happy Australia Day to all. Today is the day when every Australian should take pride in being a citizen of such an amazing country.”

“Let us celebrate the occasion of Australia Day by thanking all those who have contributed to the success of our country. Warm wishes on Australia Day.”

“The right way to celebrate Australia Day is by making a promise to ourselves that we will always work towards the prosperity of our country. Happy Australia Day.”

“Warm greetings on Australia Day to everyone. There is always something that we all can do to take our country to new heights.”

“Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to all. Let us celebrate this day by celebrating the spirits of the Australians who are nationalists and patriots.”

“Cheers to all the good things that have been done to make Australia proud. Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to everyone.”

Australia Day Whatsapp Status

“Happy Australia Day to you. Take a break from life and enjoy the goodness and the celebrations that surround this occasion.”

“Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to you. It is the day to celebrate for every Australian and we must do it to the fullest.”

“Warm wishes on Australia Day to all. Let us have a cheerful and wonderful day full of celebrations with our family and friends.”

Happy Australia Day Meme

There is no other country like Australia and we must be proud of it.

Australia Day is a reminder to every Australian how lucky they are.

We all make Australia and we all must celebrate Australia Day together.

Australia Day Messages for Friends and Family

Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to everyone. Let us take our nation to new heights with our efforts and hard work.

The occasion of Australia Day is all about having celebrations and be thankful of being born in such an amazing country. Happy Australia Day to my family and friends.

On the special occasion of Australia Day, let us come together and indulge in the beautiful celebrations that can always be cherished as memories. Happy Australia Day to all.

Happy Australia Day 2023 Wishes for Friends and Family

Wishing a very Happy National Australia Day to all. May the celebrations of this special occasion fill our hearts with warmth and love for our country.

Have a blessed and cheerful Australia Day. I hope we are always there to serve our country in whichever way possible and be responsible citizens.

Warm greetings on Australia Day to everyone. This day always reminds us that we must always be responsible and dedicated citizens to our country.

The only way to make this Australia Day a special one is by taking an oath to be always there for our country and keep doing things to make our country proud. Happy Australia Day.

On the occasion of Australia Day, let us come together and celebrate this special day which is a significant occasion for every Australian. Happy Australia Day.

Australia Day 2023 Wishes to an Aussie Friend

The perfect way to celebrate Australia Day is by promising yourself that you are going to contribute towards your nation’s growth. Happy Australia Day.

Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to you my friend. You are truly born in a wonderful country and you must thank God for that on this special day.

On the occasion of Australia Day, do not forget to promise your country that you will always be a good citizen. Warm wishes on Australia Day to you.

Sending warm wishes on the occasion of Australia Day to you my dear. May this day be full of celebrations for you. May you always work hard to be a good citizen to your nation.

May you celebrate Australia Day with your family and friends and thank all the brave souls who have made Australia a country what it is today. Happy Australia Day to you.

Australia Day Quotes to an Aussie Boss

Wishing a very Happy Australia Day to you. May this day be full of celebrations and good times for you and your family members.

On the occasion of Australia Day, I wish you make your country proud just the way you are making your company proud of you. Happy Australia Day.

Warm greetings on Australia Day to you. You have always been an amazing boss and I am sure you are a fantastic citizen of your country too.

Sending best wishes on Australia Day to you. You are very fortunate to be born on such an amazing land and I wish you beautiful celebrations on this special occasion.

Wishing a very Happy Australia Day. May this occasion be a day full of celebrations for you. Wishing you cheerful and blessed times with your family and friends in Australia.

Australia Day Slogans, Taglines in English

Cheers to Australia and Australians.

Long live Australia. Happy Australia Day.

Let us take Australia to new heights.

Success and prosperity are what we wish for Australia.

Let us make Australia proud of us and make Australia Day memorable.

Salute to Australia and the spirit of Australians.

Let us make Australia an example for the world.

Australia Day will always inspire every Australian.

Let us work together to make Australia the best nation.

Australia Day is a celebration of the spirit of its citizens.

Funny Happy Australia Day Messages

1). Dear boyfriend, happy Australia Day wishes for you love. I hope this year you don’t end up drinking too much to even crash into else’s home like last year.

2). Loving sister, I wish you a happy Australia Day. Make sure to not steal my favorite dress to wear on your celebration parties. My eyes on you this time!

3). Dear brother, wishing you a happy Australia Day.  Do bring me a good snack on the way from other room when you come to wish me, I am too lazy to step out in front of TV.

4). Wishing my loving friend a happy Australia Day. Make sure you bring me gifts or else or would end up spending the night outside my door this time.

5). I wish my loving friend a happy Australia Day. I send loving gifts for you to celebrate the day and expect you to gift me something too, otherwise you know how ignorant I can be,

Australia Day Messages for Facebook and Whatsapp Status

6). Wishing my Facebook friends a happy Australia Day. I hope all my friends are enjoying to the core with the loved ones through feasts and merriment,

7). Wishing my Whatsapp friends a happy and glorious Australia Day. I hope you have a stupendous celebration of the beautiful day of Australia.

8). I wish all my friends on Facebook a happy Australia Day, Let this day be a glorious one and we all celebrate with delicious feasting and enjoying the moment to the core.

9). I wish my friends and loved ones on Whatsapp happiness filled Australia Day. I would soon join you for the feasting and celebration in your home where you invited me with love.

10). Through this message, I wish my friends on Facebook and Whatsapp a happy and love filled Australia Day. Let us together celebrate the beautiful day of Australia through feasting and celebrations.

Happy Australia Day Wishes Messages

11). Today is the day to treasure this land which is our identity and our home…. Today is the day to hold high your cranium and shout out loud that you are an Australian and you are proud to be one… wishing you a very Happy Australia Day my dear friend.

12). Happy Australia Day to you my dear… We are blessed to have born in such a wonderful country… On this special occasion, let us remember our blonde tradition and celebrate this day with happiness and merriment…. May you enjoy this day with high spirits!!!

13). Let us be grateful to Christ for Australia…. I wish that our countrymen and our country is always progressing towards a better, happier, healthier and more peaceful life, away from all the problems and negativities….. Warm wishes to you on Australia Day my dear!!!

14). On the occasion of Australia Day, I wish that the fame and name of our country cross all the boundaries… May we become the best nation in the world…. I pray for the blessings of God to make us a better country year after year…. Happy Australia Day to you.

15). We are a country of diversity blessed with natural beauty and shinning sun…. We are the nation blessed with cricket and strong mateship…. We are bonded with nationality and we will always work for the success and growth of our country…. Wishing you a very Happy Australia Day.

16). It is a proud moment for us as citizens of this country that we are one of the most powerful nation. Wishing Happy Australia Day to you my dear friend.

17). Let us vow to work hard to make our nation grow with each passing day. Let us promise to make our nation a proud country with our dedication. Happy Australia Day.

18). Freedom comes with responsibility. As citizens of our country, let us make a promise to ourselves to work for the betterment of our nation. Best wishes on Australia Day to you.

19). Wishing a Happy Australia Day to you and your family. Let us all salute to the pride and success of our nation. Let us thank God for giving us such a wonderful country.

20). We must remember and pray for the brave souls who fought for our freedom and brought us peace and happiness. Happy Australia Day to all the soldiers of our country.

21). On the occasion of Australia Day, let us look at our past and take lessons to make our future a glorious one. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Happy Australia Day.

22). Australia Day is incomplete without our promise to our nation to make it stronger and pride nation. Let us all work hard to make it the best place on earth. Happy Australia Day.

23). Let us thank the sacrifices of all the countrymen and soldiers who fought for our country. On the occasion of 26th January, sending warm wishes to you. Happy Australia Day my friend.

24). No country is perfect. We all have to work in synergy to make it better with every passing day. I wish you a wonderful and Happy Australia Day. May you make our country proud.

25). On 26th January, let us all remember and thank all the brave souls who gifted us a peaceful and beautiful nation free from slavery. Wishing Happy Australia Day to you and your family.

How to Observe the Australia Day Public Holiday?

In Australia, the nationwide public holiday known as Australia Day is observed mainly with friends and family. People enjoy various events that vary from state to state on this day!

The Sydney Ferry operates every day of the year, but its most famous event is Australia Day. This celebrated holiday takes place on January 26th and marks our country’s birthday with an exciting race between boats that starts in Circular Quay before heading out into the harbor for some good old-fashioned fun!

Perth is a city that never sleeps. On the nights of July and August, residents can enjoy an experience like no other as they gather around various beaches to observe one of Australia’s greatest light shows: Perth’s annual fireworks show from atop One World Trade Centre at Forrest Place—the tallest building in Western Europe!

This incredible 2015 celebration featured 60 minutes worth of amazing pyrotechnic displays including laser action during which time there were zero accidents reported among participants who numbered over 500 thousand people – making it one million dollars well spent by our government (and given free access).

Adelaide, the home of Australian cricket celebrates this holiday with colorful parades and concerts. Visitors from all over come to take part in what feels like a big party for little green men!

Although many Australians can enjoy a beach barbeque with all their friends and family on Public Holidays throughout the country, there is no shortage of events that celebrate everything Aussie. These include parades or concerts for those who live in Melbourne – New South Wales- Queensland etcetera., but if you’re looking for something more extravagant head over stateside where it’s tradition to have what has come to be known as “American Thanksgiving.”

Final Thoughts

The celebration of Australia Day is not just about celebrating our country, but also an opportunity for people from all over the world to come together in joy. Whether you’re part of older generations or indigenous communities- everyone deserves this day off!

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