10th November Forget Me Not Day Messages, Quotes and Wishes

National Forget-Me-Not Day is a holiday celebrated on November 10th of every year. It began in 1922 when forget-me-nots were adopted as the national flower of Canada. The day was originally called National Flower Day until after World War II when it became a day to commemorate the loss of lives in war and honor those who served their country. Today, many people celebrate this special occasion by planting forget-me-not flowers or giving them away to friends and family members as remembrances for lost loved ones or military veterans.

History Of National Forget-Me-Not Day

Forget-me is not a symbol of longing and remembrance. They represent missing loved ones or long-ago friends who have since grown apart from them in some way. The flowers also remind us that even though life changes constantly – you never truly forget your past experiences with those who held meaning beyond just being family members.”

The day we know as Forget Me Not Day was established following World War I when a veteran named Robert S. Marx felt that his fellow soldiers deserved recognition for their service – even if it meant giving up an arm or leg in the line of battle.

Mentioning how this particular holiday is different from others can help people understand why you’re choosing to observe them on such special occasions while also shedding light on its purpose so there won’t be any confusion going forward!

Forget Me Not Day is almost here! It’s time to celebrate this special day for all things pretty and blue. With your support, we can make sure that these flowers go on behalf of one or more great causes that receive donations each year through flower sales alone – so let’s stop by the store today before it’s too late (and get some fresh ones)!

Celebration Ideas & Activities

1. Buy a bunch of forget-me-nots

The pretty blue flowers are associated with lost loved ones and their memory. This Forget Me Not Day, buy a bunch for your mom or friend who has just passed away to offer them in honor of the day!

2. Donate to a veteran-supporting charity

Why not thank veterans in your life by supporting organizations that support them. The vets who have sacrificed so much deserve it!

3. Spread the word

The general public is tragically ill-informed about Forget Me Not Day. It’s time to spread the word on social media or within your immediate circle so that you can bring awareness, and maybe even celebrate this incredible holiday with friends!


1. The bombs were crazy loud

A Belgian battlefield explosion was said to have been heard over 140 miles away in England. The sounds of cannons and rifle fire could be heard for hours after the battle had ended, a testament not only to how intense this particular engagement between allied troops was but also their distance from one another on topographical terrain that made them seem even further apart than they were at a time when all other noise eventually dissipated into thin air.”

2. It was great for mail services

It’s estimated that over 12 million letters were delivered to soldiers each week. Those who didn’t get mail received five cents a military postal card, which could only be exchanged for writing materials on base or at post offices outside of combat zones.”

3. It inspired the young to take action

The youngest WWI soldier was a 12-year old British boy. He’s the only one in all of Europe to have enlisted, and he did it because he wanted to pay for duty hours which are not required when you’re older than 16 years old!

At age 10 during World War I (1914 – 1918), Thomas Samuel Hinks became Britain’s youngest military combatant when his country entered onto its participation with Germany against France on 4 August 1914 at Mons Belgium. 

4. Dogs were loyal servants

Dogs are loyal animals that have been used for centuries in the military. They were trained to carry messages, lay telegraph wires and even serve as soldiers on occasion!

5. It launched plastic surgery

WWI doctors were early pioneers in facial reconstruction after treating victims of shrapnel damage. One doctor, Drs George C Body, and Thomas EvansFACE-omics revolutionized how we think about scarring with their innovative techniques that used plates, screws, or adhesives for fixing bones back together rather than stitches to close up wounds like before them; all while wearing protective masks so they could do their work without being contaminated by blood or other bodily fluids which would have caused infection!


1. Our veterans risk their lives overseas

The lives of war can have a devastating effect on not only those who fight but also their families. The brave men and women that return from battle with limbs lost are no exception to this rule, as they continue living in pain while trying to recover from such an injury or even look for employment opportunities elsewhere.

2. Veterans can suffer numerous setbacks upon their return to civilian life

The transitioning process can be difficult for soldiers who have been away from home and family for an extended period.

The return back into civilian life is often one that comes with many questions such as “What will happen now?” or even more bizarrely, “Will my clothes fit me?’ This uncertainty might make it hard at first but anyone determined enough should persevere through these tough times to find out what they were like before all this happened!

3. It’s a great way to give back

Observing Forget Me Not Day is a day that we can all take to show our appreciation for the brave souls who serve in military service. Those people are heroes, no matter what uniform they wear or how much suffering comes their way while fighting on behalf of America-land!

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