Celebration of Life Day – January 22, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

Celebration of Life Day is an annual event celebrated on January 22. It was founded by Dr. Bill W, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, who believed that the most important celebrations in life are those that honor our loved ones who have passed away. Celebration of Life Day has grown into a worldwide observance with tens of thousands celebrating around the globe each year. Celebrate your loved one’s memories this year and participate in any activity you choose – there are no rules!

History Of Celebration of Life Day

The philosophy of celebration is rooted in the practice of gratitude. The tradition began millennia ago and has been sustained by those who remember their lives with love for others or themselves

It’s hard not to be touched when you read about someone remembering what they were grateful for during their final words – it reminds us that life should never really end; instead, its seeds continue as long as there are living beings around disposing them into nourishment like ours does Every person deserves this kind human courtesy even if society doesn’t agree.

Celebration of Life Day is an amazing opportunity to reflect on the people you are grateful for, both those who have passed away and those who are still with us.

Gratitude is a conscious practice. It means being thankful for what you have, not focused on the things that are lacking in your life

I know this might sound cliche or even worse “mushy,” but it’s really important to take time every day and just be grateful with everything going around us all day long– from waking up each morning when we get an opportunity at work thanks-giving dinner parties where friends share stories over good food laughter, etc., Even if someone else has wronged us can still show their appreciation by thankfulness which will come back tenfold!

Gratitude is a word that has been around for centuries. It’s found its way into many different religions, including all major faiths and sects from every corner of the globe! Gratitude can be seen as an important aspect in keeping your mind healthy because it helps to avoid negative thoughts or feelings which may arise due to things like stressors at work; interpersonal conflicts with loved ones (or even strangers), accidents etcetera…

“It will make me happier if I take time out each day/weekend cycle just before bedtime- when my energy levels are lowest -to write about three good thing(s) that happened during my day. This practice can be modified to fit anyone’s lifestyle.”

Children are a blessing from God and they provide people with great joy. It’s not uncommon for children’s laughter to bring tears of happiness flowing down your face in waves, it’s truly something special!


1. Make a gratitude jar

A gratitude jar is an excellent way to help you remember why life is so good after today ends, and I think it will be even more helpful if we all keep the things that make us happy around for a while.

The best part of this idea? You can put money in your jar or write thank-you notes on postcards thanking people who have impacted our lives positively throughout these past weeks! It’s especially useful at parties – just hand out some coins with instructions about what they should do next time something happens like “spill my drink!”

2. Get outside and play!

One of the best ways to enjoy life is by getting outside and enjoying yourself. You can do this with family, friends, or pets! For some people, it’s enough just being in nature but few need even more stimulation like those living on their own without kids.

The sun shining brightly during these days will make your mood light up because not only does it feel good physically but mentally as well – boosting endorphins all over again while appreciating how lucky we are at times too busy taking things for granted sometimes thinking “what have I done?”

3. Indulge in a childhood favorite

Don’t get stuck in a rut! Celebrate your inner child today by getting ice cream. This meal will make you feel like nothing else matters, and it’s something that everyone needs from time to time because life can be tough sometimes…but even if they don’t have children themselves or know someone with kids at heart this is still an important tradition-even adult need their happy place where all memories are good ones (and yeah maybe some chocolate chip cookie dough thrown into the mix).


1. Happiness helps boost your immune system

A study conducted by Psychosomatic Research found that happier people are less likely to catch a common cold!

2. Grateful People Sleep Better

3. Improve Self-Esteem with Gratitude

4. Color Your Feelings

5. Pain-Free


1. It’s a great time to reflect

2. It helps us connect with family and our children

3. It’s good for us!


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