National Blueberry Pie Day

This year on National Blueberry Pie Day, you can cholesterol-free and guilt-free enjoy a slice of your favorite pie.

Mmm…blueberries are the best! This is why we celebrate National Blueberry PIE day every April 28th – so that people know how much fun it would be to live off them all year round rather than just during their seasonal slogan period where everyone goes crazy over these sweet little fruits because hey who doesn’t love anything fried or sugary right?

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Why National Blueberry Pie Day?

From April until September, the Blueberry Harvest provides us with a long season of delicious blueberries.

The first documented recipe for blueberry pie was published in 1872, and Maine has an abundance of these delicious berries. This is why it’s no surprise that the state’s official dessert—blueberry cheesecake–is also filled with them! Elizabeth Coleman White noticed how frequently wild berry plants would grow around farmhouses during warm summer days; Dr. Frederick V Coville’s studies showed just how much nutrition can be found within each juicy bite into this sweet treat you’ll find yourself craving after every meal National Blueberry Pie day.

Wild blueberries have never been successfully transplanted and raised in any farming operation, either for personal or commercial production. They’re often found where they naturally grow–on hillsides overlooking urban landscapes with their sharp branches reaching out like hands towards visitors who come from far away to taste this rare fruit!

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A new company called Actually Fresh wants you to be able to get these delicious treats at your local grocery store near ya… but first let me tell ya how it all started: back during World War II when rationing stopped people from hiking through woods looking for these little delicacies. So enterprising women picked them and sold them out of their homes to make a buck or two.

The health benefits of these juicy berries are unmatched. They’re full of vitamin C and have an excellent flavor that you can’t get anywhere else! Berries make for great snacks, desserts, or sauces – but best yet? When cultivated properly they provide us with more than just nourishment; the cultivation process also boosts our local economy by creating jobs in farming communities across America where production takes place.

How Can We Observe National Blueberry Pie Day:

National Blueberry Pie Day is a day to celebrate all things berry! There are many ways you can honor this occasion and enjoy some delicious pie. For starters, try making your recipe or finding one that’s perfect for what kind of berries are in season where you live – whether it be strawberries from Springtime or frozen yogurt with raspberries picked off trees during summertime;

  1. Visit a blueberry patch: You may have never thought about it, but during the harvest season many family farms are open to visitors with buckets in hand. The experience of visiting one and choosing your berry stock is an opportunity not just for you – it’s also a chance to support local businesses while learning more about where these delicious fruits come from!
  2. Prepare a pie: This holiday is all about the pie. You know, that wonderful dessert with fruit on top and bottom? Well if you want to make your blueberry slices this year then here’s what needs doing: mix some cornstarch into berries before baking-not only will it prevent messy pies but also gives them light yet filling flavor!
  3. Make a friend happy: There is no better way to brighten someone’s day than with a delicious pie. Not only will you have an extra supply of food, but it can be fun and rewarding as well! This idea would work especially well if there are children involved or people who like different types of desserts- both options available for purchase from our website today too 🙂

This Saturday, October 14th is National Blueberry Pie Day! If you want to celebrate with a delicious slice of dessert make sure and tag your posts #BlueberryPieDay or @Nationalbluepieday. Share photos on social media that showcase how amazing these pies are looking and give us all something tasty while doing it too 🙂

Interesting National Blueberry Pie Day:

West Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is home to some incredible blueberry farms. The majority of these operations can be found on land that has been cultivated for generations, creating the perfect conditions needed throughout all seasons – even during cold ones like winter!

Blueberries are one of the most ancient fruits known to man, with 13000 years’ worth of history behind them. They have been consumed by Indigenous peoples across North America since they were dubbed “star fruit” because at their blossom end there is this amazing five-pointed star-shaped pattern formation that looks exactly like an actual skyful! This pigment responsible for giving blueberry its signature color-anthocyanin-, also turns up in other plants such as grapes and apples where it helps make those colors look more vibrant than ever before. National Blueberry Pie day was established to help celebrate everything that makes these little blue balls so fantastic!

The first blueberry pie was introduced to America by Northern European settlers. In 1872, an Appledore cookbook published the recipe for this delectable dish which had been popularized in England as early as 1664 when King Charles II taxed fruits and vegetables at rates higher than ever before so their quality would not lapses during times of shortage or gardening failures due-to lack resources like land ownership within certain areas where these cultivatable could thrive best but also needed careful nurturing just like any other plant or pet you may own.

History Of National Blueberry Pie Day:

Blueberries are a wonder food that can be found in many recipes. These little berries have been known for their health benefits and taste, which is why they’re so popular! It appears as though the manufacturing process behind blueberry pies began around 1860 according to some experts’ findings – this means you might just want to get your hands on one before it runs out!!

The first blueberry pie is thought to have been made with wild berries from Maine, USA. However, the term may have first appeared in print 50 years earlier when it was used by New England Farmer Journal as an example recipe for making “a choice portion” at home on page 29!

The Civil War may have been a key factor in popularizing blueberries and thus the pie they’re used for. Soldiers who fought overseas returned home with a yen for wild berries, but couldn’t find any until Maine showed up on their radar screen-and that’s where you can find plenty of these tart treats today!

This July, Blueberry Pie Day is observed all over the country and even internationally! This celebration started as a way to honor Maryland’s favorite pie-the sweet tangy treat that has been enjoyed by generations.

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