Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Messages, Quotes and Slogans – August 4, 2022

Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Messages: Every year on World Cookie Day, we celebrate the love of chocolate and other sweets.

Chocolate chip cookies take us right back to the halcyon days of our childhoods, when the days were long and the milk was cold.

I’ve tried warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven, and they were amazing! They’re also so easy to make, so why not try making your own?

We may prefer different forms of the beloved chocolate chip cookie, but we all know there’s just no substitute for a good old-fashioned triple-C chocolate chip cookie.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Messages

  • “Warm wishes on National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to you…. May you enjoy the yummiest choco cookies that melt in your mouth.”
  • “May you enjoy the delicious chocolate chip cookies made with love which make each day a happy one for you…. Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to you.”
  • “Happiness is when it suddenly starts to rain cookies. Happy cookie day, dear!”
  • “Every moment of the day, we like a cookie! Happy Cookie day to all my dear ones.”
  • “Life is better with fresh baked cookies. Have a great and tasty Cookie day. Don’t forget to have a Cookie.”
  • “If you want to know about a balanced diet, take a cookie in each hand, and celebrate the day. Happy Cookie Day, my dear friend.”
  • “May your life is filled with different varieties of cookies. Wishing you a lovely cookie day.”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Quotes

  • “Lots of butter, lots of choco chips, and lots of love make it a perfect cookie to enjoy…. Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to you.”
  • “It can bring a smile on a dull face, it can add a spark to a boring day, it can make a bad day a good one…. Such is the magic of chocolate chip cookies.”
  • “I think cookies are sort of the unsung sweet, you know? They’re incredibly popular. But everybody thinks of cakes and pies and fancier desserts before they think of cookies. A plate of cookies is a great way to end dinner and really nice to share at the holidays.” – Bobby Flay
  • “I have a bad sweet tooth. I’m pretty good when I have to eat well for work, but otherwise, I could eat a whole roll of raw cookie dough.” – Jeremy Renner
  • “My grannies would both bake things like shortbreads and cookies. I think whenever I smell those kinds of things it really takes me back to my childhood.” – Curtis Stone
  • “On the occasion of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I want you to enjoy these sumptuous treats on each and every day of your life.”
  • “May you never lack chocolate chip cookies to make every moment of your life more beautiful…. Happy National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. ”

Cookie Day Wishes

  • I’d like to wish you a very merry World Cookie Day…… May you be surrounded by the best cookies each day of your life.
  • Cookies are a must-have for each celebration, and National Cookie Day serves as a warning that we must spoil our family members with these delectable treats.
  • “With a choco chip cookie in your hand, you can face the toughest of the challenge.”
  • “Cookie is always welcome when you are sad and also when you are happy.”
  • It’s a fantastic cookie to enjoy because it’s made with a lot of butter, a lot of s, and a lot of love…. I wish you a happy National Cookie Day.

Catchy Cookie Slogans

  • “Never ever say no to a cookie because you are saying no to something special.”
  • “Cookie is something which can transform a bad day into a good one.”
  • “You can always stay young with cookies as they make you happy.”
  • “Lots of love and butter make cookies the most loved food in this world.”
  • “The world has become a much better place to live since cookies began to be cooked.”

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