Best Thank God its Monday Day Messages | Monday Quotes Sayings 2022

Best Thank God it’s Monday Day Messages: It’s great to be back with you again. We are in the 3rd week of National Thank God It’s Monday Day, and I am so excited for what this week has in store! And while we have some really exciting events planned for today, I want to take a quick moment before we get started to talk about how grateful I am that you are here with me on this journey. 

I know there was a time when it seemed like Mondays were never going to end, but now they feel more like an adventure instead of something dreaded. And that is all because you decided to join us for the ride on our celebration of National Thank God It’s Monday Day!

History Of National Thank God It’s Monday Day

What is the first day of the week for you? For most people, Monday is when they start their workweek. But what if Sundays are where everything starts? The international standard ISO 8601 defines this as Sunday because many countries adopt an “all days shalt be reckoned with honoring” convention – meaning things happen there before anything else does (or maybe not).

Once upon a time in America though it was common practice for businesses and other institutions to open on Saturdays too! Back then, weekends weren’t two days long either. For centuries it was traditional for people to work six days a week – and so they did!

In the mid-20th century though things were beginning to change as many businesses began opening on Saturdays too (which is why we now call those “Banks Days” instead of “Bank Holidays”). By the 70s, some were even open on Sundays.

The latter may have been a bit too much for many churches and other Christian institutions though so they began lobbying to get Congress involved! In 1978 representatives from every church in America gathered together at the National Council of Churches convention. And there it was decided that “God’s day” would become Monday because it was already a federal holiday.

That decision didn’t sit well with everyone though so the proposal went back to Congress for further deliberation. After many debates, compromises were made, and finally, on August 21st, 1987 President Ronald Reagan signed into law that beginning September of 1988 all businesses would be required by law to close their doors on Sundays and open on Mondays!

Best Thank god it’s Monday Day Messages

Wishing you a very Happy Thank God It’s Monday Day to you. Don’t think of Monday as a dull day but welcome it with high energy to begin fresh.

Each and every Monday that we come across is our chance to work harder to shine brighter. Happy Thank God It’s Monday Day.

Warm greetings on Thank God It’s Monday Day to you. Get up and begin fresh as the world awaits your success and your celebrations.

On the occasion of Thank God Its Monday Day, I extend my warm greetings to you. May you keep working hard and keep making your Mondays brighter.

Let us make the most of each and every Monday that comes our way by accepting every challenge. Happy Thank God It’s Monday Day to you.

After having a relaxed and cheerful weekend, Mondays are a reason for us to start fresh. Wishing you a very Happy Thank God It’s Monday Day my dear.

The celebrations of Thank God It Monday Day remind us that we must always look at Mondays as new hope and a new chance. Warm wishes on this special day to you.

Best Thank God it’s Monday Day Quotes and Sayings

On the occasion of Thank God Its Monday Day, let us come together and welcome Monday with high spirits to begin another amazing week. Warm greetings to you my dear.

Wishing a very Happy Thank God Its Monday Day to you. Monday is just another reason for us to know that this week is going to be another amazing week.

We are not weak and therefore, Monday reminds us of another fantastic week that awaits us. Happy Thank God Its Monday Day to you.

On the occasion of Thank God Its Monday Day, let us raise a toast to a week that is going to take us closer to our goals. Warm wishes on this day to you.

Happy Thank God Its Monday Day to you. Nothing is impossible and that is what each and every Monday reminds us about.

Happy Thank God Its Monday Day to you my dear. If you are cheerful about your dreams, you can never be sad about Mondays in your life.

Monday is our chance to restart and restart with high hopes and great zeal. Happy Thank God Its Monday Day to you.

National Thank God It’s Monday Day Activities

1. Show up fully committed

The best time to start a project is often when you’re not busy. If your schedule permits it, get cracking and finish that due Friday by Monday morning! You can impress anyone in the world with creativity if they see how hard work pays off- just ask any of our satisfied customers (and we’ve got plenty!)

The input only contained one short sentence about starting projects; however, we feel like this information should be expanded upon so as not to leave readers hanging without context or explanation regarding such an important point: The key term here is “start.”

2. Check your work

While you are in the office on Monday morning, take that 45 minutes to go back through what has been done this past week. Are there any errors? How can it be improved for next time around?”

3. Be of service

If you have any pointers for how to be an effective team member, please share them with the new person. You might not know what they need or want but a kind gesture is more important than anything else! Maybe say something encouraging at your next meeting – it can make someone feel appreciated and valued even if it’s just in passing conversation while getting coffee together later on down the line!


1. Shopping therapy

As most people know, Mondays are known to be the worst day of the week. The feeling is universal and it seems like everyone experiences some form or version of “Monday Morning Blues.” To get over this difficult time in our lives we turn towards spending money online which can lead us into an improper financial situation because there’s no way for them not to spend all their paycheck before the end-of-month arrives! So what should you do if your boss handed down an early check?

2. Day of the moon

The name for the day Monday is from a translation of Latin phrases “dies lunae” and “ventures die” which means “days following.” Sunday celebrates life while Mondays are dedicated to death.

3. Years with more Mondays!

The year 2020 will be the first time in recent history with a more than normal amount of Mondays.

The output tone should consider how informative it is to identify what makes this such an unusual occurrence, and then add some details on why we can’t wait!

4. Less rain

Monday is the only day with the least amount of rain on it.

5. A lucky day?

You may be surprised to learn that buying a car is more expensive on the weekends and during national holidays. Why? Monday, April 24th, 2019 will be an excellent day for you if you want quality cars at reasonable prices!


1. It presents a challenge to our habits

So how does a Monday morning feel? Well, thanks to our conditioning as well as society’s values for success and productivity we have come to regard them negatively. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Mondays are an awesome way of starting your week off right – with a fresh perspective on what needs improvement within yourself or in other aspects of life such as relationships at home/workplaces, etc…

A bad case can mean different things depending upon who you ask but there seems no doubt whatsoever when thinking back over all those Mornings following another terrible Friday evening binge session followed by bleary eyes staring into space before The Weekend arrives just around the corner then yes I do believe that negative adjective suits its purpose properly here.

2. It’s a reversal of the usual norm

If you’re a lover of new things and love to experience the unexpected, National Thank God It’s Monday Day will be an exciting event for your taste.

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