Embrace Your Geekness Day: 100+ Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Captions, Greetings

Embrace Your Geekness Day Messages: July 13th is a day for everyone to celebrate everything with their inner geek. We are exceptional in our own form; We will all try to love and appreciate ourselves more in today’s age! Celebrate all the things that society claims as a geek, but you love it! And that makes you special this mid-season.

Embrace Your Geekness Day Messages, Greetings, And Quotes

Embrace Your Geekness Day-Messages

− Enjoy “Embrace your Geekness Day” to the fullest and indulge in some self-love on this beautiful day.

− Be a little weird! Work it! A little different! Own it! Better to be a geek than one of the geeks. Embrace your geekiness. Love where you work.

− Do a little something to embrace your geekiness this July 13th. Share one of your favorite geeks with your fandoms.

− It’s “Embrace Your Geekness Day.” Bring it on, geeks! Get out there, have fun with it and let your geek flag fly!. Best wishes to your girls and guys a very happy “Embrace Your Geekness Day.”

− It’s about time to be proud of your geekiness in all its facets! Do it every day and be a proud geek and nerd.

− Embrace Your Geekness Day! To new skies, this seems like a big day for everyone to acknowledge their inner beauty and overall embrace themselves for who they are!

− Encourage your loved ones to embrace their geekiness! As Embrace Your Geekness Day is a perfect day to do it.

− Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day! Geek it out and embrace your geekiness.

− Perform your favorite fandom, game, or any geeky hobby! Embrace it on July 11th, and feel proud of it!

− Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day to you all! It’s not just about the books, the companions, the merchandise, the cosplay.

– It’s about Passion! Embrace your geekiness and perform whatever you want to achieve with all your spirits.

Embrace Your Geekness Day-Greetings

− Celebrate Embrace Your Geekness Day with a new tee! Wishing everyone a fantastic “Embrace Your Geekness Day.”

− Be geeky, dorky, strange, weird, funny. Be whatever you want to embrace your inner geek this July.

− Strap your jet pant and get ready to blast off to a galaxy far, far away. It’s “Embrace Your Geekness Day” with your favorite hobby: it brings out your inner geek.

− Happy “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” unleash your inner talent entangled with chains with all your inner strength. We hope that you all have a happy and relaxing day.

− Attention, all Geeks. Happy Embrace Your Geekness Day!. We appreciate you for being you. Flaunt yourself with your unique geek this July.

− Enjoy your inner geek this July with your friends and family. Get your twenty sides to die ready.

− Take the best out of the floppy disk and 3D glasses. Go ahead and talk with your buddies. Spend a couple of hours of gaming. Show off all the sweet fandom glory. Happy “Embrace Your Geekness Day.”

− We all are a little geeky, and July 1 gives us a fantastic opportunity to unite and celebrate “Embrace Your Geekness Day”.

Embrace Your Geekness Day quotes

“Just move to the Internet, it’s great here. We get to live inside where the weather is always awesome.”
― John Green

“No one messes around with a nerd’s computer and escapes unscathed.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri

“I will take a serious approach to a subject usually treated lightly, which is a nerdy thing to do.”
― Benjamin Nugent

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