National Arkansas Day – January 11, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Arkansas Day is an annual observance that celebrates the creation of the state of Arkansas. On January 11, 1836, this new territory became a state in the Union after being carved out from the part of the Indian Territory.

The first settlement was established on May 20th, 1820 by Thomas Nuttall and his traveling companions near present-day Washington as they explored parts of northern Louisiana and eastern Texas for a potential site to establish their colony. They found what they were looking for along the banks of the Ouachita River where there was plenty of fertile ground for growing cotton and corn, timber resources for building homes and other structures, and abundant game such as deer and buffalo.

History Of National Arkansas Day

After the Civil War, Arkansas was finally admitted into the Union. Its origin is unknown but it has become a state known for its signature dish-fried chicken and steaks!

Celebrate National Arkansas Day

There are so many ways to celebrate the state of Arkansas! Here are just a few sample activities. 

-Visit downtown Little Rock and visit one of its restaurants where you can taste some famous fried chicken or steaks. You will be surprised by how delicious they are! 

-If you’re adventurous, head out to one of its national forests and go camping. You can even visit the Petit Jean State Park for a picturesque view! 

-For those who like music, you should head on down to see your Arkansas Symphony Orchestra in action at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville. Many people enjoy watching them play various classical pieces that include famous composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. 

-If you want a more quiet weekend getaway, plan on visiting one of the state’s museums in Little Rock where you can enjoy many different exhibits that range from fine art to history! 

Interesting Facts On National Arkansas Day: 

Few Interesting Facts Related to National Arkansas Day

The first Spanish explorer to set foot on Arkansas, Hernando de Soto tried to convince the natives that he was an immortal deity. After his death, his men propagated this story and even erected a church in Hot Springs where they believed their leader could hear them from above-ground because “he ascended into heaven.”

How Can We Observe National Arkansas Day: 

Read Into The Past

Who doesn’t love a day off? This is your chance to catch up with family and friends, or just immerse yourself in whatever it is that brings you joy. Curl up on the couch for hours as we talk about history!

A trip To The Natural State

Arkansas offers visitors so many opportunities to enjoy their time in scenic, historical places. Some of these include Hot Springs National Park which has natural hot mineral baths that were used by Native Americans for healing purposes before European settlers arrived; Sultana disaster Museum where you can learn about one of America’s greatest maritime disasters when over 2 million lives were lost due to the explosion boiler aboard The Titanic!

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Arkansas is the home of many great things, including an incredible barbecue culture. For National Barbecue Day this year be sure to get out there and celebrate all that Arkansas has given us!

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Why National National Arkansas Day: 

Located in the South Central region of the United States, Arkansas is the 29th largest state with a population crossing 3 million. Little Rock, its capital has naturally become highly populated and home to many governing bodies as well business districts that are booming at present time due to natural resources available within this area

Laced by rivers like Mississippi on eastern borders before merging into the Gulf Of Mexico coastline; it boasts numerous streams lakes & ponds which provide ample opportunities for fishing or simply relaxing under lush Trees.

The first Americans to explore this land were the French and Spanish. These two nationalities of Europe had a stronghold in North America with their colonization, but soon after there was another influx from other parts: British migrants fleeing oppression or wars back home; Dutch looking for better opportunities along our coastlines which we now know as California’s Western frontier because it eventually became part od USA territory once Mexican independence ended that war.

Arkansas was a state in the Union during America’s Civil War. In 1861 it joined with the Southern States to secede from American Unity and become part of Confederate Authority, which supported slavery at that time due to their beliefs on how society should operate–by color rather than class or wealth tier-wise? 

The pronunciation of Arkansas’s name became the topic of heated debate between two senators. One party favored “Arkansaw” over ‘Arkansas,’ but this was eventually settled by Concurrent Resolution No 4 passed within State General Assembly in 1881 which preferred to use “market share wike dey do now anyways! (The people speak it like that.)

Arkansas has been able to diversify its economy in a way that it once did not have the capacity for. The state is now involved with tourism, aircraft, and steel among other things instead of just being tied down by cotton or rice production

In Arkansas, you will find many different types of industries but they’re all dependent on one thing: their location near major roads where commerce can thrive based on consumer demand.

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