National Balloon Ascension Day – January 9, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Balloon Ascension Day is observed annually on January 9. It commemorates the first time a hot air balloon flew in North America, which happened on this day in 1793. The event was organized by John Jeffries and Jean-Pierre Blanchard as part of their world tour to introduce the new science of aeronautics to as many people as possible.

The two men launched from what is now Federal Hill Park in Baltimore and traveled about four miles before landing near modern-day Ellicott City, Maryland. They attracted quite a crowd with their novel invention that they had never seen before and it helped popularize flying balloons for both recreation and scientific research across the continent!

History Of National Balloon Ascension Day

On July 4, 1784, a Frenchman by the name of Jean-Paul Blanchard ascended into Philadelphia’s sky in front of an enthusiastic crowd. Today we call this man “the father” because he invented what would eventually become known as hot air ballooning 

The very first Balloon Ascension Day was every bit as exciting as it sounds; A man named JB watched from below with friends and family gathered around him at Independence Square (now known just called ‘square’). The experiment ended successfully but not without some last-minute adjustments made on board his craft along the Walnut Street Prison fence line where onlookers were able to see everything unfold before them up close.

On July 20, 1793, John Jeffries made their first American flight in a hot air balloon. He ascended from the Boston Commons with Dr. Joseph Warren and stayed aloft for about 15 minutes before landing safely on what is now Beacon St., near the present-day location of The Public Garden. 

The first person to ascend into the air in a balloon was Blanchard, who refused to let anyone else go with him. He reached an altitude of 200 fathoms during his flight and monitored his pulse until he safely brought it down at farmer’s field where confused onlookers helped get back for their safety from this new world that had been opened up before them as well as America’s advancement towards becoming more popularized than ever.

The high-pitched female voiceover starts by saying “Some people thought they could talk Charles out going aloft because others were waiting below.” Now those same voices might say something like “I don’t see why we shouldn’t all go up together; you never know what may happen to one of us,” or “Do you want to leave me behind here? You know I can’t fly.” 

How to Celebrate Balloon Ascension Day

As a tribute to this man who helped make aviation history, if you have never taken the opportunity of flying in a hot air balloon then now would be a good time to do so. If it’s too cold where ever live or anytime during the winter season for that matter- There’s is chance we’ll see clear skies again soon enough!

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