International Day of Charity Messages, Quotes and Wishes – September 5

International Day of Charity Messages: Originally an initiative of Hungarian civil society to commemorate the death of Mother Teresa, 5 September International Charitable Day began worldwide in 2012 when the United Nations declared it an international holiday. In addition to honoring Mother Teresa’s tireless work to help others overcome poverty and misery, the holiday provides a platform for charitable opportunities. If you can’t make a September 5 financial grant, there are many ways to get involved. Overall, this day reminds us that the common works of charity can alleviate the worst effects of the humanitarian crisis and create a more inclusive and resilient society.

We bring to you the newest collection of International Day of Charity messages and inspiring charity quotes. Have these amazing International Day of Charity wishes shared with all.

International Day of Charity Quotes Messages

“They say that charity begins at home, so never ever forget to contribute all that you can. Happy International Day of Charity.”

“On the International Day of Charity, we must always remember that a small charity can do a lot of good to so many people out there. Warm wishes on this special day.”

“There is no one in this world who has ever become poor because of charity. Wishing a very Happy International Day of Charity to all.”

“The world needs more generous people. The world needs more volunteers. A very Happy International Day of Charity to everyone.”

“A small charity that you are going to make ever will shape up many lives out there in different ways. Happy International Day of Charity.”

“Not everyone is as privileged as we are and therefore, we must help those who need us. Warm wishes on International Day of Charity.”

“There is nothing in this world that brings more happiness than an act of charity. Wishing everyone a very Happy International Day of Charity.”

“If we can donate something to someone for some cause then we are certainly making some contribution to this world. Warm greetings on International Day of Charity.”

Catchy Charity Slogans

Charity always brings joy.

Never miss an opportunity to donate.

Philanthropy and charity can change the world.

The act of charity is very powerful.

Doing charity is doing good to those who are in need.

Bring a smile to some face with your charity.

An act of charity can bring you immense happiness.

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