Happy Thanksgiving Wishes, Text Messages for Friends

Happy Thanksgiving Wishes Messages for Friends: The Thanksgiving table has stuffed turkeys, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes. It is the day when we get together with friends, family, and food. We wish our friends, close friends, and best friends a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Wishing your friends a happy Thanksgiving this year! Sharing your love and appreciation will make this day special for your friends and loved ones. We came up with a bunch of Thanksgiving Day messages. Sending Thanksgiving messages to friends is a pleasure. Wishing them lots of love is a must.

Thanksgiving at Plymouth

The ship the Mayflower set sail on 16th of September 1620 from Plymouth, England to the New World. They were in a leaky ship for almost two months. The voyage was a bit too challenging for them. And after that, they settled in New Plymouth near Cape Cod.

One month later the Mayflower sailed past Cape Cod, and the Pilgrims began to establish a village at Plymouth. As we now know them, the Pilgrims became the first American colonists, and the village of Plymouth is their memorial.

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