National Amaretto Day

With its rich and creamy flavor, Amaretto is known as the almond-flavored liqueur. This celebration of National Amandito Day happens every year on April 19th!

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Why National Amaretto Day?

Amaretto is a delicious and versatile liqueur that can be used in many different cocktails or desserts. The sweet-tasting drink was made from distilling fruits, including almonds, peach pits (and apricot), which are all nutshell staples for making this particular type of alcohol! It also finds its uses as an ingredient within several other classic cocktails like the Last Word membership 430,000 followers on Instagram and almost 6,000 tweets on the day.

How can we celebrate National Amaretto Day?

This October 31st, celebrate National Amaretto Day by exploring the different ways you can enjoy this almond-flavored cocktail from Italy. Here are a few tips on how to make it your best day yet!

This day is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family. You can get an Amaretto brand for yourself, or make your concoction of fruit-based cocktails like the sweet Shot Of Ameretto which will have you feeling refreshed in no time!

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Tastes just like the real thing, but better! Amaretto is one of those things that can make anyone smile. If you’re feeling froggy enough to try baking your goodies with Italian history then this might be perfect for when it comes a time–it pairs well against many different baked goods like gingerbread cookies or cannoli shells; don’t forget about how good amARETto tastes in dessert cocktails too (my personal favorite).

Interesting facts about National Amaretto Day:

The Amaretto is a lovely drink that hails from Italy. It translates to the word “love” and has an appropriate meaning for this sweet, bitter cocktail due to its sweetness combined with almonds which are often paired together in desserts such as wedding cakes or fruit pies!

Amaretto is a famous almond-based liquor that has been around for centuries. The three most popular brands are DiSaronno Originale, which comes from the place it was first produced in 1600; DeKuypers and Lazzaroni who have provided this drink since 1900 as well. While all these companies share some similarities such as using almonds or apricots among other ingredients there’s still enough diversity so you can find your favorite variation on Amarelito!

Amaretto is more than just a drink – it can also be used over ice cream or other desserts to enhance the flavor. The major ingredient in amaretto, apricot kernels have flavors that are similar to almonds but not quite there yet!

History of National Amaretto Day:

The National Amaretto Day celebrates a time-honored tradition. In 14th century Italy, the use of this popular liqueur was medicinal and served as an ingredient in herbal remedies to help relieve ailments such as insomnia or digestive problems – but it also had other more fun purposes! These days you can enjoy amarletTO’s sweet flavor without any medical NEEDING–so go ahead: indulge yourself with one less excuse not to!

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