Best Orangutan Day:150+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings – August 19, 2022

Best Orangutan Day Messages: On 19 August International Orangutan Day, we show our support for orangutans. This day is to inspire people to take steps to save this amazing creature of the wild. It is not surprising that orangutans are intelligent because they share 97% of their D.N.A. With people. This may explain why the word ‘orangutan’ in English means ‘forest person.


Exactly in what year International Orangutan Day was established is uncertain. However, the day has been marked to save the endangered species.

The goal of International Orangutan Day is to raise awareness of the plight of this species, which has gone from endangered to critically endangered. Orangutans are descended from gorillas. They are large apes that spend most of their time in trees and are found only in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra, and the two species that live there were previously thought to be the same.

Further studies have shown that they are two distinct species that separated about 400,000 years ago. Orangutans have huge arm lengths that reach about seven feet from tip to tip, which is impressive because they stand just five feet above the ground.

When the orangutans stand up straight, their hands almost touch the ground. Their long arms admire the life of their tree, letting them go from tree to tree and making shelter from the huge leaves of the tent. Since orangutans spend 90% of their time looking for food on tree tops, deforestation is extremely harmful to them. Orangutans are mostly herbivores, but omnivorous orangutans will eat bark, insects, and even meat if it is available.

Tropical rainforests have been destroyed due to the mismanagement of farms. Moreover, farmers consider orangutans to be a nuisance and either kill them or burn the forest. There are only 20,000 survivors since 2006, but there should be more now.

As a result, deforestation is the root cause of orangutan survival, and if it continues, large apes will soon become extinct. Raising awareness by celebrating International Orangutan Day can help increase the chances of rescuing this endangered species.

Unfortunately, humans are the biggest threat to the survival of orangutans. Deforestation, for example, limits their habitat. In addition, poaching kills 3,000 orangutans each year. Some wildlife experts believe that orangutans will become extinct in the wild within the next 50 years.

However, several organizations are working to preserve orangutans. The Center for Orangutan Protection, the Sumatran Orangutan Society, The Orangutan Project, the Orangutan Outreach, and the Human Society are some of these organizations.

Orangutan Day Greetings, Messages, And Quotes

International orangutan day greetings:

– This international orangutan day, let’s take a pledge to protect all the orangutans that are left and give them the attention and care they deserve.

– The best way to celebrate orangutan day is by visiting the zoo, learning more about them, and making this a world better place for them—happy international orangutan day.

On this orangutan day, discuss the problems orangutans are facing with your friends, make them aware of the problems, and how they can help to solve, this is the gift we can give to them.

– Orangutans are just like babies like they need us to protect them in the same way orangutan need our help to survive—happy international orangutan day.

– Take some significant actions to save orangutans before it’s too late because then we will have nothing but regret. And no amount of guilt will be able to bring them back.

– From the past few years, the population of orangutan has reduced up to 50%; take some major steps before everything goes out of hand—happy international orangutan day.

–  Something was needed to be done. That’s why orangutan day is celebrated so that people can be aware of the situations of an orangutan.

International orangutan day messages:

– The best way to spread awareness about orangutan is by conducting workshops, delivering lectures, and, most importantly involve the children.

– It’s you and me who can pressure the government to take some strict and severe actions to save and protect the orangutan; it’s our duty as well as responsibility.

– Orangutan lives only on two islands and humans. We must protect at least those two islands.

– The word orangutan means the humans of the forest, and now those humans are needed to be saved because humans of urban were too greedy that they destroyed their homes for their greed.

– We humans share approx. 97% of our DNA with an orangutan should be enough reason to save them and protect them.

– If we don’t act fast, their habitat will be destroyed to such an extent that instead of just being sad, we wouldn’t be able to do much.

– If anything we humans can learn from orangutan is how to live with harmony and peace without troubling anyone.

– The orangutan is the most peaceful creature, and that’s the only thing that the world needs to learn from them how to coexist.

– Orangutan is the victim of the palm oil industry, proving once again that it’s always the humans who cause troubles to others.

– Deforestation is like snatching homes from an orangutan and that’s why humans need to once again think about their meaning of development.

International orangutan day quotes

“The demon cried, waving its furry arms above his head like a demented orangutan.”
― Jana Oliver

“As an orangutan cannot embrace higher mathematics or comprehend the architecture and operation of a computer, we humans __ so good at loudly proclaiming our intelligence”

― John Rachel

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