National Cheese Lover’s Day – January 20, 2022 Activities, History, Celebration

National Cheese Lover’s Day is the perfect holiday for cheese lovers across the world. It is celebrated on January 20, 2022, and has its origins in Ireland. The day celebrates cheese-eating traditions that date back centuries before refrigeration became a staple of modern life. Join us as we explore National Cheese Lover’s Day history, activities, and celebration to discover some amazing facts about this wonderful holiday!

History Of National Cheese Lover’s Day

Cheese lovers rejoice! Cheese Days is an annual celebration held on March 31st where people around the world show off their love for all things cheese. This includes everything from creamy cottage-style cheeses to blue Veletsian cheddar, salty (hard) type of fresh mozzarella stringyRonnefeldt’s Spectrum Bay Area Packing District California Jack loden Israel•

This should not come as any surprise that one would want to celebrate such a delicious food group in our everyday lives but it still feels kind of weird to me because I don’t know what my opinion about this subject could be.

Cheese lovers, rejoice! Today is Cheese Lovers Day. A day dedicated to the celebration of many different types of cheese in this world but it certainly isn’t exclusive with those people who have strange or exotic tastes for good old-fashioned milk products you know so well about…

You can find a great variety of cheeses to sample at your local market, or even learn how you could make some yourself. If that sounds like an interesting task for someone who’s looking forward to trying something new, then why not go ahead and try it out?

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and delicious foods in existence. From wheels to fondue, there are so many ways you can enjoy this dairy staple without bounds! Unfortunately for those living outside Europe or Asia however, not all cheeses are created equally- some cultures take their deliciously creamy treats way more seriously than others.

The following article explores why these differences exist as well as exploring where each region falls on an international scale when it comes down to what makes up a great cheddar cheese: how important using locally sourced ingredients was/is considered versus other factors like acidity level, aging time, and fat content that are considered in the making of delicious cheese.

Cheese is an amazing food group with so many different varieties to try out! To make life easier for you though, we’ve decided to take all your favorite cheeses from around the world and create a definitive list of what makes them tick: their most delicious qualities, the variety of uses for them, and even what it is that makes each one unique.

National Cheese Lover’s Day Activities

  1. Dare to go beyond cheddar

From brie to camembert, the cheese-monger at your local grocery store is a veritable guru on all things milk. Take this opportunity for some insider knowledge and learn about different varieties of cheddar before they hit shelves!

2. Be a Fondue!

We all love a good meal, and who doesn’t need some extra incentive to hit the kitchen? Why not get started with National Cheese Lover’s Day on Saturday! We have something yummy for everyone. You can decide whether it should be wine or beer mixed in so that you are truly enjoying yourself as much as possible – after all this is supposed to be about celebrating our love affair with cheese right?!

3. Make your own

Ricotta and paneer are two foods that can be made at home easily. All you need to do is milk, whole eggs (or just egg whites), salt for flavor if desired! They should also go into the fridge after making them so they don’t spoil before using as well as boiling instructions on how long each dish takes depending if its frozen or fresh form of ricotta pannier, which would include both curdled drain lines left behind by turning it out onto kitchen towels atop open dishes filled with granite slabs—which are cold to keep the whey from running out.


  1. It’s in the science

Did you know that some of the components in milk help calves stay both calm and healthy? Follow-up fact: Did we mention cheese has a lot more benefits than just taste!

It’s no secret, cows produce dairy products like yogurt and cheeses. However there are many things about this foodstuff people don’t realize until they try them themselves – such as how beneficial these foods can be for your pet or even kids school lunch box if made correctly with all-natural ingredients (no artificial sugars added).

2. Everything tastes better with cheese

Cheese is an ingredient that can enhance any meal. From the subtle flavor of brie to hearty gruyere, everyone needs some cheese in their fridge! Ricotta adds creaminess and freshness when used as a substitute for eggs while feta gives salads depth with its salty tanginess spread across leafy greens or atop vegetables like cucumbers bathed in an olive oil vinaigrette dressing.

It’s hard not to see why people love cooking up something special just for themselves using these tasty additions after tasting how good it makes everything taste – but what about you? With so many different types out there, do your favorite cheeses cut?

3. Even dairy-avoiders can find something to love

Thanks to a growing number of people who are lactose intolerant, more and more Americans have been ditching dairy in favor of alternatives. What’s the reason? Our stomachs might say yes but our brains can sometimes disagree!

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