National Candy Day – November 4, 2022

How do you celebrate National Candy Day? It’s a day dedicated to all things sweet and sugary, so of course, it should be celebrated with plenty of delicious candy! But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more than one way to get in on the fun. In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most out of National Candy Day by taking some time for yourself and indulging in your favorite sweets or trying new candies from around the world.

History Of National Candy Day

The story of candy begins in India, where people have been boiling sugarcane juice to make khanda for centuries. The Persians and Greeks learned about this practice from their interactions with the Indian tribes who invoke them as early ancestors because they believed that only Adam could know how these “reed” plants made honey without bees or any other animal aid!

The first evidence we have suggests cultivation occurred around 500 BC when Persian visitors described finding fields filled with ripe grain beneath shady trees on islands of Southeast Asia’s coastlines; however, it wasn’t until 326 BC did King Alexander II exact tribute payments from these “Golden Islands.”

The Persian soldiers have also introduced to India the process of candy making, which included boiling sugar with honey and rosewater. They called this delicacy Luqman al qadi or “chewing something sweet”. The Indians loved it, but they were already using a similar method for cooking down rice into syrup form. This mash-up of techniques led to a delicious, chewy candy as we know it today. The Chinese also contributed their knowledge and created gummies for holidays such as the New Year.

Candy is a sweet treat that was originally made in Europe, but it soon spread to America. Candy first came over during the 18th century when colonists were only eating luxuries like sugar work due to its scarcity (only available for wealthy people). However by the 1830s with technological advances and industrialization happening at full speed; candy could now be enjoyed by all classes because machinery helped make these sweets inexpensive enough where anyone who wanted them could afford them!

Celebration Ideas & Activities

  1. Buy candy for a friend

Give sweets to be sweet! Nothing says “Have a great day” better than a box of colorful candy. Give them as gifts or enjoy yourself with some delicious chocolates from our store today- you’re going to love it and so will everyone else who gets their hands on these yummy treats!

You can celebrate National Candy Day by giving out candy to your friends and family. Sharing is caring, right? Why not use this day as an excuse to share some of your favorite candies with those who are closest to you! You’ll have a lot more fun giving gifts than receiving them, but if you need ideas for what kind of candy to buy, we have a ton of suggestions.

  1. Make your own

Get your hands on some old-fashioned candy-making skills with these recipes!

Molasses Taffy, Peanut brittle, and Caramel Corn are just some of the delicious treats you can make at home. Not sure what to do? Find a recipe that strikes your interest, but be prepared for an amazing reward when it’s done eating up all those hours spent working hard in kitchen gadgets.

  1. Try something new

If you’re a closet candy connoisseur, don’t overlook your favorite treats when shopping for groceries. There’s a good chance that new and exciting sweets inhabit the shelves of store chains where they never see daylight – try them!


  1. It’s delicious

The king-sized Kit Kat bar is the best way to enjoy chocolate with your partner, and it doesn’t even need a glass of wine. It’s like sharing an experience that will be remembered forever!

Makes me feel all warm inside knowing I’m not alone in loving candy as much if not more than most people could handle on their own: The Sour Patch Kids come second only to those sugar cubes we used during Operation Iraqi Freedom (I mean…everyone loves those).

  1. Childhood nostalgia

When you think about your childhood, what comes to mind? For some people, it may be playing in the dirt or riding bikes with friends. But for me and many other kids, one of my favorite things was getting candy from strangers at parties- especially seeing who could get their hands on the biggest handful!

  1. It improves your mood

Candy is a way to boost happiness. Candy has always been popular with people looking for an easy fix, and it seems that this tradition will carry on into the future too!

The natural knack of lifting our moods makes candy ideal in times when you need some cheering up or want something sweet without all those pesky calories from other snacks out there…

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