50 Best Cinco de Mayo Wishes 2022 That’ll Guarantee to Guac Your World

Best Cinco de Mayo Wishes 2022: This 5th of May reminds us of the historic glorious day. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every year by the Spanish people because this day marks the impossible victory of the Mexican army against the French army at the Battle of Puebla on 5 May 182. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in memory of those martyrs. For whom this freedom is paid homage on this day.

50 Happy Cinco de Mayo Wishes

  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigo!
  • May your Cinco de Mayo holiday be filled with color, music, magic and celebration.
  • Taco ‘bout a great day, happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • To my beautiful Señora — your beauty shines particularly brilliant on this Cinco de Mayo.
  • Chip, chip horray! It’s Cinco de Mayo today!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! Fiesta ‘til you siesta!
  • Wishing a gloriously happy Cinco de mayo holiday to you! Let us eat, drink and be merry, for this day is not only one of the greatest days in our history but it also the day that made us who we are today.
  • Happy Cinco de mayo! I hope you can make this day a truly memorable one. Viva Mexico!
  • Man it feels so incredibly good to be Mexican!! Happy Cinco de mayo to all the beautiful people of the great nation of Mexico! May God forever bless Mexico and its wonderful people.
  • I’m Mexican-made and will forever be grateful and proud of my heritage. Happy Cinco de mayo to everyone!
  • As we celebrate the occasion of Cinco de mayo, let us not forget to say thank you to every single soul who has fought to defend and protect this great country of ours!
  • Today marks one of the greatest occasions in the history of this dear nation of ours. As we rejoice on this wonderful day, let’s strive with all our might to uphold the unity, love and freedom our national heroes fought for. Have a magnificent Cinco de mayo.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! May it be one filled with chips, salsa and lots of loud fiesta music.
  • I love our friend-chip, happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo to my favorite hot chili pepper!
  • Oh, guac! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope you have a good one.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, burrito-ful!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! Make this one to remember.
  • Holy guacamole, it’s Cinco de Mayo! May this one be the best one yet.
  • There is no greater gift than the gift of freedom and Cinco de Mayo is the day when we all became free and were given the promise of a glorious future.
  • I have great news: It’s Cinco de Mayo!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! May it be unforgettable and filled with tacos.
  • Rise and shine, it’s Cinco de Mayo! AKA, the best day of the year.
  • Get ready to shell-ebrate! It’s Cinco de Mayo.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!
  • May your day be as much fun as a piñata full of goodies. Happy Cinco de Mayo!
  • Today is nacho ordinary day. It’s Cinco de Mayo—and I hope yours is as cheesy as can be!
  • Hope your Cinco de Mayo gives you lots to celebrate!
  • Happy Cinco de mayo from our family to yours.
  •  Hope your Cinco doesn’t stinko. Have a great Cinco de Mayo, amigo!
  • Wishing you a happy and healthy Cinco de Mayo!
  • Hope everyone has a muy excelente Cinco de Mayo.
  • May you and your family have the best Cinco de Mayo this year!
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo, on a Taco Tuesday, during a Corona beer pandemic, however, you can’t celebrate because you’re on lockdown until after the elections. In the meantime the murder hornets are coming, so stock up on toilet paper.
  • Today is Cinco de Mayo… a day to proudly call ourselves Mexicans. It is the day to march with head held high, to dance, to sing and to have fun-filled times with your dear ones.
  • It is Cinco de Mayo, amigo!!! This is the time to loosen up and indulge into happy and fun times with your family and friends. Enjoy this wonderful day to the fullest.
  • Today is the day when we look back with pride as we have a colorful history. Let us live with responsibility in order to honor the day of victory. Wishing you a very Happy Cinco de Mayo.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo to my favorite senorita! Let’s put on our brightest fiesta dresses and par-tay!
  • Happy Drinko de Mayo!
  • Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today we will be supporting our fine local establishments La Fuente San Joe’s Cantina Grill and San Joe’s To Go Go and we hope you do the same!
  • So even if I spent a lot of years being weirded out by foreigners telling me “Happy Cinco de Mayo!”, now I think it has a nice cultural meaning. It’s like the margarita of holidays: not really a big deal in Mexico, but wanna celebrate with them? Of course! Why not

Funny Cinco de Mayo Text Messages

  • “Turn on the lights, play the music and set the dance floor on fire with the best ever celebration…. Let us make this Cinco De Mayo the best ever by celebrating it with your loved ones.”
  • “May the light and brightness of Cinco De Mayo fill your heart and life with eternal happiness and joy…. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Cinco De Mayo with your family and friends.”

Cinco de Mayo Greeting Messages for Friends

“To most of the people, the occasion of Cinco De Mayo is all about engaging in festivities but to me it is a pious day to celebrate our culture and country….. Wishing you a very Happy Cinco De Mayo.”

“Time has come to put on your best dress and shoes and get ready to rock the dance floor…. Wishing you the best of celebrations and festivities on the occasion of Cinco De Mayo.”

Cinco de Mayo Safety Messages

“It is the day to celebrate, spread happiness and joy because that is the best way to thank all our heroes for bringing us the freedom!!!”

“We must celebrate Cinco de mayo with the best of zeal and joy because we must celebrate the glory our heroes brought to our nation….. Best wishes on Cinco de mayo!!!”

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50 Cinco de Mayo Wishes That’ll Guarantee to Guac Your World

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