National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

The National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is an opportunity to show your solidarity with all of these furry friends who need someone special in their lives. Why not take up the cause and find yourself some new best buddies?

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Why Adopt A Shelter Pet Day?

The animals at shelters across the country are dealing with immense heartache and pain, but they’re not alone.

A staggering million of pets were still brought into traffic last year – only a few percent found their forever homes! And while many people may think that this indicates how wanted or loved these creatures were before coming into custody; it’s quite possibly due simply because very few facilities will take any animal without funding/helpful supplies (like food & water). The rest must rely heavily upon donations which can be difficult during tough economic times when resources tend toward minimalism rather than maximization.

This year, on the Adopt A Shelter Pet Day we should all go out together and find homes for those waiting in cages or crates. Some may be too injured to adopt but if they’re still healthy enough there’s a good chance you’ll want them as your own after seeing how cuddly these animals can get! You could also take care of any medical needs that need addressing before bringing home another friend-quality member into 2017 strand anger included!!

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What’s better than a furry friend to keep you company at home and teach your kids about responsibility? Not much! That’s why adopting from the shelter is such an amazing idea. They’re always available for adoption, waiting in need of someone just like them–and it won’t cost too much since they come completely free or cheap depending on what type/size pet that particular organization can handle (plus any other required supplies). Plus once these awesome animals get into our lives there really isn’t anything stopping us; not even death itself –they can live long and happy lives if we just make sure to take care of them (and ourselves, as their guardians)!

What better way to show your love for animals than being a pet parent? There are many ways you can be an important part of their lives. You could donate supplies or medical care, volunteer in your spare time, and/or give them loving homes through adoption!

How Can We Observe National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day:

Adopt a pet from a local shelter

Join me in giving a home to any animal at the local shelter! You’ll have so much fun with your new pet that you won’t be able to get rid of them after just one day. Make sure they are well-cared for before adding them into what will become part of our family, too – take time getting acquainted and spend quality bonding time together today; we don’t want it any other way around here! National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Have your pets spayed or neutered

When you decide not to have any more pets, your existing ones must be spayed or neutered. This will help reduce the number of unwanted animals in society and homes across America!

Take a pet parenting class!

If you want to be a great pet parent, it’s important that not only do your research on what kind of animal will best suit the needs in both space and personality- but also how they should live their life. Join an informative class where experts can answer all those questions about animals such as; “What are some tips for taking care?,” Do I need extra items around my house because this particular species likes To dig?”, and most importantly: Do YOU qualify as someone who could take good ownership over another human’sBest Friend For Life?! National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is a great day to start!

Volunteer at a pet shelter

One of the most rewarding things you can do is volunteer at a pet shelter! You’ll make friends in an instant and spend quality time with some incredible animals. It might even change your perspective on how we care for our pets–who knows?

Raise funds

Organize a bake sale and collect donations for animals in need! You could also run an online campaign if you have the resources.

Encourage others via social media

join us in celebrating National Adopting a Shelter Pet Day by sharing your favorite memories of pets that were saved from shelter life! You can use #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay or #adOptasHelperscats to show off what kind of people you are.

It’s never too late to save an animal’s life so grab some friends and family members, get out there on social media today because it only takes one person who sees how great these animals look going home with someone special -to make all those hours worthwhile. National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is the perfect day to start!

Interesting Facts About National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day:

6.5 million animals will be given refuge in US shelters this year, with 3-and-a half million cats and dogs going into foster homes or being adopted from an animal shelter near you!

The staggering number of 70,000 kittens and puppies born every day makes it important we find ways to reduce this rate. Pet neutering or spaying are made affordable for our pets so they don’t end up in shelters where there may be a chance that animal control will pick them up because you can no longer keep an unwanted pet without registration 

In California alone there are over 30% more registered dog owners than cat ones which means if someone has both types then only about half would qualify under the law as being “neutered” but what does ‘spayed’ mean? It simply translates into having your female reproductive system removed at the surgery- so your pet won’t experience any heat periods and the constant crying that usually comes with it.

History of National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day:

The origin and founder of this animal-friendly holiday are not known yet. While we continue digging for more info, please go adopt a pet from your local shelter! This day is celebrated across the US as an exciting new way to celebrate all things furry – so grab those pets fast before they get adopted out)!

The celebration began in 2009 when Twitter user “@dog_photoblog” posted: “Our favorite calendar event has arrived—#AHDay.” Since then it’s grown into what you see today with tweets ranging everywhere from H/shelling tips for National Adopt a Shelter Pet day to memes of dogs and cats in need of homes.

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