Best Juneteenth Day Wishes 2022, Quotes, Images

Best Juneteenth Day Wishes 2022: Juneteenth is a day to commemorate the ending of slavery in America and it’s also known as Emancipation Day. On June 19th, 1865 Union forces finally victory over The Confederate States during the American Civil War making this event possible and leading us into an era without racial discrimination or oppression! To celebrate Juneteeth we have some amazing ideas for your 2022 wishing well wishes including quotes from famous people who believe that freedom should never again be taken away by anyone but ourselves -“we refuse.” Juneteenth Day Wishes Quotes Images.

Happy Juneteenth 2022 Wishes

You are a pride of color in this world. You deserve love and acceptance just like anyone else does! I hope you have fun with your family today, but also know that there is no better way to celebrate Juneteenth than by learning how important it can be for our future endeavors together-so let’s keep moving forward towards progress instead of pulling back into fear or resentment.”

The Juneteenth holiday is a day celebrating equality and freedom. It was on this date in 1876 that Texas slaves won their battle for independence from slavery, which had been an illegal institution since 1865 with President Lincoln’s signing of The Emancipation Proclamation 2 months earlier–marking one year without racial discrimination or segregation in any way whatsoever! Today we celebrate what came before as well as look forward by wishing all readership members happy Freedom Day — may your family enjoy good health throughout these special days ahead…and always remember: teamwork wins out over racism every time. Happy Juneteenth 2022 Wishes.

Happy Juneteenth Day 2022 Quotes

“Anytime anyone is deprived of his or her liberty, if that person has a soul as far as I’m concerned they’re justified in resorting to whatever methods necessary for achieving freedom.”—Malcolm X 

“One day all schools across America will teach our amazing history – Black Native American Jewish German Anglo Saxon Asian Mexican Indian Chinese Filipino South Korean Japanese Cuban Vietnamese Swedish Dutch Norwegian Polish Argentinian Irish British Egyptian Dutch French Canadian Brazilian Portuguese Sephardic Jewish Italian Hispanic Panamanian Aztec Native Hawaiian all mingling together in one big American melting pot…that is the only way this country and this world is going to survive and thrive.”

We all require and want respect, man or woman. It’s our basic human right- no matter how we feel about race relations in America today (and they’re never perfect), there should be a mutual understanding between us that says “I’m sorry” when someone offends another person because of their own biases; it just doesn’t seem like something anyone can live without anymore! And while these words may sound theoretical at best until you experience them yourself — take heart: Aretha Franklin once said “Do not be silent…there truly isn’t any limit to what we as individuals can accomplish,” Happy Juneteenth 2022 Wishes.

We need to have a holiday so that the next generation can understand how their life is impacted by every previous one. – Al Edwards, Texas Democratic Representative 

“We are all connected,” said Bayard Rustin, an activist who worked with Martin Luther King Jr., “whether we know it or not.” He went on…to talk about what happened when people were no longer slaves but still held captive inside these walls – they finally got out! But then there are those generations after us-our children if you will…we must make sure they too experience freedom for them to grow up knowing exactly where their responsibilities lie today as well as tomorrow.

“The only way to be truly free is by owning your land. A person should never live in somebody else’s country just because they can’t afford or access their rights.” -Malcolm X “Go out into this world with an open mind, ready for anything that may happen next; for every new experience brings us one step closer towards making our lives better and more fulfilling than ever before!” Juneteenth Day Wishes Quotes Images.

Happy Juneteenth Day 2022 Images

Celebrate Juneteenth with these unique and meaningful images!

The Juneteenth day is coming up, which means that you need some inspiring wishes for 2022. Click on the link below to find all of our favorite happy moments from this year’s celebration—and many more ahead!.

Juneteenth flag

Juneteenth is a day of celebration for all Americans, but it should be more than just another holiday. This year we will commemorate the Historic Event that led to freedom and equality in America: The Underground Railroad network which helped free slaves escape from their owners through secret routes across state lines before they could Be Returned To Slavery. Juneteenth Day Wishes Quotes Images.

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This event had many milestones; one such milestone was establishing ” Juneteeth” as its flag symbolizing liberty gained after centuries’ worth of capture by Manifest destiny+The star emblems middle homage to Texas situational standpoint regarding capturing territory along the Gulf Coast…


Despite celebrating Juneteenth day since 1865, many African-Americans still face very adverse conditions in every stage of their lives from white supremacists and racists. For the descendants of Texan rural Americans, it’s a day that brings sadness because they know how hard things are going for them even though there is rejoice amongst some groups who refuse to let these truths get in our way or stay hidden away forever without ever being addressed head-on together as one human family–we must keep remembering what happened before us so future generations don’t have any reason not work towards unity instead!

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