National Bagel Day – January 15, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Bagel Day is an annual observance in the United States. It’s celebrated on January 15th of each year and was established to honor the New York City culinary institution. Throughout this blog post, we’ll explore what National Bagel Day is all about, some fun activities you can do to celebrate it with your friends or family, and more!

History Of National Bagel Day

Bagels have a long and highly documented history that dates back to 1600s Poland. Bagel dough is yeast-based, it’s often boiled or baked before being fried in butter with sugar on top for extra sweetness! And unlike many things created nearly five hundred years ago – baggers are remarkably unchanged today too- cream cheeses galore plus toppings of your choice will do just fine as well so don’t legal about giving this old school treat yourself one last go around when you visit our website.

National Bagel Day Activities

1. Have a bagel at every meal

The versatility of the bagel is something that you can appreciate on any given day. It’s never too early or late for some breakfast toast!

2. Share the bagel love

Bagels are the ultimate comfort food, and for National Bagel Day this year why not grab some fresh bagels nut cream cheese, or salmon salad? Scope out your local bakery shops to find exclusive deals on these tasty treats.

3. Find the best bagel in town

There are so many great places to get a bagel in this town, but have you ever thought about which one is the best? I’ll tell ya what: it’s worth checking out every store just for their flavor. Who knows what might be waiting at the end!


1. There are countless varieties

Have you ever walked into a bagel shop and noticed all of the different flavors available? From cinnamon raisin swirl to the classic everything, there is always something new that will satisfy your sweet or savory cravings.

2. Bagels are versatile

Bagels are a breakfast favorite, but have you ever thought about bagel pizza or sandwiches? The chewy and dense texture makes them perfect for toppings. Add your favorite cheeses to these delicious treats!

3. They are convenient

Bagels are one of the most popular items at any grocery store, coffee shop, or gas station. You can eat them toasted or just plain – either way they’re always delicious and an easy choice when you need something quick but good!


When you eat a bagel, do your eyes get bigger and bigger? And then smaller and smaller? This is what we call “the syndrome of the bagel,” that’s when people want more food after they’ve eaten their meal. You can avoid this problem if you make sure to limit yourself to one or two bagels on National Bagel Day.


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