Best Middle Child Day Greeting Messages, Quotes and Jokes – 12 August, 2022

Best Middle Child Day Greeting Messages: If you have siblings, you know competition can be real. Because that’s normal. Middle children often receive less attention from busy parents. They get less affectionate love. But despite the general belief that their insecurities and frustrations become adults, middle-aged children actually develop some critical skills that help them become successful adults.

Whether or not “middle child syndrome” is real, it is true that middle children, especially in large families, are neglected in the busyness of daily life. Launched in 1986 by Elizabeth Walker, National Middle Children’s Day celebrates our middle siblings and reminds us that every child is precious and important.

National Middle Children’s Day is celebrated to honor the child in the family. The funny thing is that even large families celebrate multiple middle children!

Every year, National Middle Children’s Day 2021 will be celebrated on the 12th of August.

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Middle Child Day Greeting Messages

“You are neither the oldest nor the youngest but you are somewhere there in between, thinking where to fit in the best…. Happy Middle Child’s Day to you.”

“On the unique occasion of Middle Child’s Day, I want to wish you all the good luck to face, manage and deal with your younger and elder ones.”

“The middle child always thinks that he is being constantly taken for granted and forgotten…. Happy Middle Child’s Day to you my dear.”

“Middle child is the one who is the link between the younger one and the elder one, who manages both…. Warm wishes on Middle Child’s Day to you my dear.”

“Having a middle child in the family is like having someone on whom you can always pass on the blame with ease…. Happy Middle Child’s Day!!!”

Funny Middle Child Day Jokes

“Being a middle child is like you are always on the training to face the real world, the world which always neglects you and irritates you… Happy Middle Child’s Day.”

“The moment when you realize that you are no longer the younger child but the middle child in the family is when you are promoted and you are not happy about it.”

“Being a middle child is being neglected all the time, you are never the only child and nor you are the youngest to one always be pampered… Warm wishes on Middle Child’s Day.”

“The happiest thing about being a middle child is that you were planned and not unplanned like the younger one….. Wishing a very Happy Middle Child’s Day.”

“Middle child steals all the attention from the elder one but soon has his younger one to steal it all away from him…. Warm wishes on Middle Child’s Day to you dear.”

Happy Middle Child Day Quotes

“When you are the middle child then you always have someone to learn from and also someone to teach.”

“The one thing about which middle child can be happy is that they are not the first one with whom parents are so strict and particular with things.”

“Middle child has a tough life, he is neither the eldest and nor the youngest, and therefore, he will always stay somewhere in between.”

“Elder ones have to be responsible, younger ones can be casual and easy but roles of middle children are never defined as they have to adapt to changing times.”

“Middle child is always compromising, accommodating, and patient because that is what they are doing since day one.”

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