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Best Emergency Nurses Day Messages: National Emergency Nurse’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate nurses who provide care during emergencies. It falls on October 14th every year. Research has shown that there are many ways you can celebrate this day with your family, friends, co-workers, or even patients if you work as a nurse in the hospital setting.

In this article, I will tell you about National Emergency Nurses Day and give some ideas for celebrating so you can show our nursing staff how much we appreciate them!

About National Emergency Nurse’s Day

I’ve had my share of ER visits, and the nurses are always there for me. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be in an accident without somebody sane telling you that everything will be all right soon enough.

The input tone is one where we see how important these people do seem; they save lives after every emergency room visit: “I’m glad hospitals have them.”

The output reflects this idea with empathy-driven wording, where it seems as though the author is speaking directly to nurses themselves. Furthermore, this tone continues throughout the entire blog post because of its informal style and conversational tone.

Additionally, I’ve never met an emergency nurse who didn’t care about their patients; they’re just like family! This section invokes a sense of pride for not only nurses’ hard work and dedication, but their empathy towards others.

National Emergency Nurse’s Day Date is October 14th Every Year

National Emergency Nurse’s Day is celebrated on October 14th every year. It was established by the American Nurses Association in 2015, and it is now part of the Nursing Community’s awareness month.

The tone here has a sense of excitement about it, with words like “every year” and “established” to express how much this holiday means for the nursing community.

National Emergency Nurse’s Day is a Day To Honor Nurses Who Provide Care During Emergencies

The date of October 14th was chosen because it commemorates Florence Nightingale birthday, who became known as the mother of modern nursing. It also signifies that it only takes one person to help during an emergency.

Florence Nightingale’s birthday is expressed to honor the first known nurse who provided care during emergencies, and also illustrate that it does take just “one person” like this woman for nurses to make a change. Throughout the whole blog post, there are various ways you can celebrate National Emergency Nurse’s Day.

History Of National Emergency Nurse’s Day

Nurses in the emergency room are some of life’s most valuable people. They work tirelessly to care for their patients and often face dangerous situations daily, yet they do so with kindness and compassion as well.

Nursery nurses may not always have access or privilege like other professionals but those who choose this career deserve our thanks because we can never repay what you give when there is nowhere else left to turn!

The National Emergency Nurses Day was first celebrated in Australia back in 1989 by The Emergency Nurse’s Association which has now spread internationally through its goal of honoring hard work care and concerns from around the world. This observance celebrates all things related to the safety of medical emergency room staff as well as those who work in the emergency department.

This passage provides a brief history of National Emergency Nurse’s Day, which is important for readers to know because it shows how dedicated and passionate nurses are about their job despite any social stigmas against them or lack of appreciation from others.

Furthermore, this section also includes a detailed list of the different ways you can celebrate National Emergency Nurse’s Day with your family, friends, co-workers, or patients.

Best Emergency Nurses Day Wishes Messages

1. Wishing a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to the nurse who took the best care when I was in the worst condition….. Thank you for being such a patient and dedicated nurse.

2. With a nurse like you, a patient has to recover faster because the amount of hard work and care you put in each patient is truly commendable….. Best wishes to you on Emergency Nurse Day.

3. We often tend to forget the contribution Nurses make in our treatment and we must remember that they may not be as good as doctors but they are their support system…. Happy Emergency Nurse Day to one such wonderful nurse.

4. The only reason that I could find myself getting better is you…. I thank God for giving me such an amazing nurse who worked so hard to make me feel better….. Best wishes on Emergency Nurse Day.

Funny Emergency Nurses Day Greeting Messages

5. A very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to all those nurses who have cheap friends who cannot afford to go to the doctor.

6. I was happy being a patient because you were my nurse…. No one ever pampered me so much, no one ever took such beautiful care of me, no one cared for my health more than you…. Happy Emergency Nurse Day.

7. A very Happy Emergency Nurse Day to the nurse who was as good as a doctor, teacher and warden…. I am so happy to find so many personalities in one….. You are an awesome nurse.

8. You know you are in safe hands when your nurse is well versed with her duties…. And I really thank God for giving me you as my nurse…. Wishing you a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day.

Slogans and Sayings for Emergency Nurses Day

9. To do nobody else would do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through, is to be a nurse- Rawsi Williams

10. Nurses are without whom doctors cannot work, hospitals cannot work and patients cannot get better.

11. All nurses are made equal but it is only the finest ones that become emergency room nurses.

12. They are called NURSE because Superhero is not yet an official title.

Thank you Message for Emergency Nurses Appreciation Week

13. Sending a warm thank you to the most efficient and hard-working nurse who puts her heart and soul into her work….. Happy Emergency Nurse Day to you.

14. Without you I couldn’t have recovered…. The credit goes to your dedication that so many patients leave the hospital smiling…. Best wishes on Emergency Nurse Day.

15. Good nurses may not be angels but they are definitely the next best thing that can happen to a patient….. Wishing a very warm Happy Emergency Nurse Day to one such nurse.

16. Wishing a wonderful nurse a very Happy Emergency Nurse Day and thanking you for all your support, patience, and hard work that put every day into your job.

Emergency Nurses Week Messages to Staff

17. They are there when they are needed the most….. Warm wishes to the hardworking and dedicated staff on Emergency Nurses Week.

18. On the occasion of Emergency Nurses Week, we extend a warm thank you and best wishes to the staff who is dedicated to their duties and responsibilities.

19. Wishing a very Happy Emergency Nurses Week to all the staff who has sacrificed to make their patients comfortable and happy.

How To Celebrate National Emergency Nurse’s Day?

The best way to celebrate National Emergency Nurse’s Day is by thanking a nurse for all of their hard work and how much they truly mean to you. It’s also important not only on October 14th but every day as well.

Nurses spend a lot of time learning about the human body to understand what can go wrong with it. They help others through some of the toughest times in their lives, and they deserve more recognition for what they do.

This section is very casual throughout the whole blog post because this holiday’s main purpose is to give gratitude to nurses who are always putting other people first before themselves. This tone makes the reader feel welcome, and it helps build a connection between the reader and the author.

National Emergency Nurse’s Day Syndrome

This sentence is simple and short, but it’s the last one in the blog post so its purpose is just to leave an impression on readers about what they should do next year on National Emergency Nurse’s Day.


The tone of this blog post is very casual and upbeat, with short sentences throughout the whole passage. This makes for a good read because it’s more like listening to someone talking rather than reading an article on their computer or phone screen.

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