Childhelp National Day of Hope

Childhelp National Day of Hope: We celebrate Childhelp National Day of Hope on the first Wednesday in April. The recent attacks against children have spurred us to recommit our core values—especially those concerning safety and well-being for all young ones everywhere.”

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Why Childhelp National Day of Hope?

Child welfare is a complicated subject with so many nuances and complexities it can feel hard to understand. Who decides what gets funded? How should citizens participate in this process, especially when families are on their own financially trying desperately to hold onto children from being removed by government officials who might take them away because they don’t think the family will be able to help raise these kids properly or ever allow them back home again once grown up without bars tying anyone down forever?

Child welfare issues have been a hot-button topic for decades in the U.S., and it is still not enough to curb child labor practices across all industries when we know there are many who can’t afford school or any other form of education because their families don’t make enough money from one paycheck alone!

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This day is a time to honor all children who have been negatively affected by their parent’s inability, or unwillingness in the past. On this occasion, we can reflect on our own failures as parents and take action so that such tragedies don’t happen again with future generations of youth at risk!

How Can We Observe Childhelp National Day of Hope:

This day is a celebration of life and love. Here are some ways you can honor this tradition in your own home: 

-Lovemaking means more than just sex on Valentine’s Day, so make sure the mood is right by getting massages or doing other sensual activities beforehand with your partner(s). You’ll feel refreshed after all that touching!

It is important that we show support for families in need.

Consider donating money or services to a children’s charity today. The warmth of your donation will be felt by those in need and make it easier for them on this cold winter night!

Spread the word about this day.

You can make a difference in the world by participating in an online photo or video, donating through your favorite nonprofit organization, and volunteering for people you care about.

Recognize the devastating impact.

This very day, we are all asked to pray for one another as families struggle through the grievous loss of a child.

Interesting Facts About Childhelp National Day of Hope:

This is a day that will live in infamy for all the wrong reasons. It’s been said before and it bears repeating: on this historic date in 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law The Kevin & Barbara Bain Memorial Act – establishing what was then called “The Childhelp Information Exchange Program.” This network would become known worldwide as one of America’s finest efforts to share information about children who were entering our foster care system or finding homes through adoption agencies across our great country!

Childhelp is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency relief to children in need, promotes safety and responsibility among parents through education programs about their rights as well as those of other family members including pets or farm animals who may be living at home with them; they also work tirelessly towards finding permanent homes for all kid’s dreams become reality by placing 2 million+ kids into loving families since its inception!

History of Childhelp National Day of Hope:

Childhelp was founded in 1885 as a small service providing food to poor children living on the streets of Boston. Today, over 120 years later, and despite its humble beginnings which saw them provide just one meal per day for some 12-15-year-olds who had fallen through society’s cracks; this organization is still dedicated to serving those most vulnerable among us: America’s kids – more than ever before!

ChildHelp National Day Of Hope (NDH) exists so we can rededicate our efforts fighting child abuse & neglect while spreading awareness about these issues across all demographics during such an important time period surrounding Motherhood Month throughout the United States. Please visit Childhelp’s website to learn more about how you can help make a difference in a child’s life!

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