1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy and Girl

So you have a special kid in your life? Celebrate their first birthday with all the love and care they deserve! birthdays are by default very special occasions especially if there is someone close to celebrating it. But even though we think that birthdays should be celebrated wholeheartedly, not everyone has enough time for this tradition; so send them some cutest wishes while remembering what’s most important to show how much our kids mean to us too!!

1st Birthday Wishes

Happy 1st Birthday! May every year of your life be happy and joyful!

Wishing our pride and joy a very happy first birthday. I love you so much.

I’m lucky to have you in life, dear baby. Thanks for bringing happiness to my life. Happy 1st birthday.

Happy birthday to the source of our joy. Thank you for coming into our lives a year ago.

Happy 1st birthday, baby girl. May all your dreams come true. Hope to see you shine brighter in the future.

Time flies away so fast and the little doll is already a year old! Happy Birthday!

May the innocence in your eyes and the purity of your face stay forever with you. A very warm wish for you on this special day!

It’s just a year since you were born, but you have given us so many sweet memories to cherish for our lifetimes! Happy 1st birthday to our little star!

Happy 1st Birthday, little angel! You are the source of our happiness!

You are still too young to realize how happy we are today. But pictures of your 1st birthday will always speak of our joys for having you!

May you grow up to be a handsome, wise, and strong man someday. May you be the real protector for those around you. Happy 1st birthday!

A sweet little baby girl like you is a blessing for everyone around you. Wishing you all the very best for your 1st birthday ever!

Today we celebrate the very first birthday of our precious little one. Thanks for giving us 365 days of boundless joy and smile!

As you grow up day by day, our smiles grow bigger and bigger. The first year of your life was full of sweet memories for us!

I wish you grow up to be as wise as your father and as polite as your mother. Many congratulations on your 1st birthday of life!

Our warmest wishes go to the little queen of this house, who is turning a year old today! Happy First Birthday, our precious fairy! We love you!

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You always make us all amazed by the sparkles in your eyes. I’m sure you’ll grow up to be the star someday. Happy 1st birthday to you!

Our precious child, Happy First Birthday to you! Don’t grow up so fast please!

One year ago, we were blessed with an angel! Happy Birthday, our teddy bear!

You are so adorable and cute that you deserve the most spectacular birthday celebration. Congratulations on your first birthday of life!

Our darling child, Happy First Birthday! May that cute laughter never fade away!

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Happy Birthday to our little champ! You filled up our lives with eternal joy and happiness! May you grow up beautifully as well. We love you!

Our little prince, whenever you smile, our heart melts at your cuteness! Happy First Birthday! May you always keep spreading happiness like this!

It feels like yesterday that you were born. I can’t believe you have turned one this quick. Please stay a baby forever. Happy birthday!

You are the smartest baby boy there is and there will ever be. My good wishes for your future. Congratulations for turning one today!

Many girls will be disappointed to know you are the only one. Is that why you are growing up so fast? Happy birthday dear!

You may not remember this day but we’ll keep the photos for you. Someday you’ll know how special your 1st birthday was!

There’s not a single day in 365 days when you did not make us smile. God is so kind for giving us a wonderful baby boy like you!

Finally, we have started counting your age by years., not in months or days. Today we celebrate the 1st birthday of everyone’s favorite baby boy!

My baby bear, you’re a big boy now! Welcome to being 1 and here’s to hoping that you won’t become as mischievous as your Dad! Happy First Birthday!

My sweet boy, no matter which age you reach, you’ll always remain our precious little hero! Happy First Birthday! We love you to the moon and back!

Happy Birthday, boy! You truly are an angel in disguise because you have the power to make everyone smile! Lots of love to you!

To our little hero who is obsessed with his spider-man action figure, Happy Birthday! May all your future birthdays be as special as this one!

A special kid like you deserves a special day, so Happy First Birthday! May you turn into a true gentleman and treat everyone with love and care!

To the most awesome kid in the world, Happy Birthday! You may not remember the day too well, but we will never forget your first birthday!

God bestowed the most precious gift on us one year ago: you. Happy 1st birthday!

The day you were born was the best day of our life and every second since has been the happiest. Thank you for being born into our family. Happy birthday.

You are our little hero, baby boy. You saved our lives and made them better. Happy birthday.

You made us complete by coming into our family. Happy 1st birthday, boy.

1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Happy First Birthday to our little princess! The one year you have been with us has been the best year of our life. We love you so much!

Birthdays are special, just like you, baby girl. Happy 1st birthday. Love you so much. May you conquer great things.

My baby girl is already one year old, aah. Sending love and hugs on your way. Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart.

You are such a charming baby girl that everyone in the house is delighted to see you. It’s a very special day in your life. Congratulations!

Happy First birthday to the cutest baby to exist! May you grow cuter with every passing day! Sending loads of smooches and hugs for you!

May you grow up to be daddy’s princess and mommy’s sweet girl. Anyone could see the happiness of your parents for having you. Happy 1st birthday!

Your sweet cuddly smile is simply the best thing anyone can wish to see after a long, exhausting day. God bless you little baby and happy birthday!

You are such a wonderful little princess that any parents would love to have you. No wonder why your parents are so happy! Congratulations on your 1st birthday!

Your parents are among the luckiest parents to have such an amazing angel. Watching you smile is always a pleasure for the eye. Happy birthday!

My precious daughter, the sound of your giggles is enough to remove all my stress and exhaustion of the day. I love you, baby. Happy first birthday!

My angel, it’s both painful and amazing to see you grow up a little every day, and you’ve turned one with the blink of an eye! Happy Birthday!

It feels like yesterday when we had held your little fingers and kissed those red cheeks, but you’re already a year old now! Happy First Birthday!

To our Barbie doll, Happy Birthday! As red is your favorite color, we have arranged a birthday party full of red for you! Hope you have fun today!

Our sugar plum, do you know that your little giggles are contagious and make everyone happy in an instance? Happy birthday to you darling!

Maybe you are getting old, but you will always remain my most favorite. Happy 1st birthday, baby girl.

Every moment with you is sheer joy. Thanks for being the center of my world. Happy 1st birthday, my sweetheart.

Your smile brings joy to every heart. May the same joy follow you wherever you go and whatever you do in life. Happy birthday!

I have never seen more beautiful one-year-old baby girls like you. You really are one in a million. Happy 1st birthday to you!

1st Birthday Wishes For Son

Wishing you a year filled with happiness and new achievements, dear son. Happiest 1st birthday. Love you so much.

Dear son, why are you growing up so fast? I will miss my baby boy. Happy 1st birthday, love of my life.

One-year-old dear son, may your upcoming year be filled with happiness with no bounds. Happiest 1st birthday, darling.

May the Lord bless you, dear son. I cannot wait for you to taste and fall in love with your birthday cake.

Happy 1st birthday to my most favorite family member. I hope you will grow up to be as awesome as me, son.

My dearest one-year-old son, you deserve the whole world and more. Love you. Happy 1st birthday, love.

1st Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Princess, have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for giving us the happiest 365 days of our life. We love you so much.

Your laughter has made our year brighter, and we are looking forward to sharing many more years with you, my daughter. Happy birthday.

I wouldn’t trade the last year for anything. Thank you for being born, my princess. Mom and dad love you the most. Happy birthday!

This is one of the many amazing birthdays you will have in this world, angel, Happy birthday!

I hope we can provide you as much happiness as you bring us. Happy birthday, my angel.

You are our biggest dream come to reality, my little fairy. Happy first birthday to you!

1st Birthday Wishes For Niece

Happy first birthday, little girl. This day is yours, and I wish to God that you have hundreds of birthdays like this.

Happy birthday, you cutest girl. I hope you grow up to be as wise and kind as your father and as strong and beautiful as your mother.

Happy birthday, little one. you’ve brought so much joy and fortune to our family.

Happy birthday to my favorite niece in the world. Sending you hugs and kisses.

Please grow up quickly so that I can pamper you and get scolded by your parents. Happy birthday niece!

1st Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Already one-year-old, you got it going pretty good dear nephew. Cheers to more fun and love, dear.

Celebrating your 1st birthday feels like a festive. Happy birthday, dearest nephew. Hope to celebrate 100 more.

Happy 1st birthday, nephew. Thanks for bringing joy and happiness to our worlds like never before. Love you.

May God bless you in every step of your life, dear nephew. Happy 1st birthday. Love you to the moon and back.

Happiest 1st birthday to my nephew, who is getting ready to conquer the world with his charms. Best wishes and I love you so much.

The world is a better place because babies are born. They make us happy, give life to our lives and fill it up with joy! No matter what gender your child may be you will always love them unconditionally even if they can never know how much their first birthday means for all these reasons-so celebrate today!!

The adorable noises that come out when children communicate are also part of why people fall head over heels in love with them so fast–we’re just waiting until next time then taking off again 😉

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1st Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy and Girl

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