Happy Umbrella Day Messages, Umbrella Quotes & Slogans- February 10

National Umbrella Day is a holiday celebrated on February 10th of every year. The day was established in honor of Emelyn Elizabeth Feigelman, who invented the modern design for the umbrella on this date in 1852. Though no one knows for sure why this day has been named National Umbrella Day, it is believed that it may be because umbrellas were important to people’s safety and overcoming nature’s challenges during World War II (1939-1945). Another possible explanation might be that we celebrate winter and summer solstices with days off of work or school, but we don’t have an official national day to commemorate our rainy days! Nonetheless, National Umbrella Day provides a time for us all to take shelter from the rain and appreciate our most useful invention. Happy Umbrella Day Messages.

History Of National Umbrella Day

Umbrella Day is a day to celebrate all of the different types of umbrellas that have been around for centuries. From practical uses like protection against rain or windy days to more imaginative feats such as hiding from pirates in movie scenes because they are no longer needed!

It’s time we had an Umbrella appreciation day so on April 26th you should treat yourself – take some time out just reflect upon how much these things can really do before throwing one into your purse at dinner when unexpected storms roll through town with this handy gadget always by your side.

To celebrate National Umbrella Day you could have an umbrella-themed party. Everyone wears bright colors just like the raindrops that fall from grey clouds, and drinks out of brightly colored cups while singing songs about how much we love our umbrellas! It’s a great time to get together with family or friends for some quality one on one time, or stock up on your favorite umbrellas that you can pull out any time the rain begins to fall.

The oldest recorded umbrella appeared in 21 AD, though to be fair this really was just the first collapsible umbrella. Qin Shihuang’s tomb revealed a terracotta army carriage that had permanently open umbrellas attached dating back all the way to 210 BC!

The umbrella’s popularity extended beyond its usefulness for protection from sun and rain. Special efforts were made to turn these simple devices into exquisite works of art, with some using metal or other materials in order to make their umbrellas more durable during a harsh climate.

The input states that people have been making an effort on how they could be used better by adding different features such as handles which makes it easier when carrying one item heavier than another person in a group is carrying. There are also some people who have been trying to make umbrellas with unique features such as, LED lights in the umbrella’s canopy when it is already dark out and you need help finding your way home from work or school.

The umbrella has been around for a long time, but today’s innovations make them more functional and fashionable than ever before.

National Umbrella Day Activities

  1. Watch a movie that features an umbrella

If you’re looking for a good rainy day movie, why not watch one of the many movies with an umbrella prominently featured?

A list as diverse and long-lasting as this would be impossible to make without mentioning Mary Poppins or Singin’ in The Rain. And yet another reason today is perfect!

  1. Get a cocktail with its own umbrella

Why not celebrate National Umbrella Day with a little umbrella party? Celebrate the crazy weather, protect yourself from it all!

  1. Buy a backup

Don’t get caught unprepared for this Umbrella Day! It’s always a bummer when we break our umbrellas, but it could happen at any time. To make sure you’re prepared for rainy days in the future and save money on buy-one deals, grab an extra from National umbrella day 2018 stock up while supplies last.

Happy Umbrella Day Messages

An umbrella is a friend that you will need, when it is a rainy day or when it is a sunny day. Warm wishes on Umbrella Day to you.

Warm wishes on Umbrella Day my dear. Never leave your home without an umbrella to stay safe and stay happy.

They come in beautiful colours to make each and every day beautiful for us. Wishing a very Happy Umbrella Day.

We all need an umbrella on a rough rainy day. An umbrella is a friend which is always by my side. Happy Umbrella Day to you.

An umbrella is the hope that you have in the most difficult days, to keep you protected. Wishing a very Happy Umbrella Day.

Short Umbrella Quotes

When it’s a bright and sunny day outside, an umbrella feels like the most precious thing.

Umbrella is what brings happiness to a soul when you are drenched in rain or tanned in sun.

Umbrellas in beautiful colours have the power to paint the world colourful.

Umbrellas are so small and cute that we end up forgetting them so easily.

Two souls under one umbrella can face the most difficult storms of life.

Funny Umbrella Slogans

An umbrella is just what you need when you are out in the rain.

It’s funny that we all avoid taking an umbrella along and miss it the most when we need it.

An umbrella cannot stop the rain but it can keep you safe from it.

Always have an umbrella in your bag and you will never regret anything.

Buy the most beautiful umbrella so that when you walk out, everyone notices it.

Umbrella Caption for Instagram

A creative umbrella makes the world beautiful.

Umbrellas come in different colors for different people.

Walk with a lovely umbrella and you will look the prettiest.

Sharing umbrella will always make you wet.

Always carry your own umbrella.


  1. There are dozens of varieties

The Standby: A classic go-to for any rainy day, the standby umbrella has been around since 1825. This type can be manually opened or automatically opened when it senses moisture in the air which makes sure you never get caught without an overhead cover again!

This design also comes with different features depending on your preference such as a handle at either end so users may carry them conveniently while strolling through town during inclement weather conditions., Collapsible construction allows compact storage if needed – just don’t forget where all those Parts went once it’s packed up tight!.

  1. They’re still seeing innovation

Maybe you’ve heard the expression, “There’s a time and place for everything.” Well, when it comes to umbrellas I believe that phrase holds true.

In this day in age of technology, there are some seriously strange inventions being created with raincoats as well! In fact, on any number of crowdfunding websites one might be surprised by what they find- from umbrella innovations such as waterproof jackets or even robots which perform jobs usually only done by humans; but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about all things dry too because at least 10% off these crazy cool projects will make sure our clothes stay bone dry no matter how much moisture is around (or not)!

3. They’ve got history

The ancient Romans were not afraid to use their umbrellas in the rain. Check out this painting from underneath which you can just make out an opened umbrella! The crowds below look almost grateful for being owed such protection by those on top: how quaint and civilized of them-though we’re guessing they didn’t need much time at leisure after raking up all that muck doing manual labor like farming or construction work; no thank you very much!. Happy Umbrella Day Messages.


Umbrella Day is a great day to celebrate the little things that make life easier. Let’s go out and enjoy it, shall we?

The umbrella has been around for centuries but today’s innovations have continued this trend of improvement making them more functional than ever before – don’t get caught unprepared on National Umbrella Day!

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