Best National Calzone Day: 100+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings

Best National Calzone Day Messages: National Calzone Day is a day to celebrate all things calzones! This year, National Calzone Day falls on November 1st. The holiday’s origins are unclear, but many believe it was created by the Panzarotti Association of America as a marketing gimmick to increase sales of their product. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can celebrate National Calzone Day in style. We will also discuss some popular recipes for calzones and share some fun facts about the dish!

About National Calzone Day

National Calzone Day is celebrated on November 01, 2021. This day is also known as National Pizza with the Mostess (Panzarotti) Day and International Panzarotti Appreciation Day.

History Of National Calzone Day

While the exact origins of this food holiday are unknown, many believe it was created by the Panzarotti Association to increase sales.

Alongside their premium pizza, Minsky’s has been known to offer up some of the most delicious calzones around. It is not uncommon for customers who have tried one type or another flavor at this joint will come back just so they can get more! The 40th anniversary was an excellent reason as well- why else celebrate something that long? Now you know what all those people on TV eating pizzas are talking about when they say “love.”

With four decades’ worth of memories made here alongside mouth-watering food like handcrafted doughnuts (yum!), donuts wrapped in bacon which everyone knows tastes even better cooked than Un Lak ago; we thought now is time to make National Calzone Day a thing.

National Calzone Day Greetings:

-Let your tummy do the talking today, and it’s time to taste the delicious Calzone until the stomach shows a stop signal.

-The fun and happy part of National Calzone Day is about exploring the possible varieties with the dish and putting self creativity for the love of the word.

-Hold easy on the day. Throw a sweet evening party with friends and family and enjoy the yummy Calzone over tea at the dining table.

-I can’t wait for Calzone day to start. It is my favorite dish, and I’ve planned to spend the day with my best friend.

-On National Calzone Day, add some more awesomeness to the dough by adding some garlic and butter to add divine flavors.

-Italian herbs and spices resulting in the best quality sauces, are the best toppings on the already delicious recipe.

-Calzones are sweet. They can efficiently hold together the pliable dough and also anything which is put inside.

-Calzones are aroma kings. They fill the entire surrounding from the kitchen with their enchanting essence, and mouths turn watering.

-This occasion can be best utilized by looking out for the best Pizza joints in the town and exploring unexplored ones. The variety you taste, the better you get to know about its real taste.

-The taste of a calzone is better than a pizza. I hope you will spend a great day ahead.

Best National Calzone Day Messages:

-To mark the 40th anniversary and their love for the delicious handmade calzones, Minsky’s Pizza founded National Calzone Day in 2016.

-Calzones are better known, in its familiar language as Italian – ‘Pizza hand pie,’ ‘turnaround Pizza,’ ‘Folded Pizza,’ or sometimes ‘carry around Pizza Pie.’

-The record for the most massive calzone is held by Rulli’s Italian Restaurant in Middlebury, Indiana, which baked a most massive Calzone weighing 212 pounds.

-Calzones are such energy boosters that one calzone can contain as much as 2,000 calories while having the same amount of pizza dough like a regular pizza.

-Calzones have become widely popular in past years, potentially due to television shows’ influence, which effectively center storylines about calzones.

-Calzones were invented in Naples, Italy, and are primitive types of pizza.

-Calzones also go hand in hand with science, which suggests that calzones are much efficient.

-Calzones show up a lower surface-to-volume ratio than regular pizzas, resulting in better heat retention.

-Panzerotti are the fried versions of calzones, which are rich in tomato and mozzarella cheese. They efficiently rule the taste buds in the region of Puglia.

-Many Pizza joints propose various offers and discounts on the very famous Calzone. Visit your nearest Pizza joints and get the taste of the delicious piece if you haven’t.

-One who has already had a taste of it earlier can never deny having a fresh piece of Calzone.

National Calzone Day Quotes

“My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? It’s circular, so there’s enough to go around.
― Dora J. Arod

“There’s very little in my world that a foot massage and a thin-crust, everything-on-it pizza won’t set right.”
― G.A. McKevett

“Those pizzas I ate were for medicinal purposes.”
― Amy Neftzger

How to Celebrate National Calzone Day?

 There are many ways you can celebrate National Calzone Day! Some of our favorite fun activities for this day include:

· Go to your local pizzeria and order a calzone 

· Make your calzones at home with family or friends! You can make traditional cheese or pepperoni, but you can also get creative by trying different fillings like shrimp scampi, spinach artichoke dip, buffalo chicken…the list goes on! 

· Watch the movie “Big Night” – A celebration of food, family, and life that will put you in a calzone-loving mood.

1. Make one, bake one, and eat one

Food is sacred. It’s easy to celebrate food-related holidays and observances, so let your stomach do the talking for you with these recipes!

2. Hold a calzone party

If you want to live out your Italian food fantasies, why not invite friends over and have them help make calzones? The experience will be so much more satisfying than just eating one pizza. Plus everyone gets stuck in the kitchen cooking for a while too!

The next time I feel like cheesy deep-dish goodness head on home – sounds better than ordering delivery right? Make sure that whoever comes over is a willing participant because this meal takes teamwork (and lots of cheese!).

3. Learn a few new recipes

Every year, on the final day of National Calzone Day people across America, battle it out in their own version sorriest for who has mastered this delicious treat. However, there are so many different kinds that you may not have tried them all yet!

Every time I go to my favorite pizzeria and order one up they always give me some variant on the traditional cheese pizza- but every once in a while we’ll also get something new like pepperoni with Ranch sauce instead; these variations make things more interesting than just getting a slice from Domino’s again after Labor Day


1.​What’s in a name? What’s in your calzone?

The word “calzone” comes from the Italian word for “pants.” This pastry was created as a way to use up leftover pizza dough and cheese, but it quickly became so popular that many restaurants will now sell them by themselves.

2. This calzone has room for many fillings

Rulli’s Italian Restaurant in Indiana has had some serious culinary feats. One of their more impressive accomplishments was baking the world’s largest calzone, which weighed 212 pounds and measured 40 inches across at its widest point!

3. Calzones are loaded with calories

A calzone is like an Italian pizza in that they both have the same ingredients; however, there are some key differences. Calzones typically contain more dough than you would find on a traditional slice and can pack over 2k calories!


1. Calzones are ridiculously delicious

A calzone is a perfect pairing for your favorite pizza. The salty, warm bread covered with perfection will have you coming back time and again to find out what secret ingredients make this dish so addictive!

2. Calzones are handy

A calzone is a great way to stretch your food dollar. Although the ingredients list might seem daunting, it’s quite easy when you break down how they’re made from start-to-finish

There are three steps in making these delicious little folded pastries: First, mix some sauce and cheeses until smooth; then add meat or vegetables if desired before folding it all up into a doughy parcel shape with one side opened so we can put our filling onto its flat surface Lastly step involves rolling out this swiss roll thin enough that there isn’t any thickness remaining at either end – otherwise known as being ‘rustic’. Slice into squares and enjoy the goodness!

3.Calzones are flexible

Calzones are a delicious, portable pie that can be customized to your liking. They’re made with dough and can hold together nicely thanks to their flexible nature – making them easy for transport or eating on the go! You could put just about anything inside if you wanted to which makes these dishes perfect whether they need some extra vegetables in there somewhere; maybe even meat would work well as long as it’s cooked before being added into this savory treat of sorts?


This holiday is always one of my favorites because eating calzone is like having a beautiful moment with myself- it’s really hard to not feel like you’re in Italy when you’ve got this tasty treat! I’ll eat anything that’s a deep dish and contains cheese, but if we could make our calzones at home- it would be even better than ordering them up from your favorite pizzeria!

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