National Bookmobile Day

We all have a bookmobile in our lives, and we should celebrate it! The Mobile Library Day falls on April 17th. What is National Bookmobile Day? It’s an opportunity to appreciate how much access people without homes or literacy skills usually don’t enjoy because they cannot reach their desired destination with just one physical copy of any given text–you also need an internet connection for that nowadays anyway if not already included as part of monthly subscription service which many libraries offer these days…

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Why National Bookmobile Day? 

The bookmobile service is a traveling vehicle or bus that provides access to books in local communities. In today’s society, this can be done without any problem thanks Internet because of the many benefits it offers for people who want an educational lifestyle and also grow mentally as well as physically through their reading habits!

The bookmobile is a great way to get access to books for people who don’t have the chance or can’t afford it. You also help children find new reads as they’re easy reading material!

We also thank the professionals who work hard to make information and knowledge accessible for those in need.

The combined forces of the American Library Association, Association for Bookmobile, and Outreach Services have brought us this day.

This event is a celebration to thank all those who work at libraries in America!

How to celebrate National Bookmobile Day: 

We all love to read, but what if you don’t have access? The bookmobile service helps make sure that everyone has the opportunity. If your area is served by this wonderful vehicle for literature then thank them and ask when their next visit will be!

The best way to promote reading is by encouraging people, especially those living in rural areas or with little accessories like bookmobiles. This will make them read more and offer the opportunity for their library services too!

You can do this through showing interest during discussions about what they’re doing now- how does your family member spend his/her free time? Do you go anywhere that has books available such as mall Smash Hits? If not then there may be some work ahead but don’t give up on these wonderful ideas just yet; maybe try asking around town halls or even visit the National Bookmobile day website and check out the scheduled events so you can take your family out for some fun reading!

It’s National Bookmobile Day! As a fellow librarian, I urge you to start the bookmobile program so that kids and old can enjoy reading without charge. Everyone has access to learn something new; books are coming into our country’s heartland – on this day especially it pays off for us thank those who work hard behind-the-scenes at these vehicles of knowledge delivery: drivers/operators (librarians!), receivers (library staff and volunteers), and the behind-the-scenes support team!

This day is your chance to share with the world what it’s like living on a bookmobile. Why not post pictures and offer up some thoughts via online media? Tag #BookMobileDay so others can see how wonderful this experience has been for you!

Interesting Facts about National Bookmobile Day:

A public library is a place for all types of people. It has been praised for around 100 years now and it’s supported by the American Library Association (ALA). On Public Bookmobile Day, the LOS office works with the ALASOFT program; the ABOS association, as well as ARRSL, unite to homage this important day in our society which promotes literacy!

If you are looking for a way to promote your book, then Bookmobileday is the perfect platform. You can use #bookmobileday on any social media site and they will show up in their feed so that people know when someone has started following them who also enjoys reading! The best part about this? It’s all free – no purchase necessary!.

History of National Bookmobile Day: 

The traveling library has been around for centuries. The first one was published in 1754, and it came from America – specifically Pennsylvania! It’s called “The American School Library” by Harper Brothers who traveled all over rural areas giving people access to books they wouldn’t otherwise have had chances at reading if not for this particular service being offered up on their behalf.

By the late 1800s, Kate Rotan was a part of an elite women’s club in Texas that promoted bookmobiles and their use. During this period when many people were against them for unclear reasons (most likely due to cumbersome logistics), it only took one mention from these influential ladies before numbers increased drastically because everyone wanted what they had success with -the idea behind today’s modern-day mobile library!

Bookmobiles were a great help to the American people during their depression. Pack Horse Library Project covered remote areas of Kentucky and Appalachia by foot with books, supplies for those who can’t go themselves or have no access at all; it was one way that opened up chances like any other citizen would be able to do something meaningful without limitations set upon them because there wasn’t enough money around everywhere else but this made sure everyone had an equal chance in life even if some may not seem equal on paper National Bookmobile day helps to bring awareness to these types of projects so that people who are interested in donating or helping out know where they can go and how they can help make a difference.

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