National Boss Day Messages: In the United States, October 16 is National Boss’s Day. This event celebrates the achievements of those who have been promoted to management positions and recognizes their contributions to society. The first national celebration was in 1958, but it wasn’t until 1972 that a bill was signed by President Nixon declaring this day as an official holiday. 

Many people celebrate with bosses-themed parties on this day. However, some people feel uncomfortable celebrating with their bosses because they are scared or don’t want to offend them.

History Of National Boss’s Day

Patricia Bays Haroski, who was also her father’s employee and boss for 25 years has taken it upon herself to create a holiday in honor of him. It was known then as “Bosses Day” but now officially changed with the U-S Chamber Of Commerce registered on December 16th, 1958 which made this day official across America since 1959

A man named Pat Alger created Boss Days back when he worked together at Standard Oil Company becoming inspired by overseas countries celebrating Workers’ holidays so they could find some time off during busy times or recover after being injured on-site without losing money due to lost production etc. It became popular quickly among other companies as well so he started a petition to get it recognized by the National Geographic Society in 1953 and was successful the same year.

Started in 1958, but was not declared an official holiday until 1972.

-Wear something nice for work (tie/suit) 

-Bring coffee for your boss. Celebrate National Boss’s Day without offending your boss by wearing a suit, and bringing coffee. It is a fun event to celebrate bosses and their contributions! Don’t bring a party to work if they are not there. Celebrate National Boss’s Day by wearing a suit, and bringing coffee. It is an official holiday where employees celebrate bosses! Don’t bring a fun party to the office if your boss isn’t in the building- it will offend them and be seen as unprofessional!

Wear a suit, bring coffee. Celebrate National Boss’s Day: it is an official holiday where employees celebrate bosses! Don’t bring a fun party to the office if your boss isn’t in the building- don’t offend them and be seen as unprofessional! 

About National Boss’s Day

– This day is celebrated in the United States 

– Celebrated on October 16th of each year 

– Started in 1958 but was not declared a holiday until 1972 by President Nixon.

National Boss’s Day-Date is October 16th

-Wear something nice for work (tie/suit) 

-Bring coffee for your boss. 

-Offend your boss by celebrating this day with them in a fun way at work! Celebrate National Boss’s Day without offending your boss: wear a suit, and bring coffee. It is an official holiday where employees celebrate bosses.

-Celebrate with a party on this day! It’s fun and will show your boss you appreciate them. 

-Don’t celebrate National Boss’s Day if they are not in the office (such as remote workers). Celebrate National Boss’s Day: tie, coffee, don’t offend by partying at work. Celebrate National Boss’s Day without offending your boss by wearing a suit, and bringing coffee.


  • I thought you are mean, and now that I’ve gotten to know you, you’re still kind of mean, Happy Boss day!
  • When the boss is away, it becomes a holiday! Thank you, Boss
  • Boss, I have a question: What do you call people who work with you? Answer: the lucky ones. Happy Boss’ day!
  • Today, as we celebrate Boss’ Day, we will give you a gift that you will surely like that grief. Happy Boss’ day!
  • We always get tired of watching you work! You are such a hardworking boss!
  • I was looking for the right message for you, then I stumbled on the dictionary and search for the meaning of a Boss. It says—QUIT SCREWING AROUND AND GET BACK TO WORK!
  • A moment of work is observed in honor of you. Happy Boss day
  • We call it “management” which includes making difficult people work. Have a great day Boss!
  • You are the first Boss that I never thought of pushing down the stairs. Happy Boss day!
  • Enjoy your Boss Day by doing a little bit of work as I do. Have a beautiful day, boss!
  • If you have not spotted my abilities, these talents are now in the grave. Thank you, Boss!
  • Boss, it’s a great holiday that’s not really a holiday, but hey, we get a long lunch to celebrate!
  • To the leader of the dysfunctional band, Happy Boss’ day!
  • Your job is the only job I never ever want. Happy Boss’ day
  • Happy Boss Day to the most controlling freak person. May you approve this card.
  • Boss, we are sending you this card. We are requesting you to buy us lunch. Hoping for your kind approval. Happy Boss Day!
  • Boss, we thought of sending you greetings of Happy Boss day on Facebook since you spend most of the time there.
  • Thank you for being the driver that gives us the right path to our work. Happy Boss Day!
  • Let’s celebrate Boss’s Day by abundantly thanking people who make pitifully higher salaries than us. Happy Boss Day!
  • Thank you, Boss, for forgetting when I arrive late. Enjoy your day, Boss.
  • Boss, thank you for tolerating my occasional mistakes.
  • This is unusual, I thought it is only indigestion, To find out it must be gratitude. Thank you for being a leader.
  • They say you can adjudicate a boss by merely looking at the people working for him. Therefore, we are so damn good. Happy Boss Day.
  • Boss, in honor of the Happy Boss day celebration, can we all take time off?
  • On this day of celebrating Happy Boss day, you might feel like doing something beautiful. We suggest increasing our pay. Happy Boss day!
  • Now I believe that good karma is paid with good karma. Thank God I worked with you. Happy Boss day!
  • Boss, you give warmth to our cold office. Thank you
  • The other term for employees under your team is called “Spoiled.” Happy Boss day!
  • A great and cool boss is a rare species, and you are one of a kind. Happy Boss day
  • Boss, since we celebrate this special day for you, do we get a raise?


  • We often wait for opportunities to happen. However, during the quest for success, we forgot to create opportunities and thank the people that led us there. Happy Boss day!
  • Your energy is infectious and we can’t help but do good work when you’re around.
  • Leadership is to influence, nothing more, nothing less. Thank you for being a positive influence.
  • There are no shortcuts to success but your leadership makes the journey a little easier. Thanks, Boss!
  • Do the best thing for your team today, just like you do every day. Happy Boss day!
  • Failure is a teacher. Allow people to fail in order for them to learn and grow. That’s leadership.
  • I don’t want to call you “Boss.” Why? A Boss is someone who always says, let us go. But the leader says, “let’s go.”
  • Thanks for everything that you do here, boss. You inspire us all to be better employees and people.
  • Boss, I am glad that you are my boss. You motivate me to stretch and increase the lengths to achieve the impossible
  • We hope that despite the hardships, we as employees, are able to inspire you.
  • The ultimate lesson I learned from you is I became effective when you say, “go ahead and do it.” Thank you for your trust.
  • You are a leader that provides us the platform to come up with great ideas. Thank you for being a leader.
  • Thank you, sir, for trusting us and pushing us to the limits. We are enjoying the benefits.
  • You taught me how to be active and efficient. Today, I do things the proper way.
  • No matter how hard the path towards our success, Boss, we are here to support you. Thank you
  • The team is using our heads right to think right. In the end, we want to be your asset.
  • You are an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. You showed them that it is better to give than receive.
  • Fear cannot go against it if you share it with us. We, as one can rise up with courage and achieve our goals. Happy Boss day!
  • We push ourselves to become your motivation to help you uplift the organization. I hope we have done it. Thank you, Boss,
  • Your great enthusiasm made us celebrate success and learn from failures.
  • It is important to be a person with a greater value than just being a person of success.
  • No one has the right to make you feel inferior at what you do. Your leadership inspires us never to feel less than. Happy National Boss Day.
  • Boss, we know you are exhausted with work. That’s okay. The important thing is that you keep it going.
  • The qualities you possess are what keep you resilient towards your work.
  • Many people fail because of the ego not to commit mistakes, but you showed openness that made you lead to a successful life. Happy Boss day!
  • Great leaders are the ones that allow people to use their ability to achieve greater things. Boss, I am glad that you are the kind of boss that I am talking about.
  • The mark of winners is those who know how to prioritize the important things to accomplish.
  • Only a few in this world values creativity. Good bosses continue to look at things differently to become creative. Happy National Boss’s Day
  • We are all so motivated by your clear vision. Thanks for everything, boss!
  • Boss, we can overcome the problem as long as we hold together and face it!
  • Boss, you avoid making things complicated and keep it simple. thanks!


  • You showed us the best examples of work and made us bring all the best of what we can do. Happy Boss Day
  • We, the employees, would like to let you know that we heartily appreciate everything you do for the company to grow.
  • We see you not as a boss but as a coach. Thanks for everything.
  • You deserve such recognition because of the efforts you give to this company that we all benefited from. Greetings to you, our Boss!
  • Happy Boss Day to the most hardworking person in this office!
  • You are a special kind of boss. You influence people positively
  • The way you value your employees helped us to do more. Happy Boss day!
  • I hope that a great manager will have the most fabulous day ever. Happy Boss Day!
  • We are fortunate to have a boss like you who knows how to value the employees.
  • The way you allow us to think and innovate brings us motivation to do our best.
  • Although there are days, you are in a bad mood, that’s normal! But we want to let you know that our respect remains.
  • May this Happy Boss Day will fill your heart with happiness.
  • You are a person that is nice to know and nice to work with.
  • Your kind of leadership does not leave anyone behind.
  • Your leadership gives inspiration and sometimes perspiration.
  • We love how you’re able to run the kind of office like this. Happy Boss Day!
  • You are a boss that listens than talks. It works!
  • You are kind to all of us.  Happy Boss Day!
  • Keep doing all the best. You’re the best boss!
  • We admire your resilience to make everything run despite the risks. Happy Boss Day
  • We appreciate your patience. I could not imagine how you can do that. Have a great day ahead!
  • We appreciate your effort and passion for bringing us all together to work.
  • I appreciate how you handle problems in the business. I’ve never seen you panic. You’re a good manager!
  • You are awesome! You helped me learn how to focus on my work and not drain my brain.
  • What I love about the way you run the office is you always have a game plan. I love it!


  • Thank you for letting us feel that we are valued in this office. Happy Boss Day!
  • Thank you for making us feel that we are a team.
  • Thank you for the undying support, you are a true leader.
  • Thank you for demonstrating to us how to be courageous and confident in making tough decisions.
  • Thank you for your sound judgment.
  • Thank you for being objective in your decisions.
  • Thank you for empowering us with your encouraging words
  • Thank you for being the best coach that gives clear direction.
  • Thank you for helping me to achieve the best performance of my career.
  • Thank you for treating us later at happy hour!
  • Thank you for standing with us! Cheers!
  • Thank you for never running out of opportunities to give.
  • Thank you for recognizing my effort.
  • Thank you for the advice and for imparting guidance.
  • Thank you for you never giving on up teaching me.
  • Thanks for teaching us to convert our mistakes into lessons that result in improvement. Happy Boss Day!
  • Thank you for the lessons you imparted. These will all be treasured.
  • Thank you for teaching me to grow and become mature.
  • Thank you for lifting each employee in these difficult times.
  • Thank you for trusting me to join the team. I assure you that I will be your greatest asset. Happy Boss Day!

How To Celebrate National Boss’s Day?

The best way to celebrate with your boss is at a party. Why? It’s because we’re all in this together and it would be nice for everyone who works under them, especially those of us on the bottom rung! In addition, there are many other reasons why you should throw one: they’ll enjoy seeing how much support our company has given them through good times as well as bad; besides being an opportunity cost (costs) not having enough time these days so parties provide enjoyment at any hour day or night–even weekends too since most people have work to do for the next day.

1. Chip in to make their days great

Get a kit or DIY project going at your company today to celebrate this special occasion. Why not get everyone in the office involved? It’s easy, cost-effective, and always fun!

2. Tell them what they mean to you

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful boss who always goes out of her way for me. She is dependable and supportive in every situation no matter how difficult it may seem at times. It’s because of this that I’m more motivated than ever before! You make my day brighter when we’re having tough conversations or if something doesn’t go right; knowing myself would not be possible without your support!

3. Help out on the job

A good way to get your boss on the side is with an intangible gesture. Ask them what step you could take next for the job-related task at hand to be completed more efficiently and quickly, then go ahead and do that thing!

National Boss’s Day Syndrome

Every organization has employees who are not satisfied with their job, position, or salary. These people tend to be negative and complain about everything that they do not like about their workplace. This is a form of National Boss’s Day Syndrome, in which they are unhappy with working at all unless there is a possibility to get something for nothing.

While it might seem that this grumbling could help give you an edge when trying to negotiate compensation or promotion opportunities, the truth is that most bosses will not take kindly to this behavior. It’s best not to complain about anything at work, no matter how bad you think it is; instead, try your very best every day and make the most of what you have!

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