Top Happy Lohri Wishes 2022, Lohri Images For Facebook, Whatsapp

The happy Lohri festival is here to make you smile! This time of year, we celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of Spring. After a long cold spell with no rain in sight for months on end, it’s finally ok…to eat some delicious sweet chilly chutney or even an ice cream cone while basking under warm sun luxury without having care in the world because there are plenty more days ahead where all our hard work will pay off as farmers reap their rewards from sowing seeds that may fuel natural resources like sugarcane which becomes ethanol to be used as an alternative fuel to gasoline, for use in special cases of emergency. Happy Lohri Wishes 2022.

Happy Lohri Wishes 2022 Wishes Images

The festival of Lohri is a popular Punjabi celebration that takes place in the winter months. It was originally celebrated at the point when days were the shortest and night longest, but nowadays people celebrate it over sixteen centuries long ago as well! Many believe this ancient tradition commemorates lost sunlight from our Solar System’s orbit around Saturn – which makes sense given how many ingredients are associated with food during these celebrations: grain stores being dried up; fish caught using nets made out of hemp fibers rather than animal skins because animals can’t fly like humans do (so they would get stuck under bridges); new clothes needed after crops have been harvested, etc.

Happy Lohri, a Punjabi festival celebrated all across India. This year it will be more special than ever as we celebrate Lord Krishna’s manifestation on this day!

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The report claims that during the celebrations for Loharri or November 12th-20th depending on how you look at our calendars here in North America (no pun intended), there are rituals where one can see God himself manifest with full magnificence if they follow the Bhagwat Gita chapter 5 verses 16 – 18 which talks about “the cowherd boys who danced around flute concerts” when their favorite herd went missing after being lead by Indrasena pajama durvantareyya sindubadha sukratechatviror opasritya lokanarcanaya ikcya have ayoddhavatyann idam tisthami.

Lohri Festival Calendar 2022



13th January 2022, Wednesday


Happy Lohri 2022: The festival of lights is a Punjabi tradition that’s celebrated in Haryana, Delhi, and Himachal Pradesh. The report says it can even be found as far away as Jansatta!

How to celebrate Happy Lohri Festive?

The festival of Lohri is a time for celebration and merriment. The people in Punjab burn jaggery or sesame seeds around bonfires to please the sun god who will reward them with good crops this year!

The festival of Lohri 2022 will be succeeded by Makar Sankranthi, a popular day in central India. The auspicious date for this year’s celebration is January 14 and it has been coined as Bhugali Bihu or Pongal depending on where you’re located within South Asia- primarily because all three celebrate farmer’s harvest returns after winter solstice celebrations with friends & family!

Unlike other festivals that fall on different dates every year, Lohri is a tradition that continues to stay consistent. It remains one of the most important holidays in India and across all cultures because it marks not only the day when the earth begins its journey towards the sun during solar orbit but is also celebrated with much enthusiasm for filling someone’s heart full of joy at this time!

Happy Lohri Wishes 2022

Here are some Lohri Wishes to share with your loved ones today:

**Lohri ki aag aapke dukho ko jalaa de,

Aag ki roshni aapki zindagi mein ujala bhar de,

Lohri ka prakash aapki zindagi ko prakashmai kar de,

Jaise jaise Lohri ki aag tej ho, waise humare dukho ka aant ho.

Lohri diyan lakh lakh vadhaiyan!

Happy Lohri!

May your life be as colorful

And joyful as the festival Of Lohri.

Wish you a very happy Lohri!

May the joyous season Bring you a fulfilling harvest,

Soaring happiness And vibrant celebrations!

Happy Lohri 2022!

May the shining rays of the sun

Spread energy and prosperity in your life.

Happy Lohri to you and your family.

May this festival of Lohri fill your life

with lots of energy and enthusiasm

and may it bring happiness and prosperity

to you and your loved ones

Happy Lohri 2021!!!

May this joyous occasion fill your home & heart with joy

Happy Lohri 2022!

Sending my warmest greetings and best wishes for a bright and happy Lohri!

Hope all your dreams are fulfilled this festive season.

Happy Lohri!

Hope you enjoy many moments of happiness and be jolly

as you sing and dance around the bonfire

Happy Lohri to you!

On this joyous night…

Dance and make merry…

fill your heart with joy…

Happy Lohri 2022!

May the joyous harvest season

brings to you & your family

happiness & prosperity

best wishes for a joyous Lohri

May the joyous seasons bring you a fulfilling harvest…

soaring happiness and rhythmic celebrations

Happy Lohri 2022!!

Happy Lohri Images For Facebook, Whatsapp 2022

This year, it is a tradition to wish your friends a happy Lohri. Wishing you all the best and brightest in advance of this festival- Widhi paw! Lokesabz trapayamal leni chukata huayyada 🙂

The timing could not be better because we have some amazing Whatsapp greetings for Phosphorus celebrations on our hands; including an exclusive collection from 2022’s offerings– which will include images/GIFs (depending on what app users prefer). Happy Lohri Wishes 2022.

This article is all about the latest and best Lohri images for Facebook. You will find high-quality photos here, as well as easy steps on how to update your profile picture with one of these beautiful drawings from the Liti festival!

Lohri Messages in Hindi 2022

Lohri ki aag mein dehan ho saare gam

Khushiyaan aayein aap ke jeevan mein hardam.

Happy Lohri 2022!!

Sardi ki thartharahat mein,

moongfali, rewari aur gur ki mithas ke saath,

Lohri mubaarak ho aapko

dosti aur rishtey ki garmahat ke saath.

Sundar Mundariye, Ho! Happy Lohri.

Mithaa gurh te vich mil geya til

udi patang te khil geya dil

har pal sukh te har vele shanti

paao rabb agge dua tusi

Lohri khushiyaan naal manaao!

Happy Lohri 2022!!

Lohri ka prakash,

aap ki zindagi ko prakashmayi kar de

Sardi ki thartharahat mein,

moongfali, rewari aur gur ki mithas ke saath,

Lohri mubaarak ho aapko

dosti aur rishtey ki garmahat ke saath.

Lohri SMS in Punjabi

The sound of breaking glass can be heard all across the city on this Lohri day. The people who love and care for each other get to celebrate with family, friends, or coworkers while drinking delicious beverages that relate centuries ago!

Gur di mithaas,te Mungfli di khushbu

makki de roti te sarson da saag,

dil di khushi te apneyaan da pyaar,

Mubaarak hove tuhaanu eh Lohri da tyohaar!!!


Punjabi Bhangra te makhan-malai,

punjabi tadka te dal frai,

tuhanu LOHRI de lakh lakh vadhai..!!

Makki de roti te sarson da saag,

suraj diyaan kirna, khushiyaan di bahaar,

nachde ne saare te vich baldi aag,

dhol di awaaj te nachdi mutiyaar,

Mubaarak hove sarkaar Lohri da tyohaar.


Dil di khushi te apno da pyar… Sabko mubarak ho Lohri ka tyohar.

Lohri SMS in English

Celebrate Lohri with glee! It’s time to let go of the bad and embrace all that is good in your life. With spring coming soon, we hope you have a joyful occasion for celebrating this festival with family members or friends during which everyone can enjoy plenty of food – deep-fried snacks are always delicious (and tempting). So raise your glass high now because it’s beer bath-time!. Happy Lohri Wishes 2022.

Happy Lohri!

Warmth and happiness are in the air this Lohri! I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones celebrating both harvest Singles Day as well asackers’ day.

Have a joyous Lohri!

Ring out the cold…

the old and the sad…

ring in the warmth and

love of the season…

hope and cheerfulness…

within you Happy Lohri!

Wishing you a prosperous Lohri!

I hope the divine grace of God brings joy to your heart and fulfills all its wishes for this auspicious occasion.

Have a Happy Lohri!

Hope the Lohri fire burns all moments of grief and brings you moments of joy and warmth.

Happy Lohri 2022 !!!

Happy Lohri Quotes 2022

Let us celebrate the harvest season together with Lohri. I hope this year will bring you joy and prosperity as it has for me, may all your wishes come true!

It’s time to make some new memories as we approach 2022 – let’s start now by drinking our favorite beverage: _____ (whatever drink people usually have at celebrations).

This time of the year is full of excitement, friends, and family resources to celebrate with. Punjabi Bhangra Te Makhan-Malai, Punjab Tadka Te Dal Frai, or even Tuhanu Lohri Di Lakh Lakh Vadhai are all very popular dishes that one could enjoy in their own personal Eid celebrations!

This autumn, the people of Punjab are celebrating Dullah Bhatti. The legend was a Punjabi version of Robinhood and Lord Sun helps them with a bountiful harvest during this festival by showering gifts onto new brides or babies because it marks fertility in both women AND men which leads to joyous life events such as marriage! If you have any questions about Top Happy Lohri Wishes 2022? Check out these images I found online – they look like what we know here back home right?! Happy Lohri Wishes 2022.

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