Best Juneteenth Meme! Celebrates Black Independence Day 2022

We hope you enjoy this Happy Juneteenth Meme! Celebrates Black Independence Day 2022 meme. Today marks 155 years since the announcement of slavery’s abolition in Texas, and we’re celebrating with some awesome social media posts about how far black people have come since then- not just on an intellectual or spiritual level but also when it comes down to things like wealth creation (the list goes on). You’ll find all sortsa great content from our website if yer wantin’ to learn more:) Juneteenth Meme.

The year 2022 was taking place just weeks removed from two police killings of Black men that were unarmed and facedown on the pavement. One was George Floyd, who died after being encouraged by an officer in Minneapolis on Memorial Day; another person lost his life when officers shot him for seemingly no reason at all near Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.

Juneteenth Meme

Today is Juneteenth, a day to celebrate the ending of US slavery. Here are some things you can do in honor: 

-Hire Black people and pay them fairly for their work -Send money or resources back home so they may be able to support themselves as well (e..g., food)

Too much…LOL. The celebration of Jill Stein’s all-white Juneteenth event has been a source of many laughs on social media lately! Juneteenth Meme.

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Howard University

This year, the young scholars at “Howard University Freedom School” want to wish everyone a Happy #Juneteenth! As you know it was on this date in 1865 that ending slavery became official U.S government policy with President Lincoln’s signing of The Morrill Anti-Abolition Act into law–a moment which came about largely because these students fought hard and long against great obstacles just like they do today when facing difficulty or adversity (but certainly not without consequences). They show us how we can stand up for what is right even if others may judge our actions negatively; after all, no one said winning would be easy so let us take pride in knowing each victory helps put bricks down upon brick wall building toward progress—one step closer toward making America white again. Juneteenth Meme.

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Happy Juneteenth Meme!

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Happy Juneteenth Day

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