Happy National Wattle Day 2022 Best Wishes, Messages, Greetings – September 1

Bring spring (Australian) by celebrating Wattle Day held on 1 September every year. This day marks the beginning of the spring season in Australia, a season when the ‘Acacia’ species (commonly known as Wattle in Australia) blooms. Abundance though was not the main purpose of this day. The purpose of Wattle Day was to promote and promote patriotism in the then new country Australia.


The origins of Wattle Day can be traced back to Tasmania when the first Hobart Town Anniversary Regatta was held in the 1800s. The island was celebrating the anniversary of its discovery by the Dutch, and they initiated a procession under an arch decorated with wattle blossoms. They even suggested the audience wear a sprig of silver wattle blossom in future regattas. This was switched out with the black wattle — more commonly grown during the month of the celebration — and this custom continued till at least 1883.

Even literature and poetry honored the wattle from the 1860s to the early 1900s, and people participated in wattle waltzes and drank wattle beer. There was a push for Australia to recognize the wattle as the national flower during this period, which was further compounded by the establishment of the ‘Wattle Club’ in Victoria. Founded by Archibald James Campbell, an ornithologist, and field naturalist who was passionate about Australian wattles, this club organized special outings especially during September for wattle appreciation. He was also one of the first people to mention the creation of a special day to celebrate Australia’s most famous flower. This interest only increased in the years following this war, and continued till the 1930s, after which disinterest set in.

About 50 years later, green and gold were declared Australia’s national colors, and the interest in wattles grew again. Soon, the push for creating a special day to celebrate the wattle grew again, and a Wattle Day League was formed in 1910. Headed by Sydney Botanic Gardens director, J. H. Maiden, this league was headquartered in Sydney and aimed to present a unified proposal to various state governments for the creation of a Wattle Day. The league settled on September 1 as Wattle Day — as it is the beginning of the spring season in Australia — and they founded multiple branches across the country. Since that year, celebrations have been held each year in major Australian cities. The dates of this celebration were different — cities chose dates between July and September. The celebration kept growing, however.

Support for Wattle Day continued even during the First World War when wattle sprigs were sold to raise money for organizations like the Red Cross. As a tradition pressed wattles were sent in letters to wounded soldiers. In 1982, environmentalist Maria Hitchcock — famously known as ‘The Wattle Lady’ — started a campaign to revive Wattle Day and have it gazetted. She also planned to formally get recognition of the Acacia pycnantha as Australia’s National Floral Emblem. She took the help of ABC’s Ian McNamara to solicit letters of support from hundreds of Australians. After the official ceremony to gazette the Floral Emblem, Ms. Hitchcock was told she would have to personally get letters of approval from all the Premiers and Chief Ministers in Australia. Soliciting Ian McNamara’s help again, she received approval letters within three years for the gazettal of Wattle Day.

From 1992, September 1 has been declared as National Wattle Day for Australia and the external Territories of Australia.

How To Celebrate Wattle Day

Do what Australians do and light up your house in vat colors – green and yellow. Light a few yellow lights, light a yellow fairy light and add one or two trees for that green pop. Wattle Day used to be about patriotism, but it has also evolved to preserve it. Take a minute to learn what you can do for the environment and plants around you and start making small changes for a better planet. Encourage others to take the cause of saving as well. Wattle Day celebrations are often less key and involve appreciating nature. Take a brisk walk in the park, have lunch outside in the sun, go on a trek, or plant a tree in the backyard.

National Wattle Day Activities

Beauty, new life, grace, optimism, spring of color, all these things and much more to people all over the world. Wattle Day encourages us to look forward to this season and celebrates it with much enthusiasm. Wattle Day respects a species of plant so naturally, by celebrating this day we nurture a love for nature. Also, we are increasing our environmental knowledge and becoming emerging conservationists. This day’s USP includes low-key and simple celebrations in many Australian families. We love to drink and eat wine ourselves, but a small event like this is fun and sometimes, it’s more intimate and personal.

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