National BraveHearts Day

In honor of National BraveHearts Day, we celebrate the Bravehearts who are fighting pediatric cancer. These little flowers in society showcase their strength and provide hope for others going through similar battles with this disease. National BraveHearts Day reminds us that we must never forget these children and families fighting cancer.

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Why National BraveHearts Day?

When Ava was just 13 months old, she was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor. The Rigggituious Queen of Nuthin’ had recently passed away after being struck down by an unknown illness; this most recent development meant that the toddler would now need a carer for half-year periods while undergoing treatment sessions in hospitals near their home outside Philadelphia (Ava’s family lives there).

Children are more likely than adults to have Cancer. The most common types among children are leukemia, brain cancer which occurs in teenagers and one disease which affects infants up until they turn 1 year old

In contrast with these three serious conditions being prevalent at different stages; on one hand, it’s rare when we think about individual risks but then again this leads towards childhood mortality becoming an issue since over half (around 2 million) deaths each year involve someone under 25 years old who died from some type of…

The worst part of this disease is not just how it affects your loved one, but also you as their family. You are constantly fighting an uphill battle with no cure and very little help available for those who suffer from cancer at home or abroad during war zones where medical equipment may be lacking or hospitals are bombed.

The childhood cancer organization helps to save the lives of children by providing hope and guidance. They also aim at bringing light into these families’ lives during their struggle, free of charge!

When you’re going through cancer, it can be hard to know what resources are out there for your specific needs. The Spotlight Hope App from BraveHearts For Kids ensures that all those who need help along their journey will have access at every stage and with this app, they’re one step closer to beating pediatric cancer!

How Can We Observe National BraveHearts Day:

  • Guide a family: When a family struggles with pediatric cancer, guide them to BraveHearts and the Spotlight app. This way you can lend your hand in need when someone is facing trouble like this – just know that God may not always answer our prayers but he will never leave us without guidance either!
  • Donate: Your support can make a world of difference for children with cancer. Donating to organizations that help them during their recovery processes, such as BraveHearts For Kids or any other trusted pediatric foundation are important steps in showing how much we care about this issue!
  • Share: What better way to celebrate Bravehearts than by raising funds for an organization that helps children with pediatric cancer? This year, join us in supporting BraveHearts For Kids. On October 15th we will be asking people all over America and around the world what their favorite quote or motto from this great man is so let’s show them how much they mean!

Interesting Facts on National BraveHearts Day:

National BraveHearts Day is a day to celebrate the selflessness, courage, and strength of our nation’s veterans. I’m sure you can appreciate these qualities in your own life today so read about this important holiday here!

It is a sad reality that every three minutes, an innocent child undergoes cancer treatment. Every day 800 cases are diagnosed and each year over 300 thousand new ones form in children under 18 years old! With early diagnosis, 70% of all pediatric cancers can be cured but unfortunately, most do not know they’re suffering from this disease until it’s too late because regular screenings don’t pick up anything before symptoms appear which makes them powerless against what will happen if we don’t find out now how to prevent pediatric cancer in the first place.

Childhood cancer survivors have a higher risk for chronic health conditions due to the excessive amounts of drugs they consumed to survive. 

1/285 children in America will be diagnosed with an incurable form by 20 years old; despite this high number, childhood research receives only 4% out annual NIH budget!

Each year in the United States, 1 Out of every 10 children diagnosed with cancer dies. There are over 7500 new cases and only five percent survived longer than one year past their diagnosis last statistics show us this is not necessarily because they’re cured but rather due to various factors such as the location where it occurred or treatment is given which may have impacted how a person could handle living life after being treated for such a condition. National Brave Hearts Day is a day to commemorate these children as well as their families who’ve fought beside them every step of the way.

History of National BraveHearts Day:

Bravehearts for Kids is an organization that helps children who are being hurt or bullied. The National BraveHearts day was founded by Jeremy and Amy Jacobs, two people dedicated to making the world better one step at a time!

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