International Sudoku Day 2022 History, Celebration

International Sudoku Day: This September 9th, International Sudoku Day is a great opportunity to celebrate this interesting number game. A Logic-based puzzle type that promotes logical thinking and placement puzzles for the mind’s sake! The date itself has some extra meaning behind it too; since one must use only digits 1 -9 in each row/column combination during gameplay– time management will be key if you want victory over your opponent who may choose any move at anytime (1 -9 or let it rest).

Origin of Sudoku

While the game of sudoku has its roots in Japan, it didn’t originate there. The word Sudoku was created by a Swiss mathematician named Hans Unruh who used this puzzle to teach his student’s number theory during World War II when resources were scarce because he wanted them all capable adults able to take care of their families if needs arise again; after undoing some restrictions on printing materials for these purposes (which had been imposed shortly before), Unrug published articles about such activities as well including ones dealing specifically with generating disorders using numbers 1 through 9.

History of International Sudoku Day

“La Siècle”, a French newspaper in 1892 published an article that was very similar to Sudoku. In 1979 American architect Howard Garns created something of his own named Number Place which would eventually become known around the world as Sudoku- this puzzle first appeared shortly after when it ran as part of Dell Magazine’s submissions back then but now you can find these types Oklahoma Crossword Puzzles everywhere!

“Wayne Gould”, a judge from U K opened up competition for uniquely generated puzzles through Daily newspapers across Europe, and finally international popularity grew quickly because everyone loves getting involved with new challenges even if they’re tough! International Sudoku Day was established in coordination with The International Association of Su Doku and Japanese Puzzle Union (JPU) “Tetsuya Nishio” who was towards its legalization at Japan’s “Yomiuri Shimbun” newspaper.

Millions of people around the world are addicted to sudokus, and this game has become increasingly popular in recent years. The World Puzzle Federation declared September 9th as International Sudoku day so you can get your fill!

Some Amazing Sudoku Facts

Sudoku is a Japanese Logic-Based Puzzle that became very popular in 2005. The game has been played all over the world, gaining traction as well with people from different countries who started learning and playing it too! 

It was created by Howard Garns after his death, but then became more well known when an American named Charles Kim modified this design into what we know today (number place). There are some inaccuracies within these internet sites where you can find sudokus online–they often underestimate how difficult certain puzzles will be according to the level of expertise.

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The World Sudoku Championship was held for the first time in 2006. The event has since then been celebrated all around Italy and across different newspapers daily because people love solving this type of puzzle as much today as they did back when crosswords were new, an innovative material created to keep readers engaged with their paper. According to some studies by playing regularly you can improve concentration skills; reduce or prevent depression while also preventing Alzheimer’s disease! It is an extremely addictive game but without any side effects – making sudokus even more fun than ever before!

How to Celebrate International Sudoku Day

Sudoku puzzles

The best way to observe the day is by solving sudoku puzzles. This will help you sharpen your brain and become more focused on what’s ahead!

Buy some new puzzle books

You can buy a puzzle book and start to solve all puzzles on this special day. It will be an exciting matter!

Challenge a friend to play head-to-head

Try to make it more enjoyable for your friend if he takes on the challenge of solving Sudoku puzzles. The one who solves these quickly will win our game!

Why International Sudoku Day become Popular

Puzzles are fun!

The game of sudoku is a numbers-based puzzle that has the potential to be both difficult and rewarding. The goal in each matrix, grid, or shape consists of filling every square with one unit migration less than or equal to nine others nearby on either side depending on if you want it exclusive horizontal spells out vertical ones

and cannot move once placed down – but there are ways around this! Some people love solving these types of logical problems while others prefer playing through images as though they were seeing static shapes emerging before their eyes.

We love a good challenge

Chess is one of the most mentally challenging games you can play. Not only does it require strong strategy and estimation skills, but also attention to detail- which makes for an enjoyable challenge!

It keeps our minds sharp

Sudoku is a great way to keep your brain sharp. It can help with focus and concentration, as well preventing depression!


The game of sudoku is a great way to both amuse and develop our analyzing power. For us all around the world can enjoy this fun activity as well, I suggest holding an International Sudokuh day every year!

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