9 datos curiosos para celebrar el Día del Bikini 2022

¡Viva el Bikini! No hay mejor manera de celebrar un día que conociendo su historia. Fue creado por Louis Réard, quien tenía la difficultad de encontrar una model@s para posar en las joyas del traje: dos piezas enteras o bajadas hasta los pies y medias amarrada sobre sí mismocon formato ovalado ( bikini ).

This 5 July, in the United States of America, as well on this day they celebrate ‘Dress Code Day’, and to recognize one of those popular beach clothes we will mention some curious facts about its inception.

Este día del baño formal se celebra este martes con motivo de la duela nacional , pero también es el primer bikiniodelanteal sombras en la historia.

Celebrar el Día del Bikini

1. The bikini was created in 1946, by the engineer Louis Réard who specialized in automobiles. For his first design, he took two pieces of fabric cut into triangle shapes and sewed them together to make a swimsuit that was quite different from what people were wearing in this period

He then added straps over the top so you could wear it as pants if desired but typically these early bikinis featured very little coverage which made getting wet much easier since there weren’t any panels or belts around your body protecting against water flowing up underneath towards vital organs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2. When fashion designers are not designing clothes, they can be found on the track. French designer Jacques Haim created his bikinis but for the lower part used pants or shorts and named it Atome after a newly discovered atom which had little occurrence compared to what happened before its discovery

Fashion comes naturally when you’re an artistically inclined person like myself!

3. This suit was promoted by Jacques as the smallest bathing costume in the world, but it turns out that Réard’s design – which had 30 inches (76 cm) fabric-earned him a patent for his more compact counterpart.

4. When Louis Réard first tried to use it, no one wanted it. It took him a long time to find the perfect model for his suit ads and magazine spreads with this new bikini style that would soon be all anyone could talk about!

5. The only woman who has dared use it is French ballerina Micheline Bernardini, and after that many fans were gained according to Mental Floss.

6. The island of Bikini is home to an atoll, where nuclear tests for Operation Encrucijada were conducted by Réard. He believed that his creation was just as explosive and unpredictable.”

7. Within months of the release of their swimwear line, hundreds of designers around the world tried to copy it.

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8. The success of this game led to its release in 1946 and it became an instant hit across Europe. A year later, the royalties from their sales allowed for a small expansion into America’s market which skyrocketed even more so when they released another version called “Chutes & Ladders”.

This article talks about why you should never shy away from trying new things despite what might seem risky at first glance or how hard something seems because there could always come some unforeseen opportunity outta nowhere!

9. The bikini was first worn by women in America during the 1960s. It wasn’t until then that they were allowed on public beaches, thanks to their sexual revolution and freedom of expression.

Bikinis have become an iconic symbol for beach parties all over this world–but not without some controversy! Some cities such as New York City still prohibit them while others allow only hair Below The Belt (that’s right – even though you’re covered up!).

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