Qatar climate: average weather, temperature, precipitation

The temperature in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup will average 24 degrees, and the host country has a desert environment.

The football event will be held in the winter for the first time due to the high temperatures during the summer months. The teams will fly to Qatar in November and December when it is more pleasant to play football in the desert.

Temperature in Qatar

The average temperature in Qatar during football season is 24 degrees Celsius. Summer temperatures can reach 40 degrees, making it impossible to play football under those conditions.

Month Temperature (degrees Celsius) Precipitation (millimeters)
January 22 4
February 23 6
March 26 9
April 31 6
May 36 1
June 39 0
July 40 0
August 40 0
September 39 0
October 35 1
November 29 6
December 24 3

The average temperature in November and December ranges from 29 to 24 degrees. During the winter months, Qatar receives a few millimeters of precipitation, which equates to two days of rain every month.

In the winter, the temperature of the coastal water near Qatar is approximately 25 degrees, making it excellent for cooling down.

Climate in Qatar

Qatar has a desert environment with warm to scorching days, although rain is unlikely to occur anytime soon. In Qatar’s climate, it may get fairly cold at night, especially on the wide desert plains. At the night, it is still comfortable in the seaside cities.

This climate has an average temperature of 32 degrees throughout the year and roughly 35 mm of rainfall per year.

In Qatar’s desert environment, the humidity is 49% and the UV index is 7. The environment will be uncomfortable due to the excessive humidity.

All stadiums, fortunately for the football players and fans, are outfitted with cooling systems.

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