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Canada’s National day, Canada Day is a holiday celebrated in honor of the country’s independence. It marks July 1st, 1867 when The Law Of The Constitution came into effect and united three colonies that were part of British North America – Nova Scotia (The Bay), New Brunswick( Guysborough) & Ontario- eastward towards what would become known as “Canadian” territory aka fries land. Bonne Fete Du Canada 2022 Férié Vœux Images

Canada Day is a federal holiday that was originally known as Fête du Dominion. However, its name changed in 1982 when Canada’s Constitution was repatriated by law and became known among Canadians mostly through this event alone – with many celebrations taking place across the country on July 1st each year to commemorate our national day of thanksgiving!

Bonne Fete Du Canada 2022

As Canada celebrates its day, the 153rd annual appropriation of our national holiday is in danger. This year’s celebration will be different than any other before it due specifically because there was no mass gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic which led Edmonton City Councilors to cancel their traditional event and fireworks display for fear they could incite panic among residents nearby who were already feeling vulnerable from remaining isolated while infected without access medical care or shelter; however, people can still enjoy celebrating safely while following guidelines set out by experts at risk management agencies across the nation! We compiled lists containing suggestions on what you may want your loved ones/friends to tell everyone close enough aka “memorial messages” so that those closest feel closer even after distance grows between us all through time!

Bonne Fete Du Canada 2022 Vœux

This July 1st, we celebrate the great nation of Canada. To commemorate this day and honor all those who have served our country in times past with courage hope resilience- let us come together as one people richer for having them here today!

We hope everyone is enjoying the Canada Day celebrations. It’s an exciting time to be Canadian, with our country celebrating its 153rd birthday! We can think of no better way than taking this opportunity for some self-reflection on how far we have come as a nation and what still needs work – but not before wishing all Americans well during their important festivities next week (Happy Fourth!).

It has been quite impressive seeing which pop singers from your fair land worldwide top charts lately: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez (” blurry face”), Jacob HIndependent & Taylor SwiFT ( “I don’t like your Girlfriend”), Drake, Shawn Mendes and of course- The Weeknd who all performed their best for Canada in this year’s Junos and we hereby wish everyone at 120 Music good luck with their next leg of tour 🙂

This July 1st, I want you to take some time out of your day and enjoy the Canadian culture. We’re all brothers and sisters in this great nation so let’s celebrate together!

In 1867 when Canada became an independent kingdom it had only four provinces but today there are ten – Quebec is one of them (and yes they do still speak French). Today also happens to be their independence day which means that every June 30th we get invited over here for “Ceux du Saskatchewan” or Those from Saskatchewan and Bonne Fete Du Canada 2022.

Canada Day Quotes & Sayings

1. Coming up with the perfect date idea can be difficult, but this Canadian knows how to make love in a canoe.

2. Canada is like an old cow that everyone feeds. The West strolls along with their hands out, Ontario and Quebec milk it for all they’re worth (and you know what goes into the Maritimes), while our poor national animal gets sloshed on everybody else’s whenever he ventures too far from home!

3. Canada is a country where equality, justice, and tolerance are stapled values. This was instilled in us by our prime Minister Kim Campbell who led the government with dignity during its darkest hour for nearly 13 years – until she became Canada’s 26th Prime Minister on December 12th, 1993!

4. Canada is often referred to as the Great White North because of how different it can be from other places in Europe or Asia. The culture up here on our beautiful land has always been more experimental, which makes for some great dining options when you visit any major city!

5. The only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity in Canada. – Marshall McLuhan

6. Canada may not be the most vocal country when it comes to patriotism, but we have our pride. We can feel Canadian pride in every part of ourselves and this beautiful land will always remain deep inside your heart as well!

7. We all know that Canada is the greatest nation in this world. But what many people don’t realize, or just haven’t seen with their own eyes yet is how awesomely beautiful it can be!

8. The United States may be number one when it comes to population, but don’t let their size fool you. Canada has received more immigrants per capita than any other nation on Earth and they’re not afraid of newcomers!

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COVID-19 has caused celebrations of Canada Day 2022 to be held online. We hope you’ll join us in Ottawa on July 1st and throughout the years ahead!

Votre voyage dans le temps vers la plus grande fête organisée chaque année au pays, réunissant tous les Canadiens autour de votre nation. participez à notre journée du 1er juillet avec des spectacles ,activités familiales et feux d’artifice !

Le Canada célébrera ses 150 ans franchis par une superbe soirée spares qui sera également gratuite pour vous!

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