Christmas Day in Bangladesh in 2022

Christmas Day is a holiday celebrated on December 25th. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem. The day has been traditionally called “Christmas” since at least the 3rd century, but it is possible that December 25th had earlier pagan roots as well.

Christmas Day can be seen as an international holiday and many countries have traditions that are associated with this day. For example, some people celebrate Christmas Day by attending church services, while others may spend time with friends or family members.

Christmas Traditions

1. Candy canes

The first peppermint candy cane was introduced in 1920. Bob McCormack, of Albany Georgia, developed the hooked stick for hanging on Christmas trees with an easy-to-eat end that would not distract from or obliterate other decorations on display at nighttime festivities during festive seasons.

It had been traditional up until then to use sticks made out of genuine sugarcane which typically occurred plain without any flavors added whatsoever; however, it wasn’t until this man took his idea and created something entirely new by adding red and white striped twist strips through its length – thus giving birth (or rather just slightly altering) one heckuva sweet treat we know today as “Pepper Mint Cops.”

2. Poinsettia

The legend of the poinsettia takes place in Mexico. According to this story, a girl wanted desperately for her birthday celebration not only to be about herself but also to celebrate Jesus’s day with all she had inside her heart and soul

She stitched leaves from plants like those found near Christmastime-the Narses elf in (her favorite) or lilies coronary -to make colorful decorations on trees around homes where they would spend time during winter months; giving each family member their special tradition while sharing warmth

3. Christmas trees

Evergreens, fir trees, and other plants have been a part of winter festivals since ancient times.

4. St. Nicholas

The modern-day Santa Claus is the direct result of a man who was once just an innocent bishop in Russia.

A third-century Saint Nickolas became legend when he started giving out presents on December 6th, his feast day to thank God for protecting him during wartime and bringing joy into people’s lives with generosity year-round- even though many knew nothing about this tradition until centuries later!

5. Mailing cards

In Victorian England, penny post was an affordable and frequent form of communication. Not responding to it could lead you to be socially isolated from your community so in order not to have this happen many people who were popular or busy took up sending “holiday cards” which gave us a tradition we enjoy today!

6. Caroling

Wassailing and caroling have a long history together. Originally, wassail referred to a hot drink made from spices served at Christmastime that were meant as an offering in thanks for the food on Christmas day – it eventually came about as someone who visits friends or family during this time would be greeted by those residents with song!

7. A Christmas Carol 

One of the most popular stories ever written, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens was published on December 19th, 1843, and tells Ebenezer Scrooge’s story. So successful were these 14 chapters that they inspired its first theater production within weeks!

8. Fruitcake

In the 19th century, it was common for people of all classes to celebrate Christmas by overeating and exchanging gifts. In England, during that period, many families would get together on December 26th with their loved ones before going into town or staying home for dinner which included platters filled with roasted meats alongside boiled vegetables served alongside desserts like fruitcakes.

While these traditions may seem luxurious nowadays due to tother excessive calories content – they were very necessary then because there wasn’t enough food available at markets where most Americans lived!


It’s that time of year again! The excitement in the air is undeniable. As you wake up on Christmas morning, open your presents and enjoy a meal together around one or two trees decorated with lights while listening to everyone talk about how much they love their gifts (if there are kids).

You might even want to make some cookies for Santy Claus himself has delivered-but not until after dinner because he’ll be hungry when arriving at 9 PM sharp this eve…and just think if we left him out too late? He won’t bring us anything then 😉

Other traditions include:

The most important thing about Christmas is not getting too wrapped up in the season. You don’t want to forget all of your family and friends, but it’s good for a break from time to time! There are so many things you can do during these long winter days: taking pictures with Santa baking cookies and goodies to exchange such as fudge or gingerbread men hanging lights making ornaments going out into town on vacation watching holiday movies both old (like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) new ones like Elf which just came out this year opening Advent calendars waiting through December 25th before starting binging Netflix series again.

It is a time of joy and celebration as we experience the birth of Jesus, who gave us hope for our future. On Christmas Day families open their gifts in anticipation of eating an amazing meal with good friends or loved ones!


The debate on whether Jesus was born at Christmas or not has been going on for centuries. Does the Bible provide no specific date which makes people think about why this day is celebrated? To find out more, I went back in time to 336 AD when Christianity had just started expanding throughout Europe and Asia during the Roman Empire ruled by Constantine – who would become famous as ‘the first Christian Emperor’ after making important modifications that allowed him to unite various churches into one religion called Catholicism/Orthodoxy (which still exists today).

One of the earliest references to celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth is found in a homily by John Chrysostom, an archdiocesan Archbishop from 4th century Constantinople.

Winter Solstice

The winter solstice was celebrated in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The celebration grew to become associated with Christmas because it is then that we recognize Jesus as having overcome death on our behalf, leading us towards eternal life through His atonement (Baptism).

The northern tradition includes decorating evergreen trees while those who live south have Carolers coming out for them instead!

Christmas has long been associated with the winter solstice. This year, it’s almost December which means that soon we’ll all be gathering around to celebrate this joyous holiday – but before you do let me share some information about how Christmas got its start in northern Europe!

During Celtic celebrations for Samhain (the Gaelic name for Halloween or Sithonia) people would leave out foods on tables as bargains Gon Finn MacCool”, Chief of Animals Whenua (“keeper” over death); Maol Droig Meg (‘horse without equal’), King Banba Buide ‘Queen Nan whose gifts are always betted’.

Caroling and gift-giving spread to all social classes in the 16th century. This was a time of great change when royalty influenced society that would not be matched until centuries later with Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power during the Napoleonic Wars.

The custom became popularized by upper-class citizens who wanted favors owed them for their patronage but still needed permission from higher-ups before implementing these traditions so they could maintain decorum at courtly functions like weddings.

Christmas in The United States

Since the founding of America, it has only been a matter of time before Christmas became an official holiday.

Many traditions vary depending on where you live in America. For instance, people celebrate Christmas differently across the country- some have winter festivals with carolers singing instead of gifts being delivered under a tree while others focus more heavily on family time at home or exchanging presents close to New Year’s Eve rather than before then as is done during Christmastide celebrations here.

Louis Prang, a German immigrant, and printer by trade are responsible for introducing the American Christmas card in 1875.

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