Korean American Day – January 13, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

Korean American Day is a day that celebrates the Korean American culture. It was first observed in 2002 and it has been celebrated on January 13th every year since then. The date of this observance coincides with the birthday of Dr. Henry Chang, who immigrated to America in 1902 and became an influential figure in the development of Korean-American communities throughout North America. He contributed greatly to many fields including education, religion, journalism, art, and literature before he died on January 13th, 1932 at age 63 years old.

History Of Korean American Day

Korean Americans are one of the most overlooked minorities in America. It was just 100 years ago that they first immigrated, and within two years 7500 more had followed suit to start their new life on these shores. Today we honor them for their tireless work which has helped make this country great while simultaneously preserving our own identity as well!

Korean Americans have been making history for decades. Sammy Lee was a two-time Olympic gold medalist in diving, and now he’s an ambassador to China!

The story of Korean American athletes like ____ who went on record as having won multiple medals at international sporting events with their respective countries is one worth celebrating; it shows how much potential this community holds both internationally (in Asia) or domestically within America itself!

Korean culture in America has left a long-lasting impression on the US. Korean tradition still impacts U.S society today through strong family values and an emphasis on education for all citizens from birth to death

In addition ____, people believe strongly that hard work should be rewarded with success as opposed to other cultures where there may not always seem fair but it will come around eventually if you’re patient enough!

The Korean American Day resolution passed by the Senate and House of Representatives in 2005 was signed into law on September 9th, 2006 making it official. This day celebrates all that is great about this ethnic group but most importantly what they’ve sacrificed for America’s freedom!

Korean American Day Activities

1. Learn about notable Korean Americans

Korean Americans are known for their hard-working nature and the Korean American culture is thriving. Follow this informative blog post as we explore what life was like back then, vs now!

It’s fascinating how much things have changed in just one generation—from fresh off the boat to become an established member of society with children of our own who will grow up influenced by both cultures.

2. Look up their history

Korean American Story is a new media platform that allows people to share their stories. Find out more about this amazing organization by visiting 


3. Enjoy their culture

The Korean American diaspora has made a lasting impact on our society. There are so many ways you can celebrate them, from concerts to food festivals!


1. The world leader in Internet

Some people might say that South Korea is the most wired country in Asia, based on their population’s high rates of internet use and speedy connections.

2. Taekwondo was created in Korea

The invention of the wheel is a major landmark in human history. It’s believed to have been invented approximately 2,000 years ago and revolutionized transportation forevermore!

3. It has the world’s first astronomical lab

Cheomseongdae Observatory is a place of worship for many South Koreans. Built-in the 600s, it has been witness to history as well as nature’s most spectacular events and views since then!

4. A special browser for banks

South Korea has a law that requires all banking transactions to be done through Internet Explorer.

5. South Korea had the biggest economic turnaround

South Korea was one of the poorest countries on earth in the 50s but within just 20 years they turned into a country that’s now considered among some of Asia’s wealthiest.


1. It’s good to enjoy different cultures

What’s not to love about exploring new cultures? It is a life-changing experience that will leave you with memories and experiences, which can’t be found anywhere else. The richness of Korean culture should make it easy for anyone who decides they want more from their travels there! So go deep into the country’s mysteries—and have fun doing it!

2. Korean food is great

One of the best things about Korean food is how authentically delicious and healthy it can be. If you’ve never tried a dish before then our advice would be to visit your local restaurant, order something off their menu and see for yourself just what all this fuss is about!

3. It helps us reconnect with our Korean friends

Korean Americans are often the first Asian-Americans many people meet, but they’re also some of society’s most vulnerable. If you know any Korean immigrants or refugees in your community today make an extra effort to connect with them and donate time/money!


Korea is a non-profit organization working towards the day when no refugee lives will be endangered by fear.


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