Inspirational No Smoking Day Messages: Quit Smoking Quotes

When is no Smoking Day 2022?

It’s a bad habit to smoke and it’s best to stop before it becomes an addiction. For the rest of your life, you will be breathing in harmful smoke. Passive smokers are not as safe as people who are active smokers. People are made aware of the negative effects of passive smoking on the body. People who are passive smokers are more likely to stop smoking. National No Smoking Day, also known as World No Tobacco Day, is a day when smokers are encouraged to stop smoking for at least one day.

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Inspirational No Smoking Day Messages 2022

1). A smile looks more beautiful on your lips than a cigarette. Stay beautiful always

2). Smoking drains and kills. Exercise builds and makes you live.

3). Instead of regretting that ”I wish I had quit smoking” be proud by telling yourself” I am glad, I quit smoking”.

4). Your life is not cheaper than cheap nicotine. Realize the importance of your life.

5). Kick the cigarette butt, don’t get kicked by life.

Stop Smoking Text Messages

6). If you want to live longer and happier then you can do so by stopping smoking and embracing life with a healthy heart and healthy lungs.

7). Stop smoking because you love your family….. Stop smoking because you want to live longer and healthy…. Stop smoking for a better life!!!

8). The best way to live life is healthy and it does not come in that form when you smoke…. Stop smoking!!!

Quit Smoking Sayings and Quit Smoking Quotes

Quit Smoking Sayings, Stop Smoking Quotes
Quit Smoking Quotes Sayings

9). By quitting smoking, you quit all the bad things in your life and add beautiful things to life.

10). Don’t quit your life but quit smoking and enjoy your life…. Smoking is the worst way to live life.

11). When you smoke, you are not only killing yourself but you are also killing the ones around you.

Congratulations on Quit Smoking Quotes

12). Congratulations on quitting smoking. Appreciate your willpower.

13). Congrats! You have learned to love yourself.

14). Losers never quit. Quitters never smoke. Congratulations on quitting smoking

15). You are amazing, just loved your motivation to quit smoking. Congratulations!

16). Congratulations! You are free to breathe fresh air.

Stop Smoking Messages, Quotes Sayings

17). As the cigarette gets reduced to ashes while emitting smoke, you reduce your lifespan to turn to ask very soon. Stop smoking

18). As the cigarette reduces while burning itself, you are reducing it four days every year while burning a cigarette. Stop smoking

19). Save your lungs, quit smoking

20). Don’t let your life float in smoke. Stop smoking

21). Smoking kills, be a killer by killing smoking. Stop smoking

No Smoking Day Message to Schools

There is a bright future waiting for you, do not let it get lost in the smoke of cigarettes. Happy No Smoking Day to you.

It is sad but most people begin smoking when they are in school. Let us control that. Warm greetings on No Smoking Day.

The occasion of No Smoking Day reminds us all that we must protect our coming generations from this life-threatening habit.

Warm wishes on No Smoking Day to everyone. Where there is a bad habit like smoking, there is a big threat to life.

No Smoking Day Message to Employees

Smoking is not the solution to your problems and stress in life. Say no to smoking and embrace your life. Happy No Smoking Day.

The occasion of No Smoking Day is a reminder to each one of us of the threats smoking poses to our health and well-being. Warm wishes on No Smoking Day.

Warm greetings on No Smoking Day to everyone. When you smoke, you are killing yourself and the future that awaits you.

Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do if you smoking and saying no to smoking is another wise thing to do if you have not yet indulged in this bad habit. Happy No Smoking Day.

No Smoking Day Slogans

Every day is a No Smoking Day.

You don’t have to wait to say no to smoking.

Smoking can take you on the wrong path in life.

Do not get carried away. Say no to smoking.

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