National Backward Day / January 31, 2022 – How to Celebrate National Backward Day?

National Backward Day, also known as “Backwards Day” is a day observed on January 31st of every year. It was created by the author and columnist Christopher Seuss Geisel (Dr. Suess) in 1957 who wrote it under the pen name Theo LeSieg for an issue of “Redbook”. The idea behind National Backward Day is that everything one does on this day should be done backward. For example, eating breakfast would mean eating dinner first and then lunch; reading a book would mean starting at the last page and working your way to the beginning; brushing teeth means putting toothpaste on your brush before water or mouthwash; shaving means using shaving cream after you’ve already shaved so as not to cut yourself.

History Of National Backward Day

The history of Backward Day is far more ancient than the name itself. In almost every culture there came a time when all societal rules were turned upside down, and for this reason, it’s called “Backwards” day in each respective society where it exists. For example, Saturnalia was an annual celebration during which Romans would honor their gods by not being so serious about what you wore or how clean your house could get before they entered; however, instead, everyone tried to look festive while eating lots of delicious food together with friends & family!

Throughout the world, there are many cultures that celebrate this time of year. For some it’s a chance to let go and shake up old ways while for others these festivities symbolize their perseverance in defiance against conformity; one thing they all share though? The beauty which can be found during nature’s regeneration after winter finally ends!

Is there anything more American than the turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? It’s a tradition that was created by an ingenious group of people, including Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott. These two were just sitting around their home after milking cows when they had this idea for how to spend time together while all working alone at different tasks during busy days back in 1961!


  1. Switch up your meals

This year, on you can vote for what Material should be eliminated from our society’s list of things that are bad and wasteful! There is no wrong answer; anything could get voted out – even caffeine because some people just need coffee to “punish themselves.”

This event has been going strong since 1996 when two sisters had the idea while they were eating pizza (of course). It’s not all fun though: these days we’re focused more than ever before on helping others find new ways around broken systems in order to make life easier for the people that are already struggling with hardships!

  1. Change your meaning

You might be surprised to learn that people feel more connected when they engage in conversation with individuals on a daily basis. You can start breaking the monotony of mundane tasks by changing up your morning and evening greetings, like saying goodnight instead of good morning or vice versa!

  1. Write a reverse poem

Reverse poetry is not easy to write, so I’ll give you some tips on how. First of all the poem has an opposite meaning in reverse which makes it more interesting for readers of your work because they will be able to see new things that were hidden before when reading forwards or backward! You should also always end with “and” since most people don’t know what word comes next otherwise; if there’s only one pause then use this time wisely by adding something dramatic like “the lovers parted.”


  1. Backward planning moves you forward

It turns out that reversing the order in which you prepare for tests can be your best friend. A study showed, and this is no surprise to me at all considering how much time we spend on testing days myself included (I mean what else do students have? Their phones), those who did had a high success rate with their test prep!

  1. Peeling out
  2. Bizarre Earth
  3. Messages in reverse
  4. Waddle this way


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