50 Cinco de Mayo Wishes That’ll Guarantee to Guac Your World

This 5th May reminds us of the historic glorious day. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated every year by the Spanish people because this day marks the impossible victory of the Mexican army against the French army at the Battle of Puebla on 5 May 182. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in memory of those martyrs. For whom this freedom is paid homage on this day.

50 Happy Cinco de Mayo Wishes

1. Happy Cinco de Mayo, amigo!

2. May your Cinco de Mayo holiday be filled with color, music, magic and celebration.

3. Taco ‘bout a great day, happy Cinco de Mayo!

4.  To my beautiful Señora — your beauty shines particularly brilliant on this Cinco de Mayo.

5. Chip, chip horray! It’s Cinco de Mayo today!

6. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Fiesta ‘til you siesta!

7. Today is nacho typical holiday, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Let’s celebrate.

8. Wishing you a taco-riffic Cinco de Mayo! 

9. May your Cinco de Mayo be perfecto. 

10. I hope your Cinco de Mayo is full of nothing but tacos!

11. To my special little Mexican jumping bean. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

12. Happy Cinco de Mayo! May it be one filled with chips, salsa and lots of loud fiesta music.

13. I love our friend-chip, happy Cinco de Mayo!

14.  Happy Cinco de Mayo to my favorite hot chili pepper!

15. Oh, guac! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope you have a good one.

16. Happy Cinco de Mayo, burrito-ful!

17. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Make this one to remember.

18. Holy guacamole, it’s Cinco de Mayo! May this one be the best one yet.

19. May your day be festive and fun. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

20. Happy Cinco de Mayo to my favorite mamacita!

21. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

22. I hope you have a memorable and special Cinco de Mayo!

23. Hope you have a spicy Cinco de Mayo celebration!

24. Happiness = chips and guac. I hope you get to enjoy lots of it this Cinco de Mayo!

25. Lime yours, mi amor. Happy Cinco de Mayo. 

26. You guac my world. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

27. It’s Cinco de Mayo, just in queso you didn’t know. Let’s celebrate all day long.

28. Cinco de Mayo is almost here! I hope it’s filled with happiness, friends, and of course—tacos.

29. Happy Cinco de Mayo to my favorite senorita! Let’s put on our brightest fiesta dresses and par-tay!

30. Happy Drinko de Mayo!

31. I have great news: It’s Cinco de Mayo!

32. Happy Cinco de Mayo! May it be unforgettable and filled with tacos.

33. Rise and shine, it’s Cinco de Mayo! AKA, the best day of the year.

34. Get ready to shell-ebrate! It’s Cinco de Mayo.

35. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you!

36. May your day be as much fun as a piñata full of goodies. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

37. Today is nacho ordinary day. It’s Cinco de Mayo—and I hope yours is as cheesy as can be!

38. Hope your Cinco de Mayo gives you lots to celebrate!

39. Happy Cinco de mayo from our family to yours.

40. Hope your Cinco doesn’t stinko. Have a great Cinco de Mayo, amigo!

41. Wishing you a happy and healthy Cinco de Mayo!

42. Hope everyone has a muy excelente Cinco de Mayo.

43.  May you and your family have the best Cinco de Mayo this year!

44. It’s Cinco de Mayo! As if I needed an excuse to drink a couple of jumbo margaritas!

45. Yay, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Get your taco on!

46. Wishing everyone the best Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate to the max.

47. Life’s a party, especially today. Happy Cinco de Mayo, friend!

48. Happy Cinco de Mayo, otherwise known as Dia de las Margaritas.

49. Just wanted to spread some cheer! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

50. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Hope you celebrate enough for both of us!

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