NATIONAL ALMOND DAY – February 16, 2023

National Almond Day: Almond Day is a day celebrated on February 16th every year. Almonds are cultivated in California, the largest producer of almonds in the world. The state produces about 80% of all almonds grown worldwide. National Almond Day 2022.

While almond trees grow well in Mediterranean climates, they also can thrive under Northern California’s temperate weather conditions that span three seasons without frost or severe cold spells.

The history of National Almond Day is not known but it has been speculated to have started as early as 1994 with an article published by Jane Rodmell who was seeking to promote almonds for their health benefits and other reasons such as their ease to use while baking cookies and other desserts because they don’t need flouring before using them as most nuts do.

History Of National Almond Day

Almond Day is celebrated every year on January 23rd. This day of celebration, according to the website Armando Olive Oil Company- which produces almond-based products such as cooking oil and bake goods for sale online (and at some stores), was born out of tradition but has grown into something more than that now – people all over celebrate what this tasty treat means both inside and outside your body!

Almond lovers can find a variety of resources on this site, including recipes and health studies. In addition, you will learn more about the development and harvesting process for almonds in case it’s something that interests you!

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National Almond Day Activities

National Almond Day

  1. Give the gift of almond bark

Almond bark is a delicious, slightly decadent, and incredibly easy-to-make treat. It’s the perfect wintertime sipper that will warm you up on those coldest of days! The best part? You can’t go wrong with this snack because its tastes are always changing–from chocolatey to nutty depending on how many toppings each person adds their own twist by choosing from dried fruit pieces or different extracts like coffee beans for added flavor intensity (or even alcohol if they’re feeling particularly wild!).

  1. Try different almonds

Almonds come in a variety of flavor options, such as smoked almonds which have been cooked at low heat to preserve their natural oils and flavors. They also offer honey-roasted for those who like sweetness without sacrificing any other qualities compared with regular roasting techniques; finally, there’s the hot sauce-style Sriracha Almond!

  1. Make a marzipan sculpture

Marzipan is the perfect filling for any sweet tooth, but it also provides an added health benefit. Almond paste with sugar and other ingredients mixed in can be pliable enough to shape into whatever form you desire – think of how children playhouse out of Play-Doh!


  1. They’re a superfood

Almonds are not just a delicious snack – they’re packed with nutrients and healthy fat! Almond milk is a great source of plant protein, too.

The almond tree produces an incredible number in one single fruit: 20% protein by weight; more than any other nut or legume food on Earth! Alongside all these nutritional goodies? A sweet taste that will make you want to eat them straight from the pod someday soon (you can thank us later).

  1. They’re amazingly versatile

Almonds are the perfect addition to any dish. They add texture and variety, not just in desserts but also when caramelized with sugar for Almandine brittle or used as an egg substitute!

  1. They’re not just good for your insides

Eating almonds can keep your skin glowing. Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that nourish the skin, reduce signs of aging in addition to being packed with magnesium which helps maintain bone health!


Almonds are all-around awesome. They’re not just tasty snacks; they also come in many different forms and flavors, making them useful for any occasion!

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