Memorial Day Quotes for Dad – Memorial Messages

This Memorial Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday of May in memory of the martyrs. Those who were military personnel are honored on this day. Everyone sends greetings. You can send some inspirational greetings to your father. Dad can send some of the most painful messages. This day will be considered his most amazing message.

Memorial Day Messages for Dad/ Father

“They gave up their lives for the peace and security of our country. Let us thank them on the special occasion of Memorial Day.

“Each and every year Memorial Day reminds us that we are so fortunate to be born in the land of braves and strong. Happy Memorial Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Memorial Day to you dad. Let us tell the military men and women that we are so grateful to them and their families.”

“It is not easy to die for your nation. It demands lots of strength and patriotism. Salute to our veterans. A very Happy Memorial Day to you dad.”

Memorial Day Quotes for Dad

“Sending warm wishes to your dad on the occasion of Memorial Day. Let us dedicate this day to the fallen heroes by working hard to be a progressive country.”

“Their only wish was to see their country in peace and countrymen happy. We salute them with all our hearts. Happy Memorial Day to you dad.”

“Let us celebrate Memorial Day by counting our blessings in form of soldiers who gave their lives in order to protect us. Warm wishes on Memorial Day.”

“Wishing a very Happy Memorial Day to you dad. Let us praise the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the nation.”

Memorial Day Quotes for my father

“The most beautiful love is love for the country and our national heroes died with that love in their hearts. A very Happy Memorial Day to you.”

“Dearest father, I wish you a very Happy Memorial Day. Let us bow our heads and fold our hands in prayer to remember the inspiring heroes of our nation.”

“The brave-hearted martyrs will always be remembered and thanked for they are the reason we are happy and protected. Happy Memorial Day.”

“The occasion of Memorial Day reminds every American of the sacrifices of the courageous army men and women. Let us thank them on Memorial Day.”

Memorial Messages for Late Dad

“Wishing you a very Happy Memorial Day dad. You have always taught me to love our country and I will love it till my last breath.”

“Thanks, Dad for teaching me patriotism and dedication towards the nation because that is what every country needs. Happy Memorial Day.”

“On the occasion of Memorial Day, I just want to tell you that you are being missed, dad. This day is incomplete without you.”

“Sending lots of love and warm wishes on Memorial Day to you dad. You are the kind of heroes our nation would always need.”

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