Best Lipstick Day: 150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings, Images

Best Lipstick Day Messages: Splurge on the high-end red lipstick you’ve been eyeing on July 29, National Lipstick Day!

There’s a long history behind lipstick. It was originally made from ingredients that include crushed bugs, minerals, flowers, and plants.

Red lipstick is just as important as it was in the 90s and still is for many women’s beauty regimens today.

It’s no wonder that “naked” is so often used as a synonym for “without makeup” or “wearing

Best Lipstick Day Greetings:

– Wishing you all a pleased Lipstick Day. Try all different shades today.

– Greetings of this day to all the beautiful ladies on this Earth.

– Don’t change your mood like your lipstick colors. Choose one that suits you.

– On this Lipstick Day, let’s go and buy a good collection of new shades and types.

– This day let’s create a whole makeup look by just one lipstick. Happy Lipstick Day to all my dear girlfriends.

– Wishing everyone a happy Lipstick day, may your life be as colorful as your lipstick.

– Wearing lipstick brings confidence to me. That’s why I will celebrate this day with whatever possible things I can do.

– The red color is bold, and so is my statement. Wishing Happy Lipstick Day to all my dear friends.

– Let’s celebrate this day by buying our favorite lipstick and keeping it as a memory.

– Happy Lipstick Day to all. May get all the desired shades of our choice.

– Be multitalented like your lipstick. Like your lipstick is used for all purposes.

– Wear lipstick for the best pout pic on this lipstick day.

– Be weirdly happy by wearing all funky color lipsticks. May God bless you with all the happiness and lipstick on this Lipstick Day. Enjoy the most.

– Wishing all the beauty queens a happy lipstick day.

Beautiful wishes on this beautiful day to beautiful people.

– A sunny lipstick day to all. I wish your life were filled with all the makeup you want in this universe. Enjoy the day!

– Lipsticks are love for girls who love makeup. On this day, you can demand all the makeup and accessories you want. No one will dare to stop you.

Best Lipstick Day Messages:

– Trying out new lipsticks daily is like looking forward to something. So try out new shades and see what suits you best.

– Sometimes a lipstick color changes the look on the face.

– When you are too tired of makeup then, complete your look by one lipstick.

– Darker the shade, bolder is the eye; lighter the shade, natural is the look.

– To celebrate this day, beauty bloggers can arrange some giveaways.

– Some makeup artists or makeup stores should organize some kinds of events to celebrate this day. Who will not love to get a lipstick for free?

– For some people, makeup means just applying lipsticks—happy Lipstick Day to all my dear girlfriends.

– Some people can also create some youtube video’s tricks and styles with lipsticks.

– Even if you apply all your cosmetics, it still won’t look complete without a tint of color or lipstick.

– Here’s a hack for you, lipsticks can be used as a lip tint, eye shadow, blush, corrector.

– Lipsticks also act as a lip hydrant. Stay alert and use it effectively.

– Lipsticks are also a statement of confidence. So wear it with the utmost confidence.

– Everyone loves tinted lips as it looks way too cute. Find a perfect match, and have a wonderful evening ahead.

– We have Glossy lipsticks, Matte lipsticks, Smudge-proof lipsticks, lip-gloss, gel lipstick, colored lip balms.

– Earlier people used beeswax and colored flowers for tinted lips. So let us thank god in this beautiful occasion for blessing us with some beautiful pair of lipsticks.

– In this Lipstick Day, let us go out together and buy the best pair of lipsticks available in the market.

– What’s your favorite bloody red or bare essence? Every color has a different meaning.

– Previously ladies who wore red lipsticks were considered prostitutes, as people thought they wore to attract people. As days passed, their statements changed.

– The most expensive lipstick globally is H. Couture Beauty Diamond Lipstick, worth $14 million/ stick. The case of this lipstick is made up of diamonds.

– Lipsticks also brighten our smile, define a person’s lips, and act as SPF.

– Lipsticks also enhance the color complexion.

– There are many lipstick production brands, like Maybelline, Lakme, Faces, Chambor, Bobby Brown, MAC, etc.

– Wearing lipstick makes a person way too attractive.

– One should choose a lipstick color that goes with their skin tone; it will look very odd.

– Lipstick makes the lips look much fuller. On this Lipstick Day, may your life be filled with joy and happiness.

– The first people to wear lipstick were ancient Sumerians.

– Lipstick is not just a part of makeup but is a source of adventure for all the women.

– In this Lipstick Day, let us spend the entire evening looking for the perfect shade, and spend a wonderful evening ahead.

– May God bless you with all the available shapes and shades of lipstick available in the market. I know this is the best blessing you ever got.

– To all my dear girlfriends, if you visit a mall to look up for the perfect shade of lipstick and you are never able to find one, you’re now my best friend.

– ‘Ancient Egyptians wore lipstick as a symbol of status while prostitutes were supposed to in ancient Greece.

– Metal lipstick tubes were first available from 1911. So on this auspicious day, spend the evening wearing all shades of metal lipsticks you have.

– Wearing lipstick doesn’t make you beautiful; it just adds glamour.

Best Lipstick Day Quotes:

-”Put on some lipstick and pull yourself together.”    -Elizabeth Taylor

-”If you’re sad, add some lipstick and attack.” – Coco Channel

-”Be with someone who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara.”     -Anonymous

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